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three 6 mafia lyrics

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    chapter 2 world domination

    "Will Blast"

    [dj paul:]
    Say hello to three 6 mafia got the stick up with the mask we be watchin ya know
    Im quick to biggy bang bang a rookie huh trip you like a cookie for you sayin
    Yo ass is movin too fast

    [Gangsta boo:]
    You got this lady gangsta boo comin' to you with a whole bunch of shit that's
    Gonna **** yo ass up toller Typ toller Typ toller Typ toller Typ toller Typ get buck wild in dis
    Mutha****a let me see ya do ya stuff

    [Juicy j:]
    Will blast if we mutha****ina have to tie ya body up with the strings from your
    Tennis shoes juicy j in the house puffin on a light kool those that wanna step
    To the click its a murder fool

    [Crunchy black:]
    Who i be'z crunchy black you will know who i am once i come up from the back
    Kickin do's makin ho's lay it down cuz i gotta keep my mutha****in prophet black

    [Lord infamous:]
    I'm the toller Typ lord infamous the scarecrow demons be dancin roun my throne i
    Dont know why everytime i see yo face i wanna spread like rome bring it on jones

    [Koopsta knicca:]
    Who dat be between them tree's tryin to take a peek at me for himself if you
    From the other realm i tell you koop have nothin left nothing left
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    "Hit A Mutha****a"

    I bet you won't
    Hit a mother****er, hit a mother****er (bitch)
    Hit a mother****er, hit a mother****er
    I bet you won't
    Push a mother****er, push a mother****er (hoe)
    Push a mother****er, push a mother****er
    I bet you won't

    This ain't no game, we bring the pain
    So don't you niggas trip
    Fallin the club with all them thugs
    And five extra clips
    Deep alsways deep is how we come cause we ain't no joke
    So when you hoes talk all this shit
    We gonna cut ya throat
    And let you chuck right out the door, the three 6 mafia game
    Now i was pullin a ****ing gun
    We out so throw them thangs
    Don't hit that white
    Any why the **** act like you crazy man
    We know you niggas just some hoes
    You let our nuts hang

    And let me crack you mind up
    Want to get you hypnotized cause you this scarecrow
    Keep a mystic type of business than we run
    You may not cap to the s's
    Cause we young, my time, my flex
    It's a futuristic and autistic mega plisto plex
    I rack up many shots cuase on my run colegri pop
    I make sure they get so wild, they bustin caps right on the spot
    All around the planet rock, the ghetto clocks don't stop
    My toller Typ gotta take a deep breathe
    A keep blowin till they drop

    [chorus x2]

    We ain't going to stop until some down people die up in the audience
    Word up, push them to the floor
    Put your foot in his guts so aple watch them fully trample
    Shoot a pistol in the air, make it so kit kiddy can't handle
    The crowd, the gotta ru rush before a few gonna get crushed
    Crush crush, we got it buck buck (the three 6)
    And when the shows over i want to seenothing but bodies
    On the floor and they got no three 6 (surprise)

    I heard the streets that a toller Typ has said, something about that toller Typ
    I think his name was cruchy blac
    But i walk up to his house, i knocked upon his door
    When he came to the door, i hit him in the mouth
    And i knocked him on the floor
    Then i hit him and hit him somemore
    Then i told that ****ing boy
    Shouldn't of ran his mouth about of the mother****ing prophet boys
    Cause the prophet boys be hypnotizing all of ya'll
    Ganna tear around your throat and drag you like you want

    [chorus x2]

    Why to styling at my face
    Why you talks behind my back
    Hitting you hitting you down when i bout to attack
    Never can't be fade
    Cause this lady roll with right click
    Now i'm talking shit
    Call me misses mobb bitch
    Smoking automos all you hoes boutin' my damn self
    Never hanging with you skanks
    Cause i'm bad for your health
    Playa haters out you stars pullin' cars bout' yourself
    We be stanking like some fart under sheets, hold your breathe

    See i call up then niggas operator tellin me they
    Was stressed with you up on that house that i'm hell
    Looking out there
    See you telling always tell who freezy's always shells

