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three 6 mafia lyrics

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  1. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "N 2 Deep"

    [Chorus x2]
    I'm in it to deep to get out now
    They always told me death was the only way out
    I'm sittin' up all night
    I can't ever rest my head
    How will my family take it if i ended up dead

    [lord infamous]
    There was a man who approached me every night
    When i was reasting fast asleep
    He tried to get into my mind
    And he promised me power beyond my wildest dreams
    He said he could take me away from the suffering, begging, and life of
    A teen
    So i had to agree
    Theres one catch you must worship throughout the centuries
    But i really didn't know he'd be better off
    I'm tired of the pain and the crew my brother
    He game me things
    He promised me
    But i got no need i will suffer forever
    I'm tired of wrong brotherless powers are much to strong
    Oh so bad i want to move on
    But if i do my soul is gone
    Liars (??) hatas, all murderas, adulterers, and thieves
    What you don't know
    Is that you're walkin' in the same shoes with me

    [koopsta knicca]
    (??) for seekin' is all i see
    He sit close to me
    He said victoria secrets
    Fills up the air
    Perfume smells so ****ed up
    Auick right here with a stare
    Buck doggystyle then the chair
    Turned her on her stomach as she
    Moanin' from the motion
    If you ready for this to get (??)
    Koop finna to come a little bit closer
    Rolled her on her chest before the sound went pop
    Then i reached for my heart
    Oh my god koopsta just been robbed
    I hope you feel me
    I'm playin' naked
    Lookin' at the ceilin'
    And bloddy me just hear more (?) from the koopstas

    [Chorus x1]

    [gangsta boo]
    I'm in it to deep
    To escapre this kind of drama
    Got crossers, playa hatas, and fakers, that equals problems
    Today in this day and time
    You can't read nobody's mind
    These smiles turn to frowns
    When they see a playa on the rise
    On top of the world
    Just a lookin' down and laughin' at'cha
    I'll never be popular
    Like that 2pac "i ain't mad at'cha"
    So baby beware
    This game of life is like do or die
    It's hell on this earth
    The only thing that's missin' is the fire
    Come on baby tell me is it something that your eyes can't see
    Or are you just blind
    To the fact that you in it too deep

    [juicy j]
    Yeah, i know what'cha mean
    I had to stand on my ground
    To get on the scene
    Just me and brother down in the stuggle
    Gettin' out seve on to the friends
    And after dark
    Deep in the park
    Them doped up fiends will start
    To light the pipe all through the night
    I used to wonder what god
    Please help the poor come off of their feet
    Cuz there was nothin' to eat
    Didn't want to jack or rob
    A brother had to maintain the streets
    Off in the projects
    Wasn't lathargic
    Cause i was tryin' to get out
    Who can you tust
    I had to be tough
    I never ran my mouth
    My and my crew would constantly hit the brew
    A natural high
    How can you make it in this world
    But to try of die

    [dj paul]
    1991 was the year 901
    Was the area code
    3-8 double 1-6 was the zip
    Code of all the rows of road
    Now let my story be told
    A yong buck droppin' on in a school house
    But not to learn off in the tenth grade
    Tryin't o come up at last
    Like a total outcast
    Off all them songs i done made
    Bumpin' my underground tapes
    Up and down the hall
    The dj paul wasn't no damn thang
    But then my dogs
    Tony and shista asked me to join a gang
    Theat ain't me man
    But hangin' around them fools
    I had to get down and join a click, see
    Cause i made so many enemies
    From the clicks off in my city
    Now if i told you what gang it was
    Then to you i will seem more than down
    But if i told you what gang i'm in
    I can only do a show off in my own town
    But it's all goody good
    Much love to the thugs in my hood
    And in my city much respect
    I'm wit'cha for life
    And as you could bet
    We lights one up today

    [Chorus...till fade]
  2. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Anyone Out There"

