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    The Alchemist (* 14. Oktober 1975 in Beverly Hills, Kalifornien, bürgerlich Alan Daniel Maman) ist ein US-amerikanischer Hip-Hop-Produzent, der bei Eminems Label Shady Records als Live DJ unter Vertrag steht.

    The Alchemist begann 1993 mit Hip-Hop in der Gruppe The Whooliganz und rappte dort auch. Die Gruppe wurde von Cypress Hill, House of Pain und Funkdoobiest entdeckt und wurde Mitglied bei den Soul Assassins. Nach der Auflösung der Gruppe blieb Alchemist im Umfeld von Cypress Hill. Bei DJ Muggs lernte er die Musikproduktion.

    Seit Mai 2005 steht er bei Shady Records als Eminems Live DJ unter Vertrag und fungierte nach dem Ausstieg von DJ Green Lantern bei der Anger Management Tour 3 als dessen Tour-DJ.

    *Quelle: Wikipedia


    -1st Infantry (2004)
    -Return of the Mac (with Prodigy) (2007)
    -Chemical Warfare (2009)

    -The Alchemist's Cookbook (2008)

    -The Cutting Room Floor Vol. I (2003)
    -Insomnia (2003)
    -No Days Off (2006)
    -The Chemistry Files Vol. 1 (2006)
    -The Cutting Room Floor Vol. II (2008)

    -Gangster Theme Music (2000)
    -Action/Drama (2001)
    -The Ultimate Music Machine (2002)
    -Lab Tested (2004)
    -Rapper's Best Friend (2007)
    -GTA Chinatown Wars (2009)

    Productions: (nicht vollständig)