    How she really cares bout' her hair
    Here he thinks he stabbs around a hoe round'
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Are You Ready 4 Us"

    Three 6 mafia
    Hooked up with the mother****in' dayton family
    Are ya'll ready for us
    Bring the pain
    Bitch ya'll ain't ready for us
    Miphia style
    Flip time
    Rollin' like dees
    Smoke the trees bitch

    [Chorus x2]
    We mafia, is it too much (we mafia mafia mafia ya)
    Are you ready for us (we mafai mafia mafia ya)

    Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

    Mixtures of sin and gin on sight
    Cut the wings off an angel
    On both sides
    I'm suin'
    All them suckas
    State your last name first
    Meyers, michael
    Lord is killin'
    Three 6 killin'
    What else will i say
    Even children
    Probably don't give a **** if you are naughty or nice
    At night
    Good bye, lights out

    [juicy j]
    Can you feel me
    Can you hear me
    Did you pick the scene
    A lot of fools done ****ed around town
    Showed up in your dreams
    Standin' in a hideaway
    Inferred, them guns spray
    Gotcha shakin'
    Gotcha nervous
    Knowin' not how to get away
    Lookin' out the window pane
    Cause all your gonna feel is pain
    In your yard i see a tree
    I also see your body hang
    See the phone
    Pick it up
    The wire that is only cut
    I meant to pray
    Your still gonna die
    Too late bitch
    Your time is up

    [Chorus x4]

    [dayton family]
    What the **** you wanna do
    Be a victim of my homicide
    If you try to jack
    I'll leave you dead head in the g ride
    And creep up out my vehicle
    And continue my jack move
    Still gat under the dirt
    Now put it up in your hand
    Now ain't that smooth
    Snooze mother****er
    Move mother****er
    Loose mother****er
    Put your face down to the floor
    And don't you take a look up
    I heard about what you cook up
    See bitch this is a stick up
    I'm takin' you off your tippy toes
    Take your cheese
    And **** your hoes
    Givin' you crack sacks, macks back in your cadillacs
    Drop glock in my draws
    Extra clip up under my balls
    My dick's like a 44
    ****in' up your pussy wall
    You ran your lip about your grip
    And i'm takin' in on the stash box
    Your pockets are swoll hoe
    And i'm lookin' for a jackpot
    I wear a mask on my face
    So i won't catch a case
    Keepin' it low key
    Don't nobody know me
    I'm just like a snake
    When i creep through your window
    So mother**** the cops
    Cold hard on me kin though
    So mother**** the 5-0
    It's all about survival
    I leave them like d-o-a
    Bitch that's dead on arrival

    [Chorus x4]

    Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

    [dj paul]
    Give'em two
    To the head
    Three to the neck
    And the other ****in' tip
    Too his mother****in' chest
    Gotta buck him down
    Gotta buck him down town
    Talkin' bout' these clowns
    Talkin' shit up in my ****in' town
    Since he ain't dead yet
    Check his head
    Check his chest
    Playa should have guessed
    He was strapped with a ****in' vest
    Hoe you should have known
    You was ****in' with the triple 6
    We bust
    I knew you wasn't ready for us

    [gangsta boo]
    Am i too much
    To avoid, can't you **** with us
    In the lexus truck with juicy j
    Getting ****ed up
    Tearin' the club up
    What be bumpin' on the radio
    Mafia is what i'm screamin'
    Till the day i die hoe
    More game for the lame
    Educate them bitches man
    Stay in focus
    Hocus pocus
    Tryin' my best to maintain
    High as the sky
    Is why it's my business bitch
    Open up your own ****in' account
    And get up out my shit

    [Chorus x4]

    Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

    [crunchy blac]
    6 bitch
    So don't you **** with this click
    Cause if you **** with this click
    You'll get a little of this (gun shots)
    You must don't know who you ****in' with bitch
    Cause we leavin' bodies in body bags
    Drop em' off in a ditch
    Know i mean kid
    Know i mean kid, huh
    See we come from
    A natural bomb
    A natural gun
    A natural gimme some
    Don't make me make your body numb trick
    And have you hollerin' out mafia mafia mafia mafia