    [juicy "j"]
    One cold winter of many tales
    Trails of blood left in frozen snow
    A family slaughtered by a loved one, forgive scarecrow
    I turned against god and everything that i cared for most
    Police arrived, candle light, butcher knives, bloody bedposts
    Found staked on the floor soaked in evidence of the root of violence
    Only a teen, sent to spend my final life in an insane asylum
    So furious of past, i'm an adult i feel better now
    But no matter, i tell them that i know they'll never let me out
    I rot in this dread, my only world's the one in my head
    I hate psycho-therapists, i walk amongst walking dead
    Everday, yes every-single day, peepin' ways to escape
    I got to find a way out this place, it's a must, got to find a way
    I'm pullin hair up out my freakin' head yo
    They trippin' cause a toller Typ put his ass in a choke hold
    I wanna go psycho and kick this mutha ****in' force boi
    In a padded room i know i'll never get up out this hole
    I'm pacin' back and forth across this room
    I gotta think of somethin, man i got to make a move
    The day i killed my ****in' family in a week or two
    I got to get up back out there i wanna do it again fool
    Gettin' cool with the old ass maintence man
    I told him "if you help me out i'd put a lotta papes in your hand
    I stashed a lotta dough in dirt before a toller Typ left it
    If you help me out when i get out i'll give you half on that deal"
    The old man ready, he grinnin', that stray
    Look here gramps, meet me at my door for the plan round 'bout 8
    Check it pops, you got to get a shovel and a pine box
    Put me in the ground and dig me out once they talk to the cops
    I'm gonna need a slight overdose of some mother ****in' sleepin' pills
    So while i'm waitin in the dirt i won't breathe up the air in here
    Sneak in the office get the keys off of dr. malique
    And while you doin that i'll take the pills so i fall asleep
    I started feelin' my awareness fadin' away
    I could slightly hear all the dirt gettin' tossed on to the pine crate
    I awoke and in my square waiting to be freed
    But from the light i seen someone killed the maintence man that dormant
    With me

    I'm scared, is anyone out there?
    Damn, i'm scared is anyone out there?
    I'm scared, is anyone out there?
    Damn, i'm scared is anyone out there?
  3. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Land Of The Lost"

    deep down south in da hood niggas slang
    Hustlin' and game
    Tryin ta stack some change
    Land of tha lost full of gangstas n killas
    Niggas all about they damn scrilla <>

    [Gangsta boo]

    To start it off i'm the mutha ****in lady about her cheese
    While u other herman benz out there leavin fo' free
    Kinda quick to tell you what im gonna get and it be true
    At the end of the rainbow toller Typ i thought you knew
    Cause im sayin all my hustlas dont forgot im on the green
    Got a pocket full of money not no stones know what i mean?
    Dont get mad cause yo ass livin broke
    **** that get up off yo lazy ass
    Get about yo ****in scratch


    Im chasin franklin wit' my triple 6 thugs
    Cause we was sinners
    I get deeper im still comin up with lint
    Livin in a tent some trick gotta change
    It aint the same
    And its plain ta see i aint the same man
    Beat a bitch, rob a hoe
    Kick in does from doe ta doe
    Prophet posse never sloppy
    Clean you out from roof ta flo'
    Im startin ta stinkin' raisin my heartbeat
    Ta never be rich
    Rather trade a hoe for mackers dis predemption

    [chorus x2]

    [Juicy j]

    Its on! why you shakin whatcha wanna do
    I gotta 357 brand new shootin holes through
    Niggas skulls fool lets get da dope and drop it off
    And count them g's and smoke some cheese
    It pays to brake the law
    My cousin creepin all them graded boys gonna hook us up
    To make a grip on that white shit that we dont see or touch
    **** what you talkin about?
    We slangin toller Typ
    By any means you wanna stop the team we pull the trigga


    Red red go away!
    Cause a toller Typ wanna play
    Leave me here
    Standin to the left
    There yo cab
    Let me wear a breifcase in my situation
    So many smilin faces
    About tha devil thats in me racin'
    Placin heres a mutha ****a my toller Typ i tell ya what
    When i was in the jail while my killa was in da cut
    All because of this is how power,cowering
    Bustin that i heat up musta been in love
    Wanna feel me with slugs

    [Crunchy blac]

    Its crunchy black crunchy black
    On da creep toller Typ
    How you niggas out here gonna laugh and ****in giggle?
    When im gettin bigga and bigga
    Bigga den a ****in picture
    Picture me in yo dreams when im out, ta ****in getcha
    Hit ya fo' ya dividends and fled from da ****in case
    Dont drop no peices so i, want catch a case
    Make a mistake in dis game and man youll hafta pay
    Deep in the jail cell or holy cell
    Never see the day

    [chorus x2]
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Weed Is Got Me High"

    [Chorus x4]
    This weed is got me high
    So high, so high
    This bud is got me high
    So high, so high

    [dj paul]
    Mesmorized by the mother****in'
    Ya'll niggas odn't get high
    Like the dirty three 6 mafia
    We smokers there to chain
    Give a shot
    Of that cocaine to the brain
    Gotta get high
    Gotta get high
    To a mother****in' that especially
    Don't hear me
    But i can keep a smile on my drugs
    And you cheap ass thugs
    You hoes don't feel me

