Plattensammlers Protzerecke (aka Plattenlisten II)

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    25. Dez. 2002
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    so, ich hab mir mal erlaubt, diesen spaßigen thread neu zu eröffnen, weil er doch schon seit einiger zeit aus dem blickfeld geraten ist....

    und fange gleich mit meiner liste an.....die wenigen nicht erwähnenswerten deutschrap-platten, die ich hab, hab ich übrigens weggelassen....

    aesop rock - boombox 12''
    aesop rock - coma 12''
    aesop rock - daylight ep
    aesop rock - labor days 2lp
    aesop rock - float 2lp
    akrobatik - hypocrite 12''
    all natural - elements of style 12''
    all natural - stellar 12''
    all natural - no additives, no preservatives (xtra phat) 2lp
    anti-pop consortium - the end against the middle lp
    anti-pop consortium - arrhythmia 2lp
    anti-pop consortium vs. matthew ship lp
    army of the pharaos - 5 perfect exertions 12''
    artifacts - wrong side of the tracks/c'mon wit da git down 12''
    asheru - mood swing 12''
    atmosphere - overcast ep
    atmosphere - ford 1 12''
    atmosphere - moderm mans hustle 12''
    atmosphere - god loves ugly 12''
    atmosphere - god loves ugly 3lp
    atmosphere - god loves ugly instrumentals 2lp
    battle axe warriors single number 1 12''
    beastie boys - fight for your right/no sleep till brooklyn 12''
    black eyed peas - karma 12''
    brand nubian - one for all lp
    buck65 - centaur 12''
    buck65 - man overboard 2lp
    buck65 - square 2lp
    cage - suicidal failure 12''
    cage - the left hand path 12''
    cage - movies for the blind 2lp
    camu tao - hold the floor 12''
    camu tao - hear me talkin to you 12''
    cannibal ox - the f-word 12''
    cannibal ox - the cold vein 2lp
    capital d & the molemen - writers block 2lp
    casual brothers ep
    chords feat. promoe - supermarket sweep 12''
    clouddead - sound of a handshake 10''
    clouddead - the peel session 10''
    clouddead 3lp
    company flow - end2end burners 12''
    company flow - little johnny from the hospital 2lp
    copywrite - fire it up 12''
    copywrite - the high exaulted 2lp
    c-rayz walz - classic 12''
    c-rayz walz - mood swings (the angel+the preacher) 12''
    c-rayz walz - whoda****areyou 12''
    c-rayz walz - it's a wrap 12''
    the creators - the music 12''
    d12 - i shit on you 12''
    daedelus - the quiet party 12''
    dead prez - bigger than hiphop 12''
    dead prez - cop shot 12''
    dead prez - u're ripping us apart 12''
    dead prez - mind sex 12''
    dead prez - lets get free 2lp
    declaime - andsoitissaid 2lp
    deltron 3030 - positive contact 12''
    deltron 3030 2lp
    digital underground - the humpty dance 12''
    dilated peoples - the platform 12''
    dilated peoples - the platform 2lp
    diverse - move 12''
    dj embee - embeetious art ep
    dj js1 feat. ill bill - license 2 ill 12''
    dj krush - the message at the depth 2lp
    dj shadow - six days 12''
    dj shadow - what i do in my bedroom 12''
    dj shadow - you cant go home again 12''
    dj shadow - endtroducing 2lp
    dj shadow - preemptive strike 2lp
    dj shadow - the private press 2lp
    don martin - the al dente ep
    dr.octagon - blue flowers 12''
    d-tension pres. akrobatik - the fugitive/mr.lif - trouble shooting 12''
    eastern conference allstars II 2lp
    el-p - dead disnee 12''
    el-p - fandam remix (leatherfaces warning) 12''
    embedded studios - bedford files - archives a/b 12''
    embedded studios - vast lodeck zion i 12''
    embedded studios - bedford files - unsealed archives 12''
    embedded studios - the bedford files 2lp
    evidence - searching for bobby fisher 12''
    fondle 'em fossils 12''
    fugees - the score 2lp
    ge-ology - let me/babygirl 12''
    goretex - hated/new america 12''
    grand agent - every five minutes 12''
    the grouch - wish you a good day 12''
    the grouch - you're not the one 12''
    handsome boy modelling school - and how's your girl 2lp
    insight - swift 12''
    insight - that shit ain't hot 12''
    insight - updated software v. 2.5 lp