    [koopsta knicca]
    Stick em' dead
    Kill em' dead
    Rush them tricks on down to the flo'
    With north memphis convicts
    Bithces call me koopsta hoe
    **** me once never twice
    Wrapped up on that game of dice
    How can i lie
    When at nine hundred times
    You said you was a man of the house
    I don't really done it
    Koop you hung around that toller Typ man
    Try so hard to be a soldier bitch
    But come out to be dealt with trick
    I'm sick in the head
    Better call fred
    Dirty red
    Yeah, yeah you gon' look
    Too late ****in' fool
    Cause you drownin' in your poo poo
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    "Prophet Posse"

    [Chorus x8]
    Prophet posse, the posse bitch

    It's mafia time
    Lord infamous' mind
    It just ain't stable
    My actions are even more shocking and dockin'
    Than murder between kane and abel
    So stick 'em up
    Everybody catch the ground
    Cause i come from the city of memphis
    It's a rowdy town

    [gangsta boo]
    Well it's time for them prophets
    Ain't no turning trick
    Ah, you ****ed up with the wrong kind
    Ghetto boo bitch
    Comin' at yo ass
    Takin' over 97 this mrs. gangsta bitch
    Married to this damn prophet shit

    Watch how i pull these bitches
    And you know the scareman's blastin' teflon's hit yo' feelin's
    toller Typ, i'll be damned if i'm gon' miss you
    Gaurds of task, so you best react
    Cause the prophets are sprayin' mother****in' gats when i blast
    When i blast
    Them niggas on they back

    [dj paul]
    Excuse me sir
    Can i get that card or that drivers' license
    I need some two scoops
    But not the raisin' of the wisest
    Nicest, the feel of my body gets conset like tyson
    Roll them dices
    Killin' my brain cells
    But **** it
    We sacrificin' blow that shit

    [Chorus x7]

    [juicy j]
    It's that toller Typ that you love to hate
    Deep in the north
    Is where i stay, the one notorious juicy j
    I fold ya dogs an chop you away
    And get real high to this hear track
    Buck wild as hell is how we act
    The prophet posse is on the attack
    So what you haters watch your back

    [crunchy blac]
    There's no game that i'll play
    With your bullshit niggas
    Say what your ganna say
    But a toller Typ will kill you
    If you disrespect
    Then toller Typ you'll feel me
    And i dwell in hell
    Catch a toller Typ like, feel me

    [indo g]
    Some of these niggas on that doe
    Some of these niggas on that hay
    What you say, what you say hoe
    Negro indo crackin' them swishers daily
    It's incredible, incredible, from the car
    To the block in the mother****in' ghetto
    Cheefin' in a meadow
    When i'm kickin' a line, i rhyme, every god damn time

    Niggas that come to me (??) attention
    Brothers and prophet the posse
    Cause the killa roc and never stoppin' roll in a viper
    Niggas that like to be droppin' (droppin')
    Juicy with the two nine, paul with the forty
    Mother****ers on a paperchas, yeah
    Killa from three 6, k-roc don't play
    Don't play with me baby

    [project pat]
    We makn' moves in this rap industry
    Like a magician
    A legion of neighborhood niggas on a mission
    For paper, project, my lyrics tight
    Like a virgin
    My lips ignite the mic, cause they get hype
    When i'm cussin'

    [Chorus x5]
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    [Chorus x2]
    Everytime i feel this shit, i'm motivated
    Not only do we flow this shit, we demonstrate it
    We come to far to turn back now, i hope we make it
    But everytime them prophets fly, i'm motivated

    [juicy j]
    Back in the days
    I used to get down
    Pockets on e
    I can't do nothin' but frown
    Feelin' my belly and don't come around
    Had to be pushin' that bope by the pound
    Go with da folk that be pullin' a bitch
    Not to popular now you know you're the shit
    ****in' with reala
    That know you're legit
    Pushin' that shit that you shoot in your wrist
    Had ot be down about makin' my grip
    Pumpin' the beat
    Hopin' the needle won't skip
    Nukin' a dinner while flippin' the script
    Niggas still trippin' still runnin' they lip
    Now they just comin' in larger amounts
    Then i stack them in my bank account
    This is for half of your ass watch it bounce
    Motivation for my power and clout

