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Dec 9, 2017
dachte zwar, dass ESGN 2 als nächstes geplant ist, aber kommt wohl zuerst noch was anderes

On the album​

The self-proclaimed ‘Big Boss Rabbit’ (if his latest Nas and Mike Tyson-referenced single is anything to go by) is fuelled by all of his discography to date, he’s quick to list an impressive initial round of producers set to star across the upcoming 'SSS' (he won't reveal what it means just yet) album. “It’s another album of the year. I’m about to go and work with Pharrell next week. Madlib, Working On Dying, The Alchemist, Sevn Thomas, Hit-Boy, I just talked to [Mike Will Made It]. It’s gonna be the best produced album that I ever made.” Gibbs is cognisant of the lane he occupies now — he’s an artist that provides holistic bodies of work. With comrades and hip hop mavens such as Benny The Butcher, Kenny Beats and Ebro Darden routinely emphasising his consistency in the curation domains.
Outside of sonics, Gibbs is compelled to delve into his artistic storytelling more — he stays abreast with hip hop and its evolution through social media. “When rappers get to 30, some get bored, some aren’t inspired anymore,” he says. But on 'SSS', he’s adamant about staying competitive and shedding more of himself as it pertains to fatherhood, vowing to be transparent on balancing the dynamics of co-parenting as a father Freddie Jr. and Irie. Here, he’s combating ageism in hip hop with wisdom and expertise.

On Losing the Grammy​

After a carnivorous 16 years sculpting an inning from the depths of rap's underbelly, Freddie Gibbs, whose grin could light up even the darkest of black holes, is buoyant about his recent ‘Best Rap Album’ GRAMMY loss last month. “I’m coming off of the GRAMMYs week, you know I’m blessed, a lot of things are going well right now,” he says. The extent of Gibbs’ gratitude is felt somehow, beyond our Zoom call, from across the Atlantic.
Even when addressing his victor — rap behemoth Nas — he continues to demonstrate an instant aura of positivity. “If you’re gonna lose to somebody, you’re gonna want to lose to Nas,” he shrugs, evidently motivated by the loss. “Nas is a hall of fame MC. If anything it just shows how great I am to lose to such an MC. I could’ve lost to Macklemore or something.”
Despite getting it “wrong” that year and after a turbulent 2020, involving multiple claims of corruption — one by popstar The Weeknd and former CEO Deborah Dugan (Deborah described the Recording Academy as a "boys' club" and voting "ripe with corruption") — Gibbs is still able to find faith in the Recording Academy's ecosystem, as it pertains to his contemporary career at least. “I don’t really feel no way because [loads of] people trash the GRAMMYs when they don’t get nominated, but then they wear the tuxedos and shit when they do get nominated. At the end of the day it was good for my career, so I’m gonna participate of course.”

On Nipsey​

“With [Nipsey Hussle] that was so scary. To be at such a height of your career,” Freddie Gibbs sighs, clearly taken aback by the loss 24 months later. “We’re gonna keep thuggin’ it out for him though.”

On working w Madlib​

“I think I’m the best ever to rap on a Madlib beat,” he states without an ounce of hesitation nor restraint in his statement. As he realises what he’s just said however, he again shows the utmost respect for DOOM in particular, whom the world formally paid their respects to on December 31 of last year upon learning of his October 31 passing. “Rest in peace to MF DOOM. I feel like he gave me the measuring stick. He set the tone. When I was making 'Piñata', everyone was talking about how he did the best shit and you know the competitor in me wanted to make the better album.”

On being a father​

“My kids are a blessing,” he gushes. “But [co-parenting] can be difficult. My son's mother in particular. When you have a baby with someone that’s not in love with you and you are not in love with them, it’s hard.” Freddie Gibbs also shares that he doesn’t believe in monogamy and hasn’t for years. “The women that I had children with don’t even rock with that idea, so it’s hard.” Gibbs will always be a present father - he vows to that very sternly on our Zoom - but his liberal approach to relationships is a dynamic he’s had to remain transparent about, especially as he enters new encounters with women. “All of this is a life lesson for me. This is all for the children though, but I don’t know if I’m built for conventional relationships.”




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Jun 18, 2007
pharell, madlib, alchemist, hit boy , sheesh

was is mit metroboomin? da stand doch sogar was von ganzer ep im gespräch vor paar monaten


Apr 11, 2006
Seit langem mal wieder ein Gibbs-Track, den ich sofort geil finde.


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Jul 29, 2008
Was, der beat ist doch pure qual

Gang signs und big boss dafür überragend, heftigster typ einfach
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May 17, 2008
schade, dass freddie damals nicht über „tuscan leather” oder so drüber ist. generell cooler und begrüßenswerter move, aber fand das ding bei drizzy schon eher lahm.


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Jun 20, 2006
Für eine Kiss Feature hätte ich mir da schon einen krasseren Beat gewünscht. Al ist doch mit an Bord, da wär doch eine Art Steel feel me gegangen…


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Aug 31, 2008
Der Beat von Big Boss Rabbit kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor.
Nas möglicherweise? Kann man mir jemand helfen?
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