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LP DJ Prince Paul - The Redux

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  1. Decepticon

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    20. Juni 2001
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    "Back in 2003, Prince Paul set out to deliver his sophomore solo effort, Politics of The Business. The title reflects the frustration of turning in a project only to have it sit on a release schedule for a year before it sees the light of play.

    As a redemptive measure, the legendary producer will release a new version of the album as a free download tomorrow, October 13th. Ahead of the reveal, he’s shared two formerly unreleased collaborations with his Daisy Age comrades De La Soul and the mighty MF DOOM, respectively. Both of which are available for you to hear via Soundcloud.

    The Redux, will feature the same all-star cast as its original, including contributions from Dave Chappelle, Ice-T, Chubb Rock, Jean Grae, Biz Markie and the late Guru.


    1) The Redux - Breeze Brewin , MC Delite
    2) Uff It - Horror City , Jean Grea
    3) Drama Mama - Trugoy , Truth Enola
    4) I told you once I told you twice - Guru , Planet Asia
    5)Twinkle Twinkle - Bumpy Knuckles
    6) Lola's Boy - Zakee
    7) Girls wanna do me , Guys wanna be my friend - Youngman
    8) Horror City Baby - Horror City
    9) Rhymes and Chrymes - Tash , Tony Touch , Beatnuts
    10 ) I dont care - De La Soul , The Good the Bad and the Ugly
    11) Chinese Spare Ribs - Rza , Feat Horror City
    12) People and Places / No I didnt - Chubb Rock , Wordsworth , Mf Doom
    13) I need what I need - Kardinal Official , Sly Boogie , Socrates
    14) Just cant give up - Buckshot , feat J Zone on drums
    15) So what N.... Always talk - Master Ace , Pretty Ugly , Kokane
    16) Teach You the Sounds - P.P.
    17) Make more Room - Def Squad
    18) 5000 Boomin watts - Dirty Disco Squares Featuring Chill Rob G
    19) *Bonus remix track
    Lola's Boy (got jazzy grits mix)
    Remixed by DCee and Johann Sebastian

    Reduced , Deranged and Mixed up by Prince Paul at Paul's Coffee Shop LI

    Photo by Milkcrate kid
    Artwork DJ A.VEE"

    GRATIS vom Meister
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  2. mrfrosty

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    3. Juni 2009
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    was für ein classic der horror city-track ist!

    bisschen umständliches format mit den vier teilen, aber trotzdem geil!
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  3. FifthAce1

    FifthAce1 Babo

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    8. Jan. 2010
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    dachte zuerst, das auf "lola's boy" wäre mc paul barman haha.
    die tracks mit guru und tash :thumbsup:

    dieses knacken und knistern im beat is todesstressig. dachte zuerst, es liegt an der file, aber an einer stelle setzt der beat aus und da hört das auch kurz auf.
  4. mrfrosty

    mrfrosty Altgedient

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    3. Juni 2009
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    bisschen, ja. ohne knistern wäre der remix fast eine ecke besser als das original.

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