    [dj paul]
    20 years old
    Ridin' in a 80,000 dollar viper
    Better watch out for the snipers
    They be bumpin' our tapes
    But they really don't like us
    Why must some local bustas try to dis me
    When they don't even know me
    Not knowin' i'll run up on they ass
    With a mother****in' mac
    Kill em' all off slowly
    I'm tryin' to keep my cool, keep my cool
    Cause i got plenty to lose
    My ****in' surroundings be another toller Typ singin' the blues
    So how i keep's myself on top of things and motivate
    I quickly erase all you hoes that be playa hatin'

    [Chorus x2]

    [gangsta boo]
    For you mother****in' niggas
    For you mother****in' hoes
    Stayin' real as ca be
    On my ****in' ten toes
    Never be the one to fall
    I'm rising oh so quickly
    I know you hate me
    But i'm gon' stay motivated
    This crazy lady
    Don't give a **** bout' what you say
    It don't mean shit
    Maybe cause i'm stackin' cheese
    And you ain't stackin' nothin' but dicks
    Including you niggas too
    You be ridin' on dicks
    I know you do
    I'm stayin' on top of my game
    I'll be number one so toller Typ **** you

    This music game is gonna drive me insane
    It's all about figures
    Cause when you're dealin' with heavy stakes
    Somethin' gon' brake or get injured
    Niggas talkin' bout' paying dues
    I got the bruises to prove it
    Did everything a toller Typ could do
    To make it in the game of rap music
    But still everytime i try to make a move some mothe****ers always
    Gotta doubt
    And then them very same niggas don't know what the **** they talkin'
    Keepin' the faith up on my plate
    Was the reflection of my face
    Sayin' it to make it but still gave the good lord his grace

    [Chorus...till fade]
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    "I Ain't Cha Friend"

    Yeah, ya'll thought that underground shit
    Wouldn't gon' work in ya
    For the ouijas of sin is death
    For the gift of god is eternal life
    Through jesus christ our lord
    Roman 6-23 toller Typ
    Read it and weep, biatch

    [koopsta knicca]
    Hit a man bustin' up in my door
    So i grab my 44
    Now them bustas on the floor
    Covered up by pillows
    Oh no
    I'm lookin' for them trizicks
    Tryin' to put a group up in they clizick
    I'm comin' up quick
    I'm takin' no shots bustin' these caps off in these bitches
    So why you wanna mess with this
    So why you wanna take off this piece
    Fool i'm bad to the bone, jone, chrome tech (??) fatality
    You'll be fled
    I'll be glad
    When i make you hit that grass
    I ain't showin' no mercy
    God damn it i'm bustin' that ass
    I'm havin' cisions of flesh (??) like that roozer tech
    That mess in my head
    If the constantly teachin' this evil shit
    You hear some laughin' whose that in the window gaspin'
    Now if you feel me tell me whose that creepin' for your head

    [gangsta boo]
    This goes out to all of you suckas
    Includin' you crossers
    Includin' you bustas
    This shit is so ****ed up
    I can't even trust ya
    This lady is tried of you mother****ers
    I'm bumpin' so hard
    It's like oh my god
    Gangsta boo is rippin' the mic all apart
    If your ass wasn't so full of that fart
    Never would you have tasted me from the start
    I'm trying to tell you hoe
    Let me tell you bitch
    You ain't my ****in' friend
    Prophet entertainment member known as boo
    Had to tell your ass time and time again
    Ride with my click
    Bitch triple 6
    Is all i need plus my weed and the n-i-n-e
    To keep you frilly hoes off of me
    Come into my face
    With that pimpin' ass shit
    Watch you see this gangsta bitch get scandolous
    You friendly ass hoes i scratch off my list
    I don't need you
    Don't want you bitch