    [crunchy blac]
    Watcha got down in your trunk

    [juicy j]
    Nothin' but leaves and bags of weed
    Somethin' to keep you off your feet
    Make you crawl around on knees
    If you slang a
    Then grab a pound
    If you a smoker
    Fool don't get wild
    Are you ****ed up
    So what
    What's up
    Sip on some beer and black and mild

    [crunchy blac]
    I'm so high
    All i smell like smoke
    Yeah that mother****in' green
    Yeah that god damn dope
    You be hopin'
    When you see me
    I'm gon' roll you some
    But ain't gon' foll none

    [gangsta boo]
    I'm smokin' on some blunts
    Bigger than some of you rappers royalty checks
    Never been mistaken
    I'm the lady that be like
    Quick to get up in your shit
    Freaky when i'm high
    That's the plan
    Now understand my nig
    ****in' move your man
    Cause his ass wanna get with this

    [lord infamous]
    Out of the scarecrow
    The substance i obtain
    Dibe got get me feelin' strange
    And crazy
    I'm smokin' on this doja
    Got me stumblin' and feelin' lazy
    I'm staring at some shit
    That got me dazin'
    Got plenty of drugs left
    And then you know
    I'm stayin' blunted

    [koopsta knicca]
    Stayin' numb
    Shit faced
    Chee-cheef hit them killas
    The swishers
    toller Typ wit that deep pull
    So deep that i cannot remember
    And if you really wanna get with the
    Three 6 mafia
    It's no lie you'll get high
  5. Dre

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    6. Juli 2005
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    jetz weiß ich wenigstens in welchen Tracks der geniale K-Roc überall dabei ist!:cool:
  6. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    und ich versteh ihn jetzt sogar:D ;)
  7. Akonis

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    10. Feb. 2005
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    YÜHAAAAAA:cool: danke homie
  8. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    kein problem.... ich mach irgendwann ma welche von: when the smoke clears rein!
  9. Dre

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    Dabei seit:
    6. Juli 2005
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    bei nem so großartigen Track wie Bodyparts 2 merkt man nicht mal wie schlecht und einfallslos Crunchy Blac's Texte sind.:D :p
  10. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    ich weiß nich find seinen flow mit den laaaaangezogenen wörtern ganz cool....
  11. Dre

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    Dabei seit:
    6. Juli 2005
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    Ich find sogar seine Einfallslosigkeit beim Text beim Bodyparts 2 ist sogar so schlecht, dass es wieder geil ist!:D
  12. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    na gut der part is wirklich nich besonders, aber er bringt ihn gut rüber!
  13. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "44 Killers"

    [DJ Paul and Juicy J]
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Whatcha niggas wanna do?)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Talkin all that ****in shit)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Coward ass bitches)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Whatcha niggas wanna do?)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Talkin all that ****ing shit)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Fighting niggas over a bitch)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (**** you mother****in hoes)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off

    [Juicy J]
    To you haters I'm the predator
    Set em up, wet em up
    When I'm in the hood, I'm like a drug-dealer regular
    Coke poppin, bird shoppin, droppin don'tcha step ta tha
    Triple six, guns click, bitch we the murderers

    [Crunchy Black]
    Triple six is the clique, why y'all niggas keep hatin me
    Y'all gone make a toller Typ posse up and come and getcha bitch
    Grab that toller Typ by his throat, if he hollas, let em go
    I ain't gon' let that toller Typ go, I'ma hit it at em wit da fourty-four

    [Lord Infamous]
    I'ma sic' em, heat em, leave em bleedin, fill em fulla millimeter
    Bitch ass toller Typ, torture treat em, creature feature, coke and weed
    Soze, Two-L O Y D, sippin ounces of that liter
    Ask me if I worship Satan, I'ma send yo ass ta see em

    [DJ Paul]
    Now tell me how you boys talk wit all that shit in yo mouth
    And how the hell you down ta key that open doors for tha Mid-South?
    I put half of you haters on, make half of you haters groan
    Left half of you haters alone
    and watched you die all on your own and feel for ya

    [DJ Paul and Juicy J]
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Whatcha bitches wanna do?)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Cuz toller Typ we ain't playin wit ya)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Whatcha hoes wanna do?)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (We got them tones ready ta blast)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (What's up toller Typ?)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Scared ass cowards)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Ain't no cowards in this mother****er)
    I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
    (Ain't no cowards)
  14. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Sippin' On Some Syrup"
    (feat. U.G.K.)

    Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip
    [Repeat 8x]

    [Pimp C]
    I'm trill working the wheel, a pimp not a simp
    Keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear Blimp
    We eat so many shrimp, I got iodine poisoning
    **** niggas make me sick with all that pinchin' and bargaining
    You say that you a boss, I ain't believing that shit
    You got the funny Geneva watch, with the Ferrari kit
    Take that monkey shit off, you embarrassing us
    I got the wet promenthazine, thick orange and yellow tuss
    Hydrocor-zone, on the hands-free phone
    The '84 zone, on them blades, 20-inch chrome
    If you got 16, you can get a biz-zerd
    I'm choking on that doja sweet and sipping on that sizz-erp

    [DJ Paul]
    Niggas scared to flaunt it, some niggas they want it want it
    Some niggas they joan it joan it, but I be ****ed up up on it
    We're with the Mafia 6, and we ain't bout that bullshit
    If we gon' get high we gon' get high, and we gon' house a bitch
    Two niggas all at the mouth, two niggas all at the ass
    And plus there's some type of toller Typ
    Dick hard all night and she cool with that
    She popped her a pill of X, and drank on some orange juice
    And just when you thought she was freakin' she done got super loose
    Niggas come in by threes and deuces all in circles like duck-duck-goose
    All that want it can bone it, she on that X and that tootie fruit
    40 dollars for just one ounce ounce plus
    Tuss and X is how its pronounced
    Niggas sipping and dipping and tripping, man I'm bout all out

    Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip
    [Repeat 4x]

    [Juicy J]
    People always asking me, "Me the Three 6 high on that"
    Rolling on them X pills, stuttering pup-pup powder packs
    Woah-wuh where the weed at, ain't like that we need that
    Nyquil will slow me down, something that keep me easy
    Nothing like that yella yella that will have you itching man
    Talking like you "What's up, fool?" Vocal chords sounding lame
    In my days all we did was chief out on a quarter pound
    Gone on coke, eyes are bucked, this here shit will knock you down
    Knock you out, make you fall asleep when you're on them wheels
    Ain't no doubt, hit me when I beep for this refill
    Once again, on my wicked high, gotta have that drank
    Heard my name, Gino, I feel like I'm gonna ****ing faint

    [Bun B]
    toller Typ tell me what you know bout Frank, Nito and Young Guido
    Paul and Vito, we play a tune it sweeter than Pedito
    With my Three 6 toller Typ pouring up in my southern creedo
    Quick fast, we'll put it on your ass like John Vito
    Cause you fronting rap sanger, be creamy like a Zanger
    You ain't from the manger boy, but you gets the middle finger
    Come bang her, rum dranker, occaisionally take
    Your bitch to the Telly and be a dick and cum slanger
    When Big Bun come danger, toller Typ ring your alarm
    Sexy thang on my arm, cup of drank in my palm
    And that crazy shit, I'm tripping on some skinny bitches
    Something that's wholesome, Florida to Folsom
    And for the most I'm steady sippin' on some sizzerp

    Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip
    [Repeat til fade]
  15. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Weak Azz Bitch"

    [Chorus x4]
    When I say weak ass, you say bitch
    Weak ass, BITCH, Weak ass BITCH

    [Juicy "J"]
    How you feel with this nine mili mill to your grill
    Haters talkin' lots of shit
    But they scared of the steel
    If you want me come and get me
    Cause I'm real with this here
    I ain't scared of none of you hoes
    I ain't never shead a tear
    In yo hood bumpin' ridin' with a twelve case of beer
    Ain't no toller Typ make no moves
    Get you scared, shook your fear
    Y2K hit the clock
    So you know the ending's near
    One call to them killas and you just might disappear

    [DJ Paul]
    Now toller Typ all in my face hollin' real but real soft
    Bitch I'm holdin' up this glock
    Bout to knock your block off
    You a weak ass bitch
    And your CD cover show
    With your fake ass face
    I been knowin' ya so I know a sissy hoe
    Yeah know this a triple six city
    All that MTV and BET got you feelin' shitty
    Just to think, you used to be my dog
    Used to be my toller Typ, now you fake
    But I stomp on you trick in the grass
    You little snake bitch

    [Chorus x4]