    113 (ft Mobb Deep) - L'école Du Crime
    40 Glocc (ft Prodigy) - Got, Got
    Agallah - Crookie Monster
    Agallah - Sun You Know How It Go
    Agallah (ft PMD) - Feel This
    Agallah - On The Avenue
    Agallah - O.G.G.G. (Ride Out)
    Alchemist (ft Prodigy & Littles) - Block Value
    Alchemist (ft Prodigy & Big Noyd) - Louder
    Alchemist (ft Nappy Roots) - Shine
    Alchemist, Twin, and Evidence - To The Top
    Alchemist (ft Mobb Deep, Bars & Hooks, Don Alon & Big Noyd) - More Like Us
    Alchemist (ft Prodigy) - We Got This (It's In The Pockets)
    Alchemist (ft Mobb Deep) - That's That
    Alchemist (ft Prodigy & Snyplife) - That's That
    Alchemist - What Real Mobb Do
    Alchemist (ft Mobb Deep) – Whats The Word
    Al Gator - Play No Games
    AP.9 - In My Life
    AZ - Professional Style
    Baron Ricks - Harlem River Drive
    Bekay - I Am Hip Hop
    Big Daddy Kane - The Man The Icon
    Big Noyd - Shoot 'Em Up (Bang Bang) Part 1
    Big Noyd & Prodigy - The Grimey Way
    Big Noyd (ft Havoc) - Air It Out
    Big Noyd (ft Infamous Mobb & Royal Flush) - Moves
    Big Noyd (ft Havoc) - Noyd Holdin' It Down
    Big Noyd (ft Mobb Deep) - Shoot 'Em Up (Bang Bang) Part 2
    Big Noyd (ft Prodigy) - N.O.Y.D.
    Big Noyd (ft Twin) - Thats How You Get Dead
    Big Punisher - Mamma
    B-Real (ft The Alchemist) - Body Somethin
    B-Real (ft Defari) - Put Your Vest On
    Big Shug - Who (Got My Back?)
    Big Shug - Who's Hard
    Black Opz - Battle Cry (Alchemist Remix)
    Blaq Poet - Bloody Mess
    Blitz - I Strive
    Blitz (ft Lake) - Right Or Wrong
    Blood Money - The Twilight
    Bobby Creekwater - All I Do
    Bobby Creekwater - There He Is
    Bobby Creekwater - Truth Be Told
    Boot Camp Clik - Let's Get Down 2 Bizness
    Buc Fifty - Back Up Off Me
    Buc Fifty - Bangin'
    Buc Fifty - Buc Buc Buc
    Buc Fifty - Dead End Street
    Buc Fifty - Death Appeal
    Buc Fifty - Electric Chair Rhymin
    Buc Fifty - Jacked For Your Fans
    Buc Fifty - Killer Technology
    Buc Fifty - Locked Down
    Buc Fifty - Metal's Advocate
    Buc Fifty (ft Agallah) - Permanent Scars
    Buc Fifty - Scandalous
    Buc Fifty - Worst Enemy
    Cam'ron - Wet Wipes
    Capone N Noreaga - Bang bang
    Capone N Noreaga - Queens
    Capone N Noreaga (ft Kool G Rap)
    Capone - Ghetto Fame
    Capone - Ride 4 Em
    Cashis - Everything Is Shady
    Cashis - Talkin All That
    Cashis - Top Of The Food Chain (produced by The Alchemist and DJ Muro)
    Casual- Get Down
    Chinky - Letting Go
    CNN, Cormega & Lake Luciano - We Gon' Buck
    Cormega - Fallen Soldiers (Remix)
    Cormega - The Legacy
    Crazy Town - Revolving Door (Remix)
    Craig G - Wrong Chick
    Crhyme Fam - Street Shit
    Crimewave - Johnny
    Cypress Hill (ft Tego Calderon) - Latin Thugs
    Cypress Hill - Rap Superstar (Alchemist Remix)
    Cypress Hill (ft Fat Joe) - Tequilla Sunrise (Remix)
    D&D Crew (ft Channel Live, R.A. The Rugged Man, Craig G & Agallah) - Kill It
    Defari - Check Stand 3
    Defari (ft Evidence) - Focused Daily
    Defari - Killing Spree
    Defari - Ralo RIP Jam
    Defari - Make My Own
    Diamond D - Ya'll Niggas Need To Know
    Dilated Peoples - Annihilation
    Dilated People - Back Again
    Dilated Peoples - Confidence
    Dilated Peoples - Guaranteed
    Dilated Peoples - Heavy Surveillance
    Dilated Peoples – 20/20
    Dilated Peoples - Live On Stage
    Dilated Peoples (ft Talib Kweli) - Live On Stage (Remix)
    Dilated Peoples - Marathon
    Dilated Peoples - Neighborhood Watch
    Dilated Peoples - Panic
    Dilated Peoples - Right & Exact
    Dilated Peoples - The Last Line of Defense
    Dilated Peoples - The Main Event
    Dilated Peoples - The Platform
    Dilated Peoples - The Platform (Remix)
    Dilated Peoples - Thieves
    Dilated Peoples (ft Defari) - Third Degree
    Dilated Peoples - World On Wheels
    Dilated Peoples - Worst Come To Worst
    Dilated Peoples (ft Devin The Dude) - Poisonous
    Dilated Peoples (ft Havoc & Guru) - Worst Comes To Worst (Remix)
    DJ Muggs (ft Dilated Peoples) - Suckers Are Hidin'
    Dojo Pros - Reckin' Your Vicinity
    Dojo Pros - Try Again
    Dynas - Nikki
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    5. Feb. 2005
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    East Ave - 3 Rounds
    Elzhi - The Alchemist
    Encore - Love And Hate
    Everlast (ft B-Real) - Deadly Assassins
    Everlast - All Wrong
    Evidence - Hot & Cold w/ The Alchemist
    Evidence (ft Alchemist & Joe Scudda) - Its Gonn Pop
    Evidence - Letyourselfgo (feat. The Alchemist & Phonte)
    Evidence - Chase The Clouds Away
    Evidence - Evidence Is Everywhere