    [crunchy blac]
    Friends like foes in these hoes
    Keep on talkin' that shit
    Actin' like they bad as ****
    But they ain' really talkin' bout' shit
    Keep on dissin' this click
    And we gon' hurt one of you tricks
    Put your body in a ditch
    Or dig a grave for that shit
    Don't you ask who like it
    Crunchy blac did it bitch
    Keep on talkin' all that noise
    And i'ma get big like big business

    [Chorus x4]
    I have to tell these niggas time and time again
    Bitch i ain't your ****in' friend
    I'll do your ass in

    [dj paul]
    Smiles can be deceivin'
    Even if it's your friends
    And hoes that know we can't be even steven
    Should not believe in
    Too late one of them slip it's my foes
    You already got my glock to the back of your head
    Prayers already said
    Done consider yourself dead
    Your family and friends might be sayin' that i crossed you out
    But toller Typ you was fake from the beginning
    So i had to toss you out
    Friend i'm no more
    I kill all you foes
    Step in my trunk
    And i give it to a stroll back
    The hammer release
    And leave your chest with holes
    All in the club
    With that buck ass tube and pot
    It's kind of hard
    You can't beat us
    And you can't join us
    Cause we ain't gonna stop if you don't stop

    Some of the superior astronomical bends
    From that of my mystical dreams
    Of the many scenes
    Mighty, manipulative, mercilous, multiple murderers
    Sit back in dangerous
    Hittin' and strippin'
    And critical injury
    Misery, seriously witness to the tremory
    Trajedy, agany, infamy, agany brutal mentality
    My voodoo tribe
    If you don't want to be fried
    Put on a feary disguise
    Lord infamous takn' no prisoners
    Forget the begging, pleading, and the cries
    Your reservation revalation
    A satanic nation
    Has be prophesized
    I can look in your eyes and tell that there is fear
    From the eternal burning of each of your lies
    Flights of headlights
    Black clothes and limos
    Another negro startin' to decompose
    From his casket the scarecrow shall place a bloody black rose
    Who knows that hate
    That goes behind closed doors
    With corpses froze in six foot holes
    Wicked throws
    Evil flows and torturing of foes

    [Chorus x4]

    Yeah, i ain't ya ****in' friend
    You do your ass in toller Typ
    Three 6 mafia comin' at your ass for the 9-7 bitch
    Watch your back niggas
    You know who you are mother****er
    That brown shit would (??)
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    "Watcha Do"

    Ah yeah, these hoes always talkin' bout' all the shit they got (??)
    And i'ma tell you what they do to get it, bitch

    [Chorus x8]
    Watcha do, watcha do

    Bitch don't play dumb
    Stick out your tongue
    And let me take a plunge
    For plenty you don't have to suck your thumb
    I got yum-yum
    At night you have nice dreams
    Bout' spices and ice cream
    You look kind of fiesty
    Your lips they entice me
    Don't fight it, don't try to front like you don't like it
    I can tell you get excited
    I'm gon' spank it
    Put your head up under the blanket
    It's the tightest
    A mafia, so play it to the triple 6 to the tre'
    Until tonight lord infamous is on the entree

    [gangsta boo]
    You niggas be killin' me
    Say you'll never do me
    But still you do it
    Every time i turn around
    You punk is in the booty
    Is it hard to pick em' out
    Hell na
    I'm on the top of that
    All real hoes know a toller Typ that lick on the cat
    That's a fact
    Niggas be one of the main ones doin' it
    Come and eat a little punk ass toller Typ
    **** screwin' it
    Little peter pipter
    These playas for the pussy eaters
    Got you rock hard
    After my nut you's a dick beater

    [Chorus x8]
    [juicy j]
    Slob on my knob
    Lke corn on the cob
    Check in with me
    And do your job
    Lay on the bed
    And give me head
    Don't have to ask
    Don't have to beg
    Juicy is my name
    Sex is my game
    Let's call the boys
    Let's run a train
    First find a mate
    Second find a place
    Third find a bag
    To hide the hoe face