    [Lord Infamous]
    Uh, In the mood a ****ing crowd
    Make the speakers pound
    If you niggas wild
    Knock these bitches out
    Rumblin' the ground
    Tramplin' niggas down
    From the dirty south
    Where the niggas like it loud
    Wish ya hypnotized
    Instagater ?
    Fire in my eyes sosate lucky Frank White
    Ready for the gunfight
    If you wanna get high
    Ain't no sympathize
    Make you sleep till it's judgment night

    [La Chat]
    Talk is cheap
    I hear you talking but you ain't bout your bizz
    La Chat a mack ain't got no time to play no games with a bitch
    My mother****in' plastic gat we gonna rumblin' shit
    Then they gon' hit'cha smit'cha get'cha so don't **** with this shit
    I know you feelin' when I'm speakin' and I'm speakin' to you
    Well hoe it's true, who got the proof bitch
    What you gon' do
    I keep my mug cuz I'm a thug
    I left the twink on my grill
    You got some manner
    Need to show it
    Shit you claim that your real

    [Chorus x4]
  16. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Jus Like Us"

    [DJ Paul talking with gunshots in background]
    Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice mother****as!
    Y'all jealous ass bitches!
    You know what I'ma call y'all? Some Jello niggas.
    Cuz y'all jealous of us, bitch.
    Every mother****er in our camp ridin clean, toller Typ.
    Y'all know the mother****in score.
    And this one right here is dedicated to you [censor beep].
    It's dedicated to you, toller Typ.

    [Chorus: DJ Paul x1]
    They wanna dress like
    Wanna sound like
    Wanna be like
    Ride like
    Get high like
    Make cheese like
    The mother****in Three 6, bitch you got a problem wit em?
    The mother****in Three 6, hoe you got a problem wit em?

    [Lord Infamous]
    I'm from the part of Tennessee called SPV, Spray Pesty Varments
    Catch ya busta boy, I beat em; blow em up outta his dorments
    Punk ass niggas be tryin ta stick a light up under me, like some ornaments
    Don't make me grab the case that's fulla the weapons and hand ya ?the bombing?
    Bitch ya killin me, besta be eatin some porridge, you got some courage
    Punk mother****er don't make me go get that there uzi up under the storage
    Bitches, bloody Satan waiting ?
    Armageddon soldiers comin to ?

    [Crunchy Black]
    You trying to be like me, you can't be like me
    It's hard ta be me, like them stunts on TV, g
    You see me, hustlin, workin my muscle-in
    Puttin my 2 cents where it can be trusted-n
    You musta been a silly fool
    Thinkin you could wear my shoes, damn fool
    I walked a mile, I hauked em down
    I understand now, why everybody don't wanna frown

    [Chorus x2]

    [DJ Paul]
    1 thousand: Your kid kidnapped and ****ed in the mouth
    2 G's: Wife never seen again, but nothin to brag about
    3 thousand: Car blown up, house burnt to the ground
    4 G's: Run up in ya weak ass show, lettin off rounds
    5 thousand: Best friend found naked and decapitated
    6 G's: Yo broke ass barried alive cuz yo ass hated
    7 G's: He ain't even workin, I kill a toller Typ myself, dead
    Catch em in tha haven put somethin hot up in his head

    [Juicy J]
    I'm real from the junt (junt)
    Never was a punk (punk)
    North Memphis bound bitch, buck ass hell and crunk (crunk)
    You might catch me deep (deep)
    On your ****in street (street)
    Buckin wit the tech-9, sweep you off yo feet (feet)
    Drankin on that liquour (liquor)
    Chillin wit my niggas (niggas)
    Hangin on the corner, wit a ****in rusty pistol (pistol)
    Step up to me hoe (hoe)
    When you on that blow (blow)
    I'ma (gunshots: pop pop pop, pop) till you hit tha flo (flo)

    [Chorus x2]

    [Koopsta Knicca]
    Please don't test the wrist or steel this
    Waitin for she tell, pop, every style mystic
    Pimp shit, hits never miss those red
    Settin you a miss, when I spray the AK
    Plus I flex-a hella gay, will you catch a boy?
    Ever since a boy, always had black toy
    So we ain't goin out, no punk, I'm knockin out y'all
    Dead body, froze, ?hard puss in my jaw?

    [Gangsta Boo]
    Well all them hoes that used to be down with me
    I signed a deal, made some money, now you bitches downin me?
    Bitches tryin ta blast at me,
    or am I dreamin the mother****ers be after me?
    Why you tryin ta be like me? You labelled as a wanna-be.
    You ghetto hoes, you need to read up on this Gangsta Boo
    Cuz you might find a tip, bitch, that can help you.
    I'm a down chick
    Niggas be wantin ta crown chick
    Stay around chick
    Whenever, however, it's goin down, bitch.