    Evidence - Line of Scrimmage (feat. Slug)
    Evidence - Born In LA (feat. Chace Infinite & Sick Jacken)
    Fat Joe (ft Remy Martin) - Definition Of A Don
    Fat Joe (ft Scarface, Baby & Tony Sunshine) - Bust At You
    Fat Joe (ft Neech & T.A.) - Crime Connection
    First Infantry (ft Mobb Deep) - Backwards
    First Infantry (ft Prodigy) - Serious (The New Message)
    First Infantry (ft Prodigy, Alchemist, Twin & Evidence) - Fourth Of July
    Franchize - Killin' This
    Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles) - Tell 'Em I'm Here
    Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles) - Stock In The Game
    Freddie Foxxx - The Real Emcee
    Freddie Foxxx - My Hip Hop
    Freddie Foxxx - Hard Ghetto
    Freeway & Neef – Still In Effect
    FT - John F Hennessey
    G.O.D. Pt. III (Infamous Mobb) - Mobbed Out
    Ghostface Killah (ft Raekwon) - The Forest
    Ghostface Killah (ft Trife da God & Lord Superb) - The Juks
    Ghostface Killah - The Watch
    Grafh - Get Shot Boy
    Gravy - A Ghetto
    Group Home (ft Jeru The Damaja) - Real Niggas Don't Die
    Group Home - Stupid Mother****ers
    Group Home (ft Black E-Starr & Kai Bee) - Reign Supreme
    Guru (ft Killa Kaine, Mr Moe & Pete Powers) - Collecting Props
    Guru (ft Timbo King, Killah Priest & Black Jesus) - In Here
    Havoc - Been There, Done That
    Havoc - Havoc's Theme
    Havoc – Walk With Me
    Havoc - Fall Back
    Havoc & G.O.D. – First To Drop A Beat The Boldest
    Herbaliser (ft MF Doom) - It Ain't Nothin
    Hostyle - Victory & Defeat
    IGT (ft Inspectah Deck) - Stay Bent
    Illa Ghee - Give A ****
    Illa Ghee - Whats Good
    Illa Ghee - I See
    Illa Ghee - Dot The I
    Illa Ghee (ft Prodigy) - Rugged Silk
    Ill Bill - The Name's Bill t
    Infamous Mobb - 3 Minds Combined
    Infamous Mobb - B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S
    Infamous Mobb - Back In The Days
    Infamous Mobb - Gunz Up (ft Chinky)
    Infamous Mobb - Haze & Hash
    Infamous Mobb - IM3
    Infamous Mobb - Intro
    Infamous Mobb - Mobb *****z (The Sequel)
    Infamous Mobb - Smoked Sugar
    Infamous Mobb - Special Edition
    Infamous Mobb (ft Chinky) – Kay Slay Shit
    Infamous Mobb (ft Ty-Maxx) - We Strive
    Infamous Mobb - Drama we Bring
    Infamous Mobb - U Know The Ratio
    Jadakiss - Feel Me
    Jadakiss - Still Feel Me
    Jadakiss (ft Styles P & Eve) - We Gonna Make It (Remix)
    Jadakiss (ft Styles P) - We Gonna Make It
    Jae Hood - Y'all Don't Want It
    Jae Millz (ft Alchemist) - Take A Better Look
    John Doe - A Week Ago
    Journalist - Wash Money w/ Gillie Da Kid
    Killa Sha - Untitled
    Krumbsnatcha (ft Mexicana) - Streets Is Calling
    Lake - Crushed Linen
    LA The Darkman - Fresh Flowers
    LG - Man On Fire
    Lil' Dap - Get It
    Linkin Park (ft Alchemist & Chali 2NA) - Frgt/10
    Littles (ft Tragedy) - Stay Free
    Lloyd Banks -This Is My Hood
    Lloyd Banks -Time To Chill
    Lloyd Banks - New York City
    M. Dot Briscoe - Twilight Zone
    M.O.P. & Kool G Rap – Street Team (Remix)
    Maylay Sparks - It's Ours
    Mic Stylz & Poverty - Rize
    Million - Da Drama
    Million - No Matta
    Missin Linx (ft Freddie Foxxx) - Family Ties
    Missin Linx (ft Prodigy) - Family Ties (Remix)
    Mitchy Slick (ft Xzibit) - Makin' Your Money
    Mobb Deep, Big Twin & The Alchemist - At Ease
    Mobb Deep - Carved In Stone
    Mobb Deep - Cobra
    Mobb Deep – Fire
    Mobb Deep - Get At Me
    Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted
    Mobb Deep (ft Twista) - Got It Twisted (Remix)
    Mobb Deep & Illa Ghee - How The Thugs Play
    Mobb Deep - Let Nothing Die
    Mobb Deep - May Concern
    Mobb Deep - Poppin Bottles
    Mobb Deep - Real Tight
    Mobb Deep - Shoot Outs
    Mobb Deep - Somebody Be Dead
    Mobb Deep (ft Sizzla) - System
    Mobb Deep - The Illest
    Mobb Deep - The Realest
    Mobb Deep - There That Go
    Mobb Deep - Thug Muzik
    Mobb Deep - What A Real Mobb Do
    Mobb Deep (ft I-20) - When It Comes To Beef
    Mobb Deep - When U Hear The
    Mobb Deep - Win Or Lose
    Mobb Deep (ft 50 Cent) - The Infamous
    Mobb Deep (ft Tony Yayo) - Gang Bang
    Moka Only & Madchild - Forefront
    Morcheeba (ft Slick Rick) - Women Lose Weight (Alchemist Remix)
    Mr. Challish - Money
    Mr. Eon & Evidence - E=MC2
    Mr. Voodoo - Crhyme Life
    Mr. Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics Pt II
    Mos Def (ft Ghostface Killah) - Ms. Fat Booty 2 (Alchemist Remix)
    Murda Muzik - Movie Score
    Nas - Book Of Rhymes
    Nas - Mastermind
    Nas - My Way
    Nas - No Ideas Original
    Nas - No Ideas Original (Remix)
    Nas - Thugz Mirror (Freestyle)
    Nas & Lake - Let 'Em Hang
    Nas (ft Lake) - One Never Knows
    Nas (ft Lake) - Revolutionary Warfare
    Nas - The Honeymoon Is Over
    Nashawn – In Jail
    Nashawn – Write Your Name
    Nelly (ft Mobb Deep & Missy Elliott) - Playa
    Noise Makers - Off the Hinges
    Noyd – That’s My Style
    Obie Trice - Im Back (Divine Intervention)
    Obie Trice and Cashis - We Ride For Shady
    Papoose (ft Common) - Rebel Musik
    Papoose (ft Prodigy & Prinz) - The Drama
    Papoose (ft Grafh & Prodigy) - 2 Step
    Papoose (ft Al Capo & Tommy Gunz) - Get Shot
    Perfect Strangers - Forefront
    Pharoahe Monch - Desire
    Pharoahe Monch (ft M.O.P.) - No Mercy
    Pharcity (ft Mobb Deep) - Q.B.C.T.
    Planet Asia (ft Prodigy) - Stick And Move
    Planet Asia (ft Black Thought) - Over Your Head
    PMD - The Awakening
    PMD (ft Twin) - The Awakening (Remix)
    Poverty - Life Sucks
    Poverty - The Pawn
    Poverty - Way Too Long
    Poverty - Rise From Ruin
    Prodigy (ft Twin) - Drama
    Prodigy - Keep It Thoro
    Prodigy - My Priorities
    Prodigy – P Broke The Switch
    Prodigy (ft Illa Ghee) - Shoot Outs
    Prodigy - Stuck To You
    Prodigy - Veterans Memorial
    Prodigy (ft Alchemist) - Respect My Gangster
    Prodigy (ft BK) - Trials Of Love
    Prodigy (ft Cormega) - Three
    Prodigy (ft Havoc) - Keep It Thoro (Remix)
    Prodigy - What's Poppin' Thun
    Prodigy - New York Shit
    Prodigy - Legends
    Prodigy – Mac 10 Handle
    Prodigy – You Got It
    Prodigy (ft Kokane) – I Betcha
    Prozack Turner - Dear Old Dad
    Rafeese - Breeze Out
    Ras Kass - Articulate Thugs
    Ras Kass - Home Sweet Home
    Ras Kass (ft The Alchemist & Name Brand) - Get It In
    Ras Kass (ft 40 Glocc) - Flashlight
    Rascalz - On the run
    Rasheed - Ambition k
    Rasheed - Options
    Rawcotiks - Place Ya Bets
    Raze - Bosses
    Raze - Fall Back
    Remy Martin - My Life
    Remy Martin (ft Big Pun) - Thug Luv
    Rosco P Coldchain (ft Havoc) - Break Me
    Rosco P Coldchain - Gangsta Banger
    Rosco P Coldchain - Broad Daylight Boys
    Royce Da 5'9 - D-Elite Pt. 2
    Royce Da 5'9 - I'm The King
    Royce Da 5'9 - I Wont Be
    Royce Da 5'9 - U Don't Know Me
    Saigon - Eat
    Saigon - Say Yes
    Saigon - Stocking Cap
    Saigon (ft Twin) - We Da Click
    Scarface Presents The Product - G Type
    Sean Boston aka Black Attack - What The F***
    Severe - My Way
    Severe & OC - If Words Could Kill
    Shabaam Sahdeeq - Are You Ready
    Shabaam Sahdeeq (ft Xzibit) - Concrete
    Shabaam Sahdeeq (ft Kool G Rap) - No Surrender (Alchemist Remix)
    Sheek - Get High
    Sheek - Turn It Up
    Sheek (ft Ghostface Killah) - Movie Niggas
    Sheek - Kill, Kill, Kill
    Smut Peddlers - The Red Light
    Snoop Dogg (ft Soopafly & E White) - Hey You
    Snoop Dogg - I Love To Give You Light (Intro)
    Stat Quo - Tryin Ta Win
    Styles P - A Gangster And A Gentleman
    Styles P (ft Angie Stone) - Black Magic
    Styles P (ft Floetry) - I'm Black
    Swollen Members - Circuit Breaker
    Swollen Members - Front Street
    Swollen Members - Horrified Nights
    Swollen Members (ft Cristian Olde Wolbers) - Strength
    Swollen Members (ft Buc Fifty)- Dark Riders
    Swollen Members (ft Dilated Peoples) - Counter Parts
    Swollen Members - Weight w/ Ghostface Killah & The Alchemist
    Terror Squad (ft Fat Joe) - Bring It On
    Terror Squad (ft Prospect) - '99 Live
    Tha Dogg Pound - Make It Happen
    Tha Eastsidaz (ft Kokane) - Friends
    Tha Eastsidaz (ft Mobb Deep) - Connected
    The High & Mighty - Mighty Mi For Your Stereo System
    The High & Mighty - Open Mic Night
    The High & Mighty (ft Wordsworth & Thirstin Howl III) - Open Mic Night (Remix)
    The High & Mighty - The Conflict
    The High & Mighty (ft Evidence & Defari) - Top Prospects
    The Riflemen - Riflez
    Tomorrowz Weaponz - Raized In The Slumz
    Tony Touch - Cormega (Interlude)
    Tony Touch (ft D-12) - Get Back
    Tony Touch (ft Prodigy) - Basics
    Tony Touch (ft The Lox) - D-Block
    Tony Touch (ft The Lox) - Fuego (Who Wants War)
    Tony Yayo - Behind Bars
    Tony Yayo – Gunz Is Razors
    Tragedy Khadafi (ft Infamous Mobb) - Paper Doe
    Tragedy Khadafi (ft Littles) - Stay Free
    Tragedy Khadafi (ft Jinx) - Love Is Love
    Tru-Life (ft Prodigy & Kool G Rap) - When You're A Thug
    Twista - Niggas Aint On Shit
    U-Krime (ft Tragedy Khadafi & Tony Touch) - American Me
    Uno Dos - Niggas Ain't Built
    Un Pacino – Words From Un
    Violator (ft Cormega & Hot Boys) – Who Can I Trust
    Whooliganz - Put Your Hands Up
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    5. Feb. 2005
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  4. TheGeneral