    [dj paul]
    It's bout 2-0-9
    I'm ridin' viper tryin' to find somethin' freaky
    Cause i think it's about that time
    Me and my dogs
    It's not about two balls
    Now i need a big mout
    For a dick and two balls
    It's paul
    Askin' with ya
    Take face willy
    165 pound, skinny toller Typ, beer belly
    I'm bout' to take her to get it tight
    From all of ya'll
    No paper chasin' i'm in the ocean tryin' to catch some jaws

    [cruncy blac]
    These bitches got me goin'
    The feelin' of a warm mouth
    Man i tell you bout' these hoes chewin' in the south
    It's on
    Once i get it alone i bone
    A whole deep along but that's another song
    We on the subject of these hoes, and they suckin' dick
    Don't frown hoes
    You the main ones don' it
    Crunchy blac up in the bitch
    I tell the truth dog
    All these hoes goin'
    Don't let em' foll ya'll

    [dj spanish fly]
    Yo, this is dj spanish fly
    Live at the shake joint
    And they shake the tooshie, watcha do
    Three 6 mafia a worrrrrrrr....

    [koopsta knicca]
    See i be swanin' at a bitch
    Like a toller Typ tryin' to hit a pinata
    Ten niggas dicks
    Up in your mother****in' stomach
    Came across a dick
    They got you grippin' up on your head
    Buckin' on south spreadin' pussy
    Fool it farted
    Men, plaster fallin' up off the wass
    While i'm ****in' her like a dog
    She constantly lickin' on my balls
    All up on my dick
    And on my nuts
    It's just the best i be, rat tat tat tat tat had to watch how quickly
    That bitch react
    Like a toller Typ tryin' to hit a pa
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    "Spill My Blood"

    [Chorus 1 x1]
    Have they come to spill my blood
    Have they come to sentence me
    Will i leave here with my life my lord
    If the law man capture me

    [Chorus 2 x1]
    Have they come to spill my blood
    Have they come to sentence me
    Will i live to see the morning sun
    If the law man capture me.

    Lord infamous, the futuristic rowdy bounty hunter
    toller Typ i come from the land down under
    Up the from the ground
    You don't want to rumble
    Or cry round
    Toss and tumble
    My voodoo do so my poetry
    Now chicken blood or poulty
    My victim been shook
    By a pack of coyote
    Soarin' through the night
    Down to the trees, packed tight
    With two some on shakes
    No rubber with a paratroop
    In fields with parachutes
    Down to the blue
    No matter however, can't hold em' for forever
    Dead or alive, with your body, i sprinkle rotten flower pedals
    Yes the consequences, are your choice, my dred
    Cause lord infamous will gain
    A healthy bounty for your head

    [dj paul]
    I'm wakin' up
    Tossin' and turnin'
    Like in a scuffle
    My words aren't clear, rarely i speak, speak
    My voice is muffled, muffled
    My hands over my face
    They done got me
    I'm startin' to feel woozy
    They done shot me
    The same fools i done creeped on, in his own sleep, sleep
    One them hoes survived
    Now they creeped on me

    [crunchy blac]
    Fool we got your ass now
    So what's up
    Isn't you quiet, just because we got your ass muff
    Muffled like bag your mouth
    Shouldn't of ran your mouth
    Talkin' about you gonna creep
    While we was sleep, but it was just no doubt

    Now the tables have turned
    And in the mist of the morgue
    Your funky sould burn toller Typ

    [Chorus 1 x1]
    [Chorus 2 x2]

    [gangsta boo]
    Ten times out of twelve
    Nine times out of ten
    Gansta boo is in it to win
    Prophet rider till the end
    Smokin' weed
    Gettin' twisted more and sippin' havin' thoughts
    Thoughts about a toller Typ
    I remember what that trick had bought
    Kept that visine in my purse
    Get a rental car from hertz
    Call my niggas from the three 6, tell em' about the plan first
    Ooh weeee
    Can it be, another song we done made
    Fakin' on no damn jacks
    A bitch gots to get paid
    Come on prophets, now it's on
    toller Typ, it's like that home alone
    Like white boy ****in'
    Lets go get this bitch
    Man toller Typ gone, done deal stupid trick
    Now you know this lady bitch
    Swing go gets high
    Scott free with your shit