    [Chorus x2]
  17. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "I'm So Hi"

    [Hook: (Crunchy Black) repeat 4x]

    I'm so hi', all i smell like is smoke
    Yeah, that mother****ing green
    Yeah, that got damn dope

    [Verse 1: DJ Paul]

    I fuss wit' the light green
    I fuss wit' the drizzle hoe
    I puts five to the tail
    I smokes till it is no mo'
    I fuss wit' this hotel
    I gots towels to the do'
    I fuss wit' this freaky hoe
    That's down fo' the dicky flo'
    I'm blazin' this sticky, but never mixing it wit mycoke
    This one right here for the nose,
    This one right for the smoke
    This one right here for the dollars
    This one right here roll the blunt
    I'm taking six from the stix
    I'm wildin' like niggas stunt

    [Verse 2: Juicy J]

    1st you get the swishers
    2nd buy the liquor
    3rd buy some of that sticky, most smokers call it sticker
    Can't forget the Newport, suckin' on my too short
    Call my toller Typ Big Tris, bring that blow and snizort
    I'm high ass ****ing lizzy
    I'm stressin' how i'm livin'
    Oh please, oh please, oh please,
    just give me just one mo' hizze
    This hydro weed I got some
    I might blow you a shotgun
    But if you can't play hizzap
    I guess yo ass don't want none

    [Hook repeats 4x]

    [Verse 3: Crunchy Black]

    Give me weed, give me green,
    give me somethin wit no seed
    Give me somethin I can break down wit
    no sticks or unstamy
    It don't makes no d if its ? or dat bud
    Just give it give it to me
    and my hand will fill it up
    In yo hand you receive is a big face from me
    Tell my toller Typ pass me that swisher,
    so I can roll up this weed
    Get me fiending up wit weed
    Put that joint to that sweet
    Then my toller Typ looked at my me
    Then we started to repeat

    [Verse 4: Gangsta Boo]

    Yo, I be smokin' out daily,
    maybe get up on some hazey
    Then remote and faded baby,
    cause you niggas drive me crazy
    Still a lady when I'm escalated
    Faded with my peeps
    Bobby Brown smokin' niggas know not to even step to me
    When I'm high I ain't gone lie,
    I'm feeling freaky up inside
    You wanna keep it on the low
    I put my truck on the other side
    toller Typ toller Typ what'chu mean Gangsta Boo be on that green
    Looking good up on the scene
    Posted up knowhat I mean

    [Hook repeat 4x]

    [Verse 5: Lord Infamous]

    Gone on the pills after ?
    Yes I break out of the lot
    Smoke too much hydro puff
    I'm takin' it up a notch
    Too me you ain't got to eat?
    And the stranger thinks of me?
    I'm paralyzed from the P
    I'm shootin' up cause of thee
    Bacardi for cocoa plex
    I sniffed up an avalanche
    I'm going in to a trance
    Da deadliest demon man
    You thus as the Sosate say
    Yeah pass me that saucer tray
    Or pass me a blunt of hay
    I wanna just drift away, drift away

    [Verse 6: Koopsta]

    I be smokin' on mother****in weed
    and chiefin' out
    Hear me saying satinac prays
    Let her suck my dick
    Fo this girl drive me crazy
    These niggas got me doped
    Gotta blaze a blunt into me
    Fo just take me to the chiefin' room
    **** the city with the chicken
    Chief the chicken, roll the chicken
    Smoking got the chicken out there dirty,
    with a lot of sticky
    Hear me this and I think I blowed a pound
    Now I seen me a little silohuette of mine

    [Crunchy Black:]
    Yeah that motha****ing green
    Yeah that got damn dope
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Mafia Niggaz"

    [Chorus: Lord Infamous (repeat 2X)]

    We gotta come like we get doen and dirty for our figures
    We gotta come like we be quick to pull back on some triggers
    We gotta come you know dat Devil shit is still up in us
    We Mafia Niggaz We Mafia Niggaz