    insight+spilled acid productions - crooked needle on a square record lp
    jedi mind tricks - amber probe ep
    jedi mind tricks - heavenly divine 12''
    jedi mind tricks - retaliation 12''
    jedi mind tricks - animal rap 12''
    jedi mind tricks - psychosocial 2lp
    josh martinez - rumble pie 12''
    j.rawls - great live caper 12''
    jus allah - white nightmare 12''
    lewis parker - incognito 12''
    l-fudge - the final word 12''
    l.i.f.e. long - incredibly fresh 12''
    living legends - gotta question for ya 12''
    looptroop - heads or tails ep
    looptroop - ambush in the night 12''
    looptroop - long arm of the law 12''
    looptroop - modern day city symphony 2lp
    louis logic - general principle feat. j-treds 12''
    lucky.iam - shut up 12''
    micranots - culture 12''
    micranots - obelisk movement 2lp
    mingus and millhouse - battle tech-tiks 12''
    moka only - been there 12''
    moka only - lime green 2lp
    molemen - ritual of the... 2lp
    molemen pres. - locked 12''
    molemen pres. - buried alive 12''
    molemen pres. - below the ground 12''
    mop - cold as ice 12''
    mos def - black on both sides 2lp
    mr.lif - emergency rations ep
    murs - god's work 12''
    murs & slug - felt ep
    mystik journeymen - magic 2lp
    necro - get on ya knees 12''
    necro - cockroaches 12''
    necro - i need drugs 2lp
    necro - gory days 2lp
    necro - gory days instrumentals 2lp
    nighthawks 2lp
    non phixion - rockstars 12''
    non phixion - drug music 12''
    non phixion - the future is now 2lp
    non prophets - majority rule 12''
    the odd couple 12''
    oddjobs - dry bones 12''
    oddjobs - blue collar holler 12''
    oddjobs - the shopkeepers wife lp
    offwhyte - the fifth sun 2lp
    the opus - live 12''
    the opus - first contact 0.0.1. 2lp
    outerspace - 151° 12''
    prefuse73 - vocal studies + uprock narratives 2lp
    prime - madman 12''
    prodigy - keep it thoro 12''
    promoe - off the record 12''
    promoe - yes ayah 12''
    promoe - prime time 12''
    promoe - government music 2lp
    promoe - government music instrumentals 2lp
    promoe & timbuktu - naked lunch ep
    promoe & timbuktu - vertigo ep
    promoe & timbuktu - the bad sleep well ep
    the proov - nebula 12''
    pulsinger/kaos - fear.apc 12''
    qwazaar - desert eagle 12''
    qwel - the rubberduckie experiment 2lp
    raw produce - i am myself ep
    rjd2 - june 12''
    rjd2 - let the good times roll (whitelabel promo) 12''
    rjd2 - let the good times roll 12''
    rjd2 - the horror 12''
    rjd2 - deadringer 2lp
    sage francis - climb trees 12''
    sage francis - makeshift patriot ep
    sage francis - personal journals 2lp
    sixtoo - antagonist survival kitt lp
    sole - salt on everything 12''
    sole - selling live water 2lp
    swollen members - full contact 12''
    7l & esoteric - speaking real words 12''
    7l & esoteric - watch me 12''
    7l & esoteric - herb 12''
    7l & esoteric - protocol 12''
    7l & esoteric - mic mastery/operating correctly 12''
    soul position - unlimited ep
    souls of mischief - 93 till infinity 12''
    souls of mischief - spark 12''
    speech defect - sunshine's on our side ep
    sporty thievez - no pigeons 12''
    subverse music pres. seditious jewels ep
    supernatural - internationally known 12''
    themselves - about the city too... 12''
    timbuktu - absorb this 12''
    timbuktu - northface ep
    timbuktu - independent moves ep
    typical cats lp
    unspoken heard - soon come 2lp
    urban renewal program - whylin out 12''
    urban renewal program 2lp
    vakill - va2k 12''
    vakill - end of days 12''
    vakill - out the speakers 12''
    vakill - flowz u can't imagine 12''
    vapors project - five deez - faceless 12''
    vapors project - slug & el-p - rpm 12''
    variable unit - handbook for the apocalypse 12''
    vinnie paz - raw is war 12''
    virtuoso - all we know 12''
    virtuoso - beatdown 12''
    virtuoso - god of thunder 12''
    y@k ballz - the freak show 12''
    zion i - cheeba cheeba 12''
    zion i - deep water slang v2.0 2lp