    [juicy j]
    For all the dirt
    That i did to my wife
    Forgive me lord
    Each and every night
    Croked cops
    Pull a gun don't fight
    Blow you away, leave you out of sight
    Search a toller Typ from the shirt to pants
    Nothin' on me
    But a sack ass can
    Cannon i, with empty shots
    Bucket clean
    They find a couple of grams
    Tons of dope
    That that toller Typ don't know
    The juice man
    Can't be cuttin' no bro
    Tryed the cuffs
    But the toller Typ didn't go
    Broke his throat
    With a quick left blow
    Now it's on, and the chase begins
    Cuttin the corner, shirt blowin' in the wind
    Dog on my trail
    And he pickin' up the scent
    K-0 cops
    Kill a four legged friend
    Jump in the lex
    Voodoo like a hex
    Dog confused, in they mind complex
    **** the red light, ballin' on my set
    Cops on my trail, cause i let you rest
    Hop in the car, ran two more blocks
    Put in reverse, then i heard the gun shots
    Doin' a hundred, so i couldn't get popped
    Officer friendly, on the trip nonstop

    [Chorus1&2...till fade]
  10. anarchie4life

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Who Got Dem 9's"

    [juicy j]
    Yeah, juicy j in the house with my toller Typ project mother****in' pat
    Lettin' you niggas know about respect
    You know what i'm sayin
    We gets respect off in these mother****in' streets
    Yeah right
    Yeah mother****in' respect

    [Chorus x4]
    Who got dem 9's (who got dem 9's)
    Who got dem tech's (who dot dem techs)
    Throw yo mother****in' sett
    To show you know you got respect

    [juicy j]
    We's creepin' through your hood
    Makin' you hoe ass niggas jump
    With them doubts somebody hear shots
    Got you shakin'
    Call the cops
    When the cops got on the scene all they heard was cries and screams
    Triple 6 niggas are mean
    When they blast them triple beams
    Seem to me you never learn
    So we have to demonstrate
    Mother**** a murder case
    Shot the bitch off in his face
    Face it hoe and be a man
    Play the game until the end
    You was out there claimin' killa
    So to hell, with your friends
    All your foes, i suppose
    You think i'ma let you live
    No love words never show
    So not love is what i give
    Get respect off in these streets
    Stayin' real, packin' heat
    Some don't wanna see me have
    Always out tryin' to creep
    On the next, do i flex
    With them techs, let em' kill
    Those with anna on your chest
    We gon' make your blood spill
    We for reall off in this shit
    If you jump we gon' clown
    Put a bullet in your head
    And lay your body in the ground

    [Chorus x4]

    [project pat]
    It's gangsta it's gangsta
    Everybody wanna be a deals, a killa
    Fire ya'll let and you gon' be a body
    In lobby
    Ghetto life is ghetto past the blastin'
    And askin', for that ****in' loot
    And then i'm dashin', harrassin'
    If you real
    Then you respect the real one
    I feel some
    Niggas need to have a chat with nina, the enforcer
    187 soldiers in this motha
    I'll smother those who thnk they bolder than no other
    A buster gon' lose his ****in' life up in the gizame
    I'll dusta gets right upside your head
    And blow your brizain's to pieces
    And even if it's your time to clock those glocks down
    So watch out
    Wasn't raised to be no hoe, i'm takin' my glock down
    And mother**** police
    Cause when it's on
    Bitch it's murder
    So go and get your toes and your click
    And i'ma serve ya
    I urge ya, don't be lookin' at my face dog
    Watch the 9 r-e-s-p-e-c-t
    Oh, you gon' give me mine

    [Chorus...till fade]
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    [Chorus x3]
    Gunclaps, we hear the gunclaps
    The rowdy gunclaps the bloody gunclaps

