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Wanted: HHK Fotos für Festivalgelände-Galerie!

Dieses Thema im Forum "Hip Hop Kemp (22.-24. August 2013)" wurde erstellt von Hip Hop Kemp, 27. Juni 2011.

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    In 10 Jahren Hip Hop Kemp kann viel passieren und mit Glück habt ihr irgendwann einmal einen witzigen, krassen, legendären oder einfach unvergesslichen Moment als Foto verewigt. Zu schade um irgendwo ungesehen auf Festplatte oder Speicherkarte zu verstauben. Wir suchen solche Foto-Raritäten um diese in einer Ausstellung auf dem Hip Hop Kemp 2011 Festivalgelände zu präsentieren.

    Anbei findet ihr die Teilnahmeregeln auf englisch, bitte schreibt auch an die angegebene Emailadresse auf englisch:

    Help us to create a collection of photos from Hip Hop Kemp over the years.

    Send us the most interesting photos you've taken from any year and become part of this unique exhibition, which will commemorate the history of Hip Hop Kemp. The aim is to put together only the best of what's been captured over the last nine years We are looking for photos which express the annual atmosphere, euphoria, life experiences, partying with friends, great music, summer, happiness...

    Do you have such an image? Send it to us, we'll print it, and display it at this year's exhibition, which will be located in one of the hangars.
    Individuals can send a maximum of 10 photos (we really want the best), high-resolution (up to 5MB per 1 photo).
    Each email should not exceed 10 MB so please send multiple emails if necessary.
    Name the photo "hiphopkemp_year" where 'year' is the year the picture was taken.
    Email your photos to: vystava@hiphopkemp.cz
    Deadline: 31 July 2011

    Contest rules: "Help us to create a collection of photos from Hip Hop Kemp over the years "

    1: General Provisions

    The organizer of the contest: "Help us to create a collection of photos from Hip Hop Kemp over the years" is Festivalpark Production s.r.o., M. Krásové 923/9, 196 00, Praha 9, IČ: 252 85 131.

    Participant is the person who is submitting photographs to the competition.

    Selected photos will be exhibited from18th - 20 August 2011, Hip Hop Kemp Festival at Festivalpark in Hradec Kralove.

    2: Rules of competition

    By submitting photos to the competition, the participant agrees with the organiser that he is entitled to dispose of photographs, in particular, that is the sole author of photos, in event co-written consent must be accompanied by photographs of all authors.

    By sending photos to the contest, the participant grants permission to the organizer to use the photographs not only in the exhibition, but also in other activities related primarily to promoting Hip Hop Kemp Festival. This authorization is provided as free of charge, non-exclusive, territorially and unlimited; promoter of the competition is not required to use it.

    Each participant is obliged to take photographs taken of the legitimate interests and rights of third parties, especially those on the photo and their privacy and rights protection personality. By sending photos to the competition the participant clearly show that he has fulfilled the conditions of this paragraph and agrees that he is entirely responsible for violations of these rights.

    The participant can log up to 10 photographs, taken at any festival Hip Hop Kemp.

    Photos must be submitted by e-mail to the address: vystava@hiphopkemp.cz in JPG format, high-resolution (up to 5MB / 1 photo), so that the attachment not exceed 10 megabytes per email (please send multiple emails if necessary). Name the photo "hiphopkemp_year" where year means the year the photo was taken.

    Photographs must be sent by 31 July 2011.

    Photographs in the exhibition will be selected by the festival production team.

    Authors of selected photos will be contacted in advance.

    3: Other provisions

    Organizer will dispose of personal information provided to participants in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. privacy.

    By submitting personal data, the participant agrees with the fact that the organizer is entitled to disclose the name and surname of the participants in the exhibition.

    The Organizer is entitled to process personal data provided to the participant.

    The promoter reserves the right to change the conditions of competition.

    Organizer reserves the right to publish the winner's name and use submitted photos for their marketing purposes.

    Participation in the contest or prize can not be enforced by legal means or alternatively to perform financial cash. Organizer reserves the right to alter or modify rules of the contest or competition altogether, without providing reasons.

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