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    4. Apr. 2009
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    Alc is auf jeden fall schon unter die Producer Legenden gegangen...

  5. Azar187

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    14. Mai 2005
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    hat vor kurzem auch ein album rausgebracht chemical warfare war eig ganz gut
  6. THoR74

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    17. Feb. 2008
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    Krasser Typ. Extrem beeindruckende Liste an Produktionen. Kann mich eigentlich an keinen Track von Alchemist erinnern der mich nicht geflasht hätte. Allein was er für die Dilated Peoples gemacht hat, Hammer.
  7. xurC__

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  8. Shady96

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    15. März 2005
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    nicht schlecht was er schon vorweisen kann! Ist auch genialer typ!
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  9. Lesane_Parish

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    17. Dez. 2008
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    Auf jednefall ein must have aus dem Album
  10. Fab5000

    Fab5000 Gast

    alchemist sein krassester beat war auf "Eine Frage Der Ehre"
  11. Built_Twice

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    8. März 2008
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  12. Built_Twice

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    8. März 2008
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  13. MrAeko

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    19. Dez. 2003
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    Alchemist wurde irgendwie von 75 Bloods in einem Supermarkt bedroht, nachdem er Games 400 Bars für langweilig erklärt hatte.

    Danach gabs über Twitter ein wenig Gemaule, worauf Game ihm sagte er solle aufpassen, sonst würde man ihm die Zähne rausschlagen.
  14. FifthAce1

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    8. Jan. 2010
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    75 gegen einen....ja, sehr männlich und ehrenhaft :rolleyes:

    so was idiotisches!

    p.s.: alchemist is der beste producer der usa! :)
  15. size 13

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    28. Juli 2005
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    gibt´s da irgendwelche links ? wenn ich nach alchemist, game oder bloods google finde ich nur links zu irgendwelchen rollenspiel quatsch:D
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    25. Aug. 2009
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  17. Fab5000

    Fab5000 Gast

    Obie Trice - Im Back (Divine Intervention)

    krassester beat
  18. yoorek123

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    7. Mai 2006
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    alchemist ist doch eh hilflos. der ist 1,50m gross und wiegt 40 kilo. als producer kann mans sich eh nicht erlauben mit rappern gross streit anzufangen.
  19. $i$ko

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    24. Juni 2007
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    ganz arme aktion!:thumbsdown:
  20. 1000gramz

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    31. März 2010
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    hat alchemist nich mal für game produziert? game is manchmal wirklich ein dummer penis! ohh ohhhh.... nich das ich morgen im edeka von bloods bedroht werde....:eek:
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