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12. Okt 2009
Inspired by Fernando Meirelles’s Brazilian crime drama City of God and Prince’s Purple Rain, the movie, written by Glover’s brother, Stephen, is a tropical thriller in which Glover’s local musician character is determined to throw a festival for his island community. In addition to Rihanna, the cast includes Letitia Wright, of Black Panther fame. Shooting in Cuba, which still lacks Wi-Fi in areas, allowed its team, including frequent Glover collaborator director Hiro Murai, to live that real-life communal experience in real time.

“There was a bootcamp everyone went through when they came in. You get to see what happens to your brain when you can’t Google every single question you have,” said Carmen Cuba, who produced the film alongside Glover and his frequent collaborator Fam Udeorji, in an interview Wednesday.

The setting also helped keep the production, nicknamed Dionysus, shrouded in secrecy. That’s how Glover and his team like to work. With the exception of a photo of the two leads that leaked out during production and the teaser trailer Glover revealed at his own music festival, the New Zealand-based Pharos, in November (uploaded online by a fan), the group was largely able to maintain anonymity, a goal they pursued in service of the production’s independence.

“We wanted to assure that we had as much creative freedom as possible,” said Cuba. “Everything about this project and Donald in general, in terms of his intentions for his life and his career, is to protect his freedom; freedom of expression and freedom of process.”

Which is why, she said, the team was drawn to New Regency as its producing and financing partner and to Amazon as its distribution partner, specifically the online retailer’s willingness to release the mini-movie in front of its paywall and via the Coachella livestream.

“The leaks helped build the breadcrumbs of the mystery. And looking back, it all worked in our favor. The news cycle is so fast, the interest cycle is so fast, that maintaining interest in something for so long is a hard thing to do,” said Cuba. “There is still a lot of stuff that fans don’t know that they will be surprised about and hopefully happy about.”


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13. Jan 2005
Auf Amazon Prime kann man jetzt für 18 Stunden den Film "Guava Island" kostenlos sehen.


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3. Mrz 2013

Anscheinend Stream zu seinem neuen Album

Momentane Tracklist:

Warlords (Coachella song)

"Little foot big foot get out the way!"

"Why Go To The Party?" (Human Sacrifice's live intro as a separate song)

Feels Like Summer

"The Violence"

"Under the Sun"

"We Are We Are We Are" (Transition)


Time (feat. Ariana Grande) [FROM GUAVA ISLAND]

"Vibrate" (feat. 21 Savage & SZA)


"Sweet Thang" / "Thank You"


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21. Jul 2013
Wollte eigentlich erst das ganze Album hören und dann kommentieren, aber was zur Hölle ist denn bitte bei Algorythm los :eek::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Under the Sun war auch richtig nice.
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