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    28. März 2003
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    Das führt doch zu nichts !:oops:
  3. Bobelfresse

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    4. März 2003
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    Vor allem die Arbeit, das alles abzutippen oder katalogisierst du eh deine ganzen Pladden im Rechner?

    Trotzdem ganz nette Sachen dabei, wir würden uns verstehen;)
  4. DjDangErZone

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    21. Aug. 2002
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    ganze plattenliste zu posten ist unötig

    daher nur mein glanzstück

    beatles- the white LP
  5. Terrax

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    21. Jan. 2003
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    ^^^wieviel ist die denn wert?
  6. DjDangErZone

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    21. Aug. 2002
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    warscheinlich genug

    naja hab keine ahnung, aber hab ja auch nicht vor sie zu verkaufen.........
    is limeted edition,vinyl,original hochglanz beatle bilder.......

    pressung von 1968........

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    25. Dez. 2002
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    ich hab irgendwann mal angefangen, die dinger am rechner zu katalogisieren..find ich ganz praktisch, hat man schnell nen guten überblick...
  8. Petrowski

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    30. Juli 2000
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    nur alben....ja, ich hab die alle im rechner katalogisiert

    A-Team, The Who Framed The A-Team?
    Absolute Beginner Flashnizm
    Abstract Rude + Tribe Unique P.A.I.N.T.
    Abstract Tribe Unique Mood Pieces
    Abstract Tribe Unique Instrumentals
    Aceyalone All Balls Don't Bounce
    Aceyalone A Book Of Human Language
    Aceyalone A Book Of Human Language (Instrumentals)
    Aceyalone Accepted Eclectic
    Aesop Rock Float
    Aesop Rock Labor Days
    Al' Tariq God Connections
    Alkaholiks 21 & Over
    Alkaholiks Coast 2 Coast
    Alkaholiks Likwidation
    All Natural No Additives, No Preservatives
    All Natural Second Nature
    Allies, The D-Day
    Analog Brothers Pimp To Eat
    Antipop Consortium Tragic Epilogue
    Antipop Consortium The Ends Against The Middle
    Antipop Consortium Arrhythmia
    Antipop Consortium Vs. Matthew Shipp Same
    Arsonists As The World Burns
    Arsonists Date Of Birth
    Artifacts Between A Rock And A Hard Place
    Artifacts That's Them
    Atmosphere The Lucy EP
    Atmosphere God Loves Ugly
    Automator, Dan The A Much Better Tomorrow
    Automator, Dan The Lovage
    Awol One & Daddy Kev Slanguage
    Azeem Garage Opera
    Azeem Craft Classic
    Bahamadia Kollage
    Bas 1 Theory Of A Throw Up
    Beans Tomorrow Right Now
    Beatless Life Mirrors
    Beatnuts Intoxicated Demons
    Beats & Lyrics Same
    Beneath The Surface Same
    Beyond Real Experience, The Same
    Binary Star Masters Of The Universe
    Bizarre Attack Of The Weirdos
    Black Moon Enta Da Stage
    Blackalicious A2G
    Blackalicious NIA
    Blackalicious Blazing Arrow
    Blackstar Same
    Blockhead Broke Beats
    Blurum 13 Vaguely Familiar
    Bombay 2 Electric Vindaloo
    Bombay The Hard Way Guns, Cars & Sitars
    Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded
    Boogie Down Productions Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop
    Breakestra The Live Mix Part 2
    Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus The Weather
    Cali Agents How The West Was One
    Cannibal Ox The Cold Vein
