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    what you wanna be / a loaner or a borrower / owner or employer / leader or a follower
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    the musics filling up my mind /
    with the thoughts of finesse /
    so baby open up your mind /
    and let your soul get undressed
    Oh, danke dir lillith. :) Na immerhin versteht jemand meine Einstellung zu MP3s. :D

    Beste Grüße
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    The race is on / but I won't compete / In this competition / because I have a greater mission / I hope that you listen
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    Even in the mirror / it just doesn't get any clearer / I hear a funky beat and I gotta get nearer
    Status geändert:
    I am what I am / And I do what I do / Puff mad lye / Catch wreck with my crew
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