    [Lord Infamous]
    So damn wicked got some shit you bitches never saw
    I caught you shakin sawed off's pumpin now'll we'll break the law
    I cut the air off where you breath while I'm blazin on these trees
    The ? I get from these trees'll take your leg up off
    You chokin from exhaust
    You lost up in the sauce
    You stand against the wall
    Don't play wit Lord at all
    You dealin wit some now you pissin down your leg
    and got a gun against your head you know dis lead is for a bloody brawl
    I'm tryna go for boss
    Prepare for Holocaust
    I got moss and when I toss it will get em off
    I'm dirty for the cause
    Bitch don't you hit the pause
    I'll lock you bitches in the icebox wit it full of frost
    Bitch don't you know that when I'm hi I leave a dimple
    Cock back dis pistol then I'll pop you like a pimple
    I got the tunes in the stones
    In your home wit the chrome
    You alone and the rest is very simple


    [Crunchy Black]
    Ain't no toller Typ goin play wit me
    Play wit me my toller Typ I'ma lay you in the streets
    All I came for is cheese toller Typ dat's hard to believe
    I'ma lock and unload and make your bitch ass bleed
    Let ya'll know dat I came wit some shit up my sleeve
    Know what I mean my toller Typ It's only Jus me
    Slip dat knife down my sleeve
    Slope you dead in your heart
    Wit only dat sick shit don't get shit started

    [DJ Paul]
    Now ever since we done came dem hataz didn't play no joke
    Try to bounce to the crib
    I shot around in dey home
    I'm bustin rugaz
    wit some lugaz
    Do ya
    toller Typ I'ma send em straight through ya
    School ya
    Bout dis bidness
    Bout these boys
    Ya bout to witness wit these toys

    [Juicy "J"]
    Wit dem toys yeah we got em
    Make the noise when we cock em
    Guaranteed to kill and rob em
    Stopped em wit the sawed off shotgun
    Niggaz in the street dey found em
    On dat dog food and Vodka
    So much dope the blood was toxic
    And the mind is pure psychotic

    [Chorus (fades out)]
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "From Da Back"

    [D.J. Paul]
    You dealing with some thugs
    who like to hit it from the back (back)
    with no kind of springs attached
    what you think about that shorty

    [Gangsta Boo]
    You dealing with some bitches
    who like cheese up front (front)
    get down on your knees up front
    now what you think about that baby

    [D.J. Paul]
    You dealing with some thugs
    who like to hit it from the back (back)
    with no kind of springs attached
    what you think about that shorty

    [Gangsta Boo]
    You dealing with some bitches
    who like cheese up front (front)
    get down on your knees up front
    now what you think about that baby

    [Verse 1:]
    [Gangsta Boo]
    toller Typ please
    im hotter than 100 degrees
    poppy in me
    but sex don't come until we come to our knees
    gimme' yo' cheese
    before I get my niggas and weed
    flatten you out
    take care of that
    that's how it be baby
    me and my girls cost to much for you toller Typ
    extra toller Typ in the Jag
    can you get with me toller Typ
    Hell No!
    Im the bitch wit the chronic that's getting high
    Makin' money, lookin funny
    when I **** on you guys
    damn right! Im the bitch of da night
    no matter what
    thugged out
    and some shirt
    short jeans
    a big butt
    what you see when im walking on by
    I see you lookin
    whether male or female
    you in I see you lookin'
    (Bigger pussy)
    When im packin' yo' toller Typ
    you know the taste
    At the "S" it's 99'
    you serve me wit' cha' face toller Typ
    you know we did it
    you be trickin' like daddy
    oops I spilled the beans baby
    I be braggin' like this
    have ya heard ?

    [Repeat Chorus]

    [D.J. Paul]
    I seen em' coming out the club
    drop the posse
    walk me down
    barely able to stand up
    barely able to fall down
    Hanging in the bathroom
    with my dogs
    it's all about two balls
    now I need a warm cup
    for a dick and two balls
    It's Paul
    in a Jag
    but ain't bout' to brag
    Im trying to grab a little hot somethin, skattely wag
    some bout it
    some down it
    Stray ghetto ass ho!
    Some ready for war!
    Cause hittin it boy
    will make your ass go!
    All mother****ing night dont play
    Drop yo' jawphones, it's on, cause this dick on my leg
    Y'all niggas want a real dicksucker
    come Down South
    make you say
    "Damn, Grey you still eat with that mouth"!
    Then she turned over, caught dripping like a faucet
    I called my dog Too Sway cause this ho about to toss it
    Im ****ing wit chu, cause you ****ed wit me!
    And caught this christian in a bad little somethin to my whole weed
    (Whole Weed)!