    Chubb Rock The One
    Chubb Rock I Gotta Get Mine YO!!
    Chubb Rock feat. Hitman Howie Tee Same
    Chuck D Autobiography Of Mistachuck
    Cinematic Orchestra, The Everyday
    Clouddead Same
    Code Name :Scorpion Same
    Common Can I Borrow A Dollar
    Common Resurrection
    Common One Day It'll All Make Sense
    Common Like Water For Chocolate
    Company Flow Funcrusher Plus
    Company Flow Little Johnny From The Hospital
    Constant Elevation Same
    Contents Under Pressure Same
    Coup, The Steal This Album
    Coup, The Party Music
    Creutzfeld & Jakob Gottes Werk Und Creutzfelds Beitrag
    Crooked: The Original Score Same
    Cru Da Dirty 30
    Cuf, The I Love This Game
    Cuf, The Whatcha Say?
    Curse Feuerwasser
    Daddy Kev Lost Angels E.P.
    Daddy Kev Lost Angels Instrumentals
    Dark Leaf **** The People
    David Axelrod Same
    De La Soul Buhloone Mindstate
    De La Soul Stakes Is High
    Dead Prez Lets Get Free
    Declaime Andsoisaid
    Deep Puddle Dynamics The Taste Of Rain ... Why Kneel?
    Defari Focused Daily
    Defcon 4 Same
    Del Tha Funkee Homosapien I Wish My Brother George Was Here
    Del The Funky Homosapien Both Sides Of The Brain
    Deltron 3030 Same
    Deltron 3030 Instrumentals
    Dike Pottpüree
    Dilated Peoples The Platform
    DJ Adam 12 World Wide Originals
    DJ D The Workers Union
    DJ Design Gather Round
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince And In This Corner...
    DJ Krush Zen
    DJ Krush The Message At The Depth
    DJ Krush & Akira Sakata Kaigarabushi
    DJ Murge Search And Rescue
    DJ Noize The Whole Mess Part 2
    DJ Premier New York Reality Check 101
    DJ Q-Bert Wave Twisters
    DJ Revolution In 12's We Trust
    DJ Shadow Endtroducing
    DJ Shadow Preemtive Strike
    DJ Shadow The Private Press
    DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Brainfreeze
    DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Product Placement
    DJ Spinna The Beat Suite
    DJ Vadim USSR Life From The Other Side
    DJ Vadim USSR Life From The Other Side - Instrumentals
    DJ Vadim U.S.S.R. Repertoire
    DJ Vadim U.S.S.R. The Art Of Listening
    DJ Zeph Same
    Doppelkopf Vom Mond
    Doppelkopf Vom Abseits
    Dr. Dooom First Come, First Served
    Dr. Octagon Same
    Dr. Octagon Instrumentals
    Duale System, Das Land In Sicht
    Dynamite Deluxe Deluxe Soundsystem
    E.C. Ill State Of Mind
    Ed O.G Dedicated EP
    Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto
    Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs Roxbury 02119
    Ego Trip's The Big Payback Same
    Eins, Zwo Sport
    Eins, Zwo Gefährliches Halbwissen
    El-P Fantastic Damage
    El Stew Same
    Elephant Tracks Same
    Elusive Elements Of A Prototype
    Elusive Bringing The Heat
    EPMD Business As Usual
    Eric B. & Rakim Paid In Full
    Eric B. & Rakim Follow The Leader
    Eydea & Abilities First Born
    Fat Jack Cater To The DJ
    Fat Jack Cater To The DJ (Instrumentals)
    Fat Jon Human Erotica
    Feinkost Paranoia Bio Feedback
    Fog Same
    Foreign Legion Kidnappervan, Beats To Rock While Bikestealin
    Foreign Legion Kidnappervan (Instrumentals)
    Freestyle Fellowship To Whom It May Concern
    Freestyle Fellowship Version 2.0 (To Whom It May Concern Remix LP)
    Freestyle Fellowship Innercity Griots
    Freestyle Fellowship Innercity Griots (Instrumentals)
    Freestyle Fellowship Temptations
    Freestyle Fellowship Schockadoom
    Fugees Blunted On Reality
    Funky 16 Corners, The Same
    Gang Starr No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Gang Starr Step Into The Arena
    Gang Starr Daily Operation
    Gang Starr Hard To Earn
    Gang Starr Moment Of Truth
    Genius, The Words From...
    Germ, Da Day Of Resurraction
    Godfather Don Diabolique
    Grand Agent By Design
    Grand Puba 2000
    Grassroots, Da Passage Trough Time
    Grouch & Eligh G&E Music Vol.2
    Group Home Livin' Proof
    GZA/Genius Liquid Swords
    GZA/Genius Beneath The Surface
    Handsome Boy Modeling School So How's Your Girl?
    Hieroglyphics Third Eye Vision
    High & Mighty Home Field Advantage
    Highlife Movement, The ...esturay
    Hip Hop Forever by Kenny Dope Same
    Hobo Junction The Cleaners
    I.N.I Center Of Attention
    Ice-T Home Invasion
    Infesticons, The Gun Hill Road
    Invisible Skratch Piklz A Cup Of Skratch And A Slice Of Cut
    Isolationist, The Same
    Isolationist, The Instrumentals
    J-Live The Best Part
    J. Rawls The Essence Of J. Rawls
    Jean Grae Attack Of The Attacking Things...The Dirty Mixes
    Jedi Mind Tricks The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro Magnetical ...
    Jedi Mind Tricks Violent By Design
    Jeru The Damaja The Sun Rises In The East
    Jeru The Damaja Wrath Of The Math
    Jigmastas Infectious
    Joey Chavez Music From The Connection
    Juggaknots Re:Release
    Jungle Brothers Straight Out The Jungle
    Jurassic 5 Same
    JVC Force Doin' Damage
    K-Solo Tell The World My Name
    Karibik Frank Psychisch Frank
    Keith Murray Enigma
    Keith Murray It's A Beautiful Thing
    Kid Koala Scratchhappyland
    Kid Koala Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Kinderzimmer Productions Die Erste
    Kinderzimmer Productions Die Kunst Der Tiefen Schläge
    KMD Black Bastards (Bootleg)
    KMD Black Bastards
    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Road To The Riches
    Kool Keith Erotic Man
    Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost In Space
    Kool Keith Matthew
    Kool Keith Spankmaster
    KRS-One Return Of The Boom Bap
    KRS-One Same
    Krumb Snatcha Snatcha Season Pt. 1
    Kubiq Kuboniqs
    Kubiq Kuboniqs (Instrumentals)
    Kurz Und Schmerzlos Same
    Kutmaster Kurt Masters Of Illusion
    Livehuman Elefish Jellyphant
    LL Cool J Radio
    LL Cool J Walking With A Panther
    LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out
    Lone Catalysts Hip Hop
    Lootpack Soundpieces: Da Antidote
    Lootpack Soundpieces: Da Antidote - Instrumentals
    L'Roeous Da Versifier Imaginarium
    Lune TNS Big Justoleum Plantation Rhymes
    Lyrical C Elevation Underground
    Lyricist Lounge Vol.1 Same
    Lyroholiker ... Und Das!
    Madlib / Cut Chemist 6 Variations Of In The Rain / Bunky's Pick
    Main Concept Genesis Exodus Main Concept
    Main Concept Plan 58
    Main Source Breakin Atoms
    Main Source **** What You Think
    Majesticons Beauty Party
    Marley Marl In Control Vol.1
    Massive Töne Kopfnicker
    Masta Ace Take A Look Around
    Masta Ace The Lost Tapes
    Masterminds The Underground Railroad
    Material Intonarumori
    MC Eight Death Threatz
    MC Rene Renevolution
    Metabolics The M-Virus
    Metal Fingers Presents... Special herbs, Vol.1
    MF Doom Operation Doomsday
    MF Grimm The Downfall Of Ibliys - A Ghetto Opera
    Micranots Obelisk Movements
    Mix Master Mike Anti-Theft Device
    Mix Master Mike Eye Of The Cyklops
    Mobb Deep The Infamous...
    Moka Only Lime Green
    Molemen Ritual Of The ...
    Mood Doom
    Mountain Brothers Self: Volume 1
    Mr. Complex The Complex Catalog
    Mr. Len Pity The Fool
    Mr. Lif Enter The Colossus
    Mumbles Book Of Human Beats (Book Of Human Language Beats)
    Murs 3:16
    Murs The End Of The Beginning
    Mykill Miers It's Been A Long Time Coming
    Mystik Journeymen The Black Sands Ov Eternia
  9. Petrowski

