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  • Richtiges Opfer. Am besten kommen eh immer seine "dezenten" Verweise auf sein Avatar, so in etwa "Ja richtig Leute, das bin ICH da in meinem Profilbild!" :p:thumbsdown:
    “Lord, why have you abandoned your best friend... Herbert Moon?!”
    — Herbert Moon, after being attacked

    “I hear that John Marston is a hired killer for the Jews.”
    — Herbert Moon, spreading rumors about John Marston's employers

    “You can't eat me, I'm Herbert Mooooon!”
    — Herbert Moon's final words before being devoured by zombies

    Ich bin gestern mal wieder rumgestreunt, ohne konkretes Ziel, und hab da wieder was richtig geiles entdeckt :D Es gibt da ja diese Zufallsmissionen, Pferdediebe aufhalten oder Raubüberfälle verhindern etc., und in Armadillo, also der ersten Stadt im Spiel, kommt immer diese komische General Store-Besitzer, Herbert Moon (!). Mir ging dieses dauernde "I'm Herbert Moon, you gotta stop him", irgendwann so auf den Sender, dass ich aus Langeweile den Namen beim RDR-Wiki eingegeben habe:

    There are actually two Herbert Moons present in the game. One plays poker, and the other is the store owner. He can be playing poker and watching over the store at the same time.
    If the player duels Herbert Moon and wins, Herbert Moon will still be present in the store. Sometimes, immediately after being killed, another Herbert Moon will instantaneously spawn, and inspect his own corpse.

    If the player instigates a fist fight with Herbert Moon and then draws a weapon, Herbert Moon will pull out either a Repeater Carbine or a Winchester Repeater and start shooting. As long as the player doesn't shoot him first, the local law officers will come after him and a gunfight will begin. When shot by NPCs, Herbert Moon can take a ridiculous amount of bullets; this can lead to humorous results, seeing the owner of a general store single handedly take on the Armadillo law enforcement. After winning the fight (a very likely occurrence), as long as his legs are not incapacitated, Herbert Moon will return to his shop and begin serving the player again.

    The player should watch out with tying up Herbert Moon. If Marston doesn't keep an eye on him by turning away, Herbert Moon will untie himself and proceed to shoot Marston.

    If the player kidnaps one Herbert Moon, then leaves Armadillo, upon returning it is possible to gather three Herbert Moons.

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