    [Repeat Chorus]

    [Juicy "J"]
    First my toller Typ call the freak
    tell her she got dick to eat
    balls and all standin tall
    dont forget the jack "a" me
    tell her five dope we keep
    opt a move as just a sweep
    heard she liked it from da back
    in the back from toronsy
    Paul said she wants to blow
    with bad (bitch) week we cut off her
    I don't wanna hit the jump
    Grab my 8.0 we'll get her drunk
    "My nigg, what chu' waitin on" ?
    "Hey let me use that other phone"
    "**** that, she got skit to hit
    Im'a call that ho while she at home"
    "Hello" ?
    "What's the bidness bitch" ?
    "Who is this" ?
    "Mister Dick" !!!
    "Im bout' to come and scoop you up" !
    "For what" ?
    "For what the ****, the click"
    My dog said you got the clams
    silicon wit the ass
    don't even need a bag
    to hide your face
    to sit you down !
    Rumors say you turn em' out
    In da car, or on da couch!
    Never hear em' yellin' ouch!
    Dick and balls up in yo' mouth!
    Grab my 8.0, (and in a hit)
    Maybe you can bring you friend
    "Do you niggas got that bluff"
    "YA" !

    [Repeat Chorus]

    [Various sexual noises throughout end of song]
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "**** Y'all Hoes"

    [Talking-D.J Paul and Juicy "J"]

    [Chorus 1:]
    [Juicy "J'']
    If you ain't claiming G-D
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming V-L
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Crips Then
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Bloods Then
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming BHZ
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming North Memphis
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Orange Mound
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Southpark
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)

    [Lord Infamous (Scarecrow)]
    Bitch we are entertainers
    we warfare trainers
    we ain't gangbangers
    but we will make you famous
    I show you falling hoes
    I show you slippin' slopes
    I show you swiss I knows
    I dangling from the rows
    you top that tokeo
    up in the studio
    but in the streets they ho
    you cool they diff but so...
    But if he eat the coke
    and wanna go for broke
    let's get them guns out ho, I thank you ****ing former ho !

    [D.J. Paul]
    I can fight this toller Typ
    I can whoop this toller Typ
    I can [Gun loading] [Gun Shots]
    BOOM! With the trigger
    I can rob this boy, I can mob this boy
    I can call a ****ing killer, do a job on this boy
    I can make this fool, I can rape this fool
    I can get them off my five o-clock or ten o-clock news
    I can lend a helping hand
    I can be your ****ing friend
    I can leave his body stankin' in a Kroger garbage can

    [Chorus 2:]
    If you ain't claiming Hollywood
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Walker Homes
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Foot Home
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Walter Simmons
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Smokey City
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Evergreen
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming LMG
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Dixie Homes
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)

    [Gangsta Boo]
    Don't play with the Hypnotize C-A-M-P (A-C)
    Blowin' small balls toller Typ feel me
    I be what chu' call the first lady
    Triple Six put me through the doors getting money
    Now you
    Jelous-Ass-Bitches in my face
    tryin take my shit out of place
    (you be steppin' bitch)
    I be on some Hennesy
    mixed with some Alizae
    Smokin' on some hay
    on my way
    on that plat "A"

    [D.J. Paul]
    Im hittin on some small niggas
    (that rob niggas)
    Smoke coke
    (With big mob figures)
    That star niggas
    In P-Agg ya
    Get em' recorded they own pictures
    Im takin' puss, and dankin' drankin'
    drank wit warning niggas
    I poke them stagged up
    And round wit trick a heavy niggas
    Im talkin ski-mask
    Engage up out of the back seat niggas
    pull the triggers
    and I keep a tone, world-rone
    Dangers on, Hustle grown
    Sippin' on, Burn a post
    Papers on, but still im home

    [Chorus 3:]
    If you ain't claiming New Chicago
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Roxy Brown
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Pussy Valley
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Fowler Homes
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Douglas Then
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Trig Then
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Mclemore
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Bunker Hill
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)

    [Koopsta Knicca]
    No issues
    You think this kid ****ed up the ****ing problem
    Bitch you don't know that Koopsta Knicca is a murder robber
    Got yo mother****ing brother in the back seat
    Sweat drippin' off his neck
    son of bitch you don't know me
    I kinda hear the whispers in his ****ing bed
    And you think you got that strip
    than why don't you get with him
    and if you wanna stress me
    grab my 8.0 is you dead
    Say "Mister cum a dress ya"
    Koopsta got em' scared!!!

    [Chorus 4:]
    If you ain't claiming Hyde Park
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Ridge Grove
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Ridge Crest
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Bartlett Then
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming Germantown
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)

    If you ain't claiming
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't claiming
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    If you ain't naming
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)
    (**** Y'ALL HOES)

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