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    30. Juli 2000
    Bekommene Likes:
    N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton
    Nas Illmatic
    New York State Of Rhyme Same
    Nobody Earthtones
    Nobody Soulmates
    Nonce, The World Ultimate
    O.C. Word...Life
    Offbeats Same
    Ol' Dirty Bastard Return To The 36 Chambers:The Dirty Version
    Omid Distant Drummer
    Opus, The First Contact 001
    Organized Konfusion Same
    Organized Konfusion Stress: The Extintion Agenda
    Organized Konfusion The Equinox
    Outkast ATLiens
    P.E.A.C.E. Southern Fry'd Chicken
    Peanut Butter Wolf Peanut Butter Breaks
    Peanut Butter Wolf My Vinyl Weights A Ton
    Pelding Same
    People Under The Stairs Question In The Form Of An Answer
    Pharcyde, The Labcabincalifornia
    Pharcyde, The ?
    Phi-Life Cypher Millenium Metaphors
    Phi-Life Cypher The Chosen Few
    Planet Asia Same
    Planet Asia The Last Stand
    Planet Asia Instrumental EP
    Positively Black Same
    Prefuse73 Estrocaro
    Prefuse73 Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
    Prefuse73 The '92 Vs '02 Collection
    Process Of Elimination Same
    Project Blowed Same
    Public Enemy It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
    Public Enemy Fear Of A Black Planet
    Quannum Spectrum
    Quasimoto The Unseen
    Quasimoto The Unseen (Instrumentals)
    Quasimoto Astronaut EP
    Radioinactive Pyramidi
    RAG Unter Tage
    Rasco Time Waits For No Man
    Rasco The Birth
    Redman Muddy Waters
    Reflection Eternal Train Of Thought
    Rjd2 Deadringer
    Roots Manuva Brand New Second Hand
    Roots Manuva Run Come Save Me
    Roots Manuva Dub Come Save Me
    Roots, The Organix
    Roots, The Illadelph Halflife
    Roots, The Things Fall Apart
    Roots, The Instrumental Album
    Roots, The Come Alive All Access
    Roots, The Phrenology
    Roundtable MC's SD Chargers
    Rubberoom Architechnology
    Run DMC King Of Rock
    Run DMC Back From Hell
    Sach Suckas Hate Me
    Saukrates The Underground Tapes Vol.1
    Saul Williams Amethyst Rock Star
    Scaramanga Seven Eyes, Seven Horns
    Scienz Of Life Coming Forth By Day: The Book Of Dead
    Self Jupiter Hard Hat Area
    Self Scientific The Self Science
    Sensational Corner The Market
    Sensational Heavyweighter
    Sensational Natural Shine
    Show & AG Runaway Slave
    Show & AG Full Scale
    Sixtoo Antagonist Survival Kit
    Slumvillage Fantastic Volume 2
    Smif-N-Wessun Da Shinin
    Smut Peddlers Porn Again
    Sole Bottle Of Humans
    Solesides Greatest Bumps Same
    Sonic Sum The Sanity Annex
    Souls Of Mischief 93' Till Infinity
    Souls Of Mischief Focus
    Source Of Labor Stolen Lives
    Spectre feat. Sensational Parts Unknown
    Spontaneous Spur Of The Moment
    Stieber Twins Fenster Zum Hof
    Styles Of Beyond 2000 Fold
    Sunspot Jonz Unleashed
    Superrappin Same
    Swollen Members Balance
    Tags Of The Times : 3 Same
    Tags Of The Times Version 2.0 Same
    Tes X2
    Thawfor Where Thawght Is Worshiped
    The Persecution Of Hip Hop Same
    The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 2 Same
    Them Same
    Third Sight The Golden Shower Hour
    Tone Loc Cool Hand Loc
    Too Strong Die Drei Vonne Funkstelle
    Torch Blauer Samt
    Tribe Called Quest, A Peoples Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm
    Tribe Called Quest, A The Low End Theory
    Tribe Called Quest, A Midnight Marauders
    Tribe Called Quest, A Beats, Rhymes And Life
    Tribe Called Quest, A The Jam EP
    Tribe Called Quest, A The Love Movement
    Turntables By The Bay Vol.1 Same
    Turntablist Revolution ITF World Dj Compilation Vol.1
    Ty Awkward
    U.N.K.L.E. Psyence Fiction
    Ugly Duckling Fresh Mode
    Ultra Big Time
    Ultramagnetic MC's Critical Beatdown
    Ultramagnetic MC's Funk Your Head Up
    Ultramagnetic MC's The Four Horsemen
    Ultramagnetic MC's The B-Sides Companion
    Ultramagnetic MC's New York What Is Funky
    Ultramagnetic MC's Smack My Bitch Up
    UMC's, The Fruits Of Nature
    Unspoken Heard Cosmology
    Various Blends Levitude
    Waxolutionists The Smart Blip Experience
    Wee Bee Foolish Brighton Beach Memoirs
    Wide Angles Same
    Wu-Tang Clan Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
    X-Ecutioners X-Pressions
    Xzibit At The Speed Of Life
    Yesh Into Fresh Things
    Yesterdays New Quintet Angles Without Edges
    Zeb.Roc.Ski feat. SEEN All City Stylewars
    Zion I Mind Over Matter
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    so ist das. bin auch grad dabei

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    Die Alle haste auf Platte , kann man gar nicht glauben:rolleyes:
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    8. Mai 2001
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    1 viele "koole Untergrundplatten" aber nur 3 gute. MUHAHAHAHHAHA!
  13. Petrowski

    Petrowski Senior Member

    Dabei seit:
    30. Juli 2000
    Bekommene Likes:
    nein, stimmt! die hätt ich nur gern...:rolleyes:
  14. element

    element Aktivist

    Dabei seit:
    21. Dez. 2002
    Bekommene Likes:
    tja und was hab ich auf tape?

    live mitschnitt von den stones aus nem londoner studio!mag die zwar nich aber ham sonst vielleicht noch 10 andere leute!
  15. funkyforch

    funkyforch Aktivist

    Dabei seit:
    27. Apr. 2003
    Bekommene Likes:
    Re: nur alben....ja, ich hab die alle im rechner katalogisiert

    welche soll des sein? ep? quality control? PIN?

    auf jeden fall ne hammer sammlung, respekt. davon kann ich nur träumen (ich brauch unbedingt nen job!) das einzige was meiner meinung nach fehlt ist talilb kweli und big L, aber die sammlung ist echt krass!
  16. mighty Komapatient

    mighty Komapatient Altgedient

    Dabei seit:
    16. Sep. 2000
    Bekommene Likes:
    mhm. sehr toll. und wer liest sich das durch?
  17. Crux

    Crux Gast

    erste big l..originalpress würd ich einen erschiessen für!
  18. Petrowski

    Petrowski Senior Member

    Dabei seit:
    30. Juli 2000
    Bekommene Likes:
    Re: Re: nur alben....ja, ich hab die alle im rechner katalogisiert

    is die lp, also die ja dasselbe...
  19. I.C.S.

    I.C.S. Aktivist

    Dabei seit:
    6. März 2003
    Bekommene Likes:
    mein glanzstück:

    Gene Krupa - the Essentials; Orginalpressung und Handsigniert :cool:

    + ca. 200 samplebare scheiben
    + ca. 300 rap platten
  20. rudelbildung

    rudelbildung auf Eis gelegt

    Dabei seit:
    13. Apr. 2002
    Bekommene Likes:
    würdest doch nichmal die texte verstehen...:oops:

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