    [juicy j]
    5 a-m in the mornin'
    toller Typ heard them tones pumpin' like a thousand-five cannons
    toller Typ gettin' it on
    Peep out the window, i was solo flashin'in the streets
    Caught by cops
    I'm tell them bring some extra tape and plenty sheets
    Right they ass chevy drove by bout' seventy shotguns
    Loaded for your roller
    Put em' straight to sleep
    Hollow points hit my ****in' window
    Make you think your through
    Like it's the forth of july
    With them niggas spook
    I wish the folks would hurry up
    I cock my gun back with my thumb
    toller Typ rowdy rowdy like it's north memphis, vietnam
    As i gotta check to take a look and then fired back
    I realized i was out numbered
    In a deadly trap

    Three 6 mafia, prophet posse, killa kaze
    With the shotties
    Leave your chest cavity
    Stoppin' at the autopsy
    I slaughter
    And i can't help but notice all your pain
    When the monsters got that clappin', clappin', clappin'
    On them thangs man
    We hear the gunshots
    toller Typ bang diggy dank
    Got a shank full of thangs
    And it is kind of insane
    I scarecrow with mystical styles
    Niggas are getting buck wild
    Look at my dirty fouls
    Bodies are stacked up by pounds
    You wanna **** with me player
    First you must say a lil' prayer
    Ask the toller Typ over there
    Yeah, that be my preacher there
    Niggas are all actin' (??)
    Grow up actin' now fight
    Infamous buckin' all night
    Burnin' em' after a light

    [Chorus x2]

    [crunchy blac]
    Slip, slide come and take a ride
    To my ****in' stash pile
    toller Typ you can't hide
    It's a mug crunchy got a tug
    Stuff a toller Typ in my trunk
    Told ya'll niggas what
    Crunchy ain't no ****in' whore
    Get down on that floor
    Bitch i want more (more)
    Bitch now give me more
    Give me chocolate chunk bitch, i bitch i kill you more
    They pay, that pay that five
    Now bitch i want some more
    All i wanna feel
    Is some mother****in' rain
    Let it rain mother****er, let it rain (gon' let it rain)
    See you inside by the game that i spit
    Never ever in your life
    Can you ever get with this

    [dj paul]
    Hey yo kemosabe
    I got hoes smokin' weed up in the lobby
    Cocaine fills my body, like gotti
    Where the keys to room 2-10
    I got thugs with price tage bout' to get in
    We heard it's goin' down, tricks about 2 mil
    Feel, the ****in' prophet posse get ya killed
    toller Typ, we got 40 cals' to your face
    Na'ad mean
    Three 6 leave no ****in' trace
    It takes more gunshots for these boys to save ya
    Me and crunchy chunk ya' over like white with a razor
    Several automatics in a blazer
    Before we bump you off
    Give me that plate and the lazer

    [Chorus...till fade]

    rest der cd kommt morgen
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    ich will den text von slop on my....
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    :D :D :D

    Rührend wie sich Nachtwandler um alles kümmert, hastn ganz großes Herz...

    Kleiner Tipp: Wenn dir es um deine 100 Posts nicht zu schade is, mach einfach nen neuen Account;)
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    vielleicht meinste den:

    "Slob On My Knob"

    [Juicy J]
    Slob on my knob
    Like corn on the cob
    Check in with me, and do your job
    Lay on the bed, and give me head
    Don't have to ask, don't have to beg
    Juicy is my name
    Sex is my game
    Let's call the boys, let's run a train
    Squeeze on my nuts
    Lick on my butt
    The natural curly hair, please don't touch
    First find a mate
    Second find a place
    Third find a bag, to hide the ho face
    Real name rover
    I said bend over
    I started to knock, then came the odor
    Smelled like mush
    Shouldn't had a woosh
    Told her to stop, and take a dush
    While she did that
    I didn't want the cat
    So I found out and never came back

    Suck a toller Typ dick or something [4x]

    My toller Typ D-Magic
    Said they had to have it
    I said just forget it, it's too craby
    Know a little freak, in Hollywood
    Sucks on dick, does it real good
    She'll give you money, feel up your tummy
    House full of kids, parents all schummy
    Once had a down, backyard ground
    Hit it from the back
    Enjoy the sound
    Lay on the cover
    Always use the rubber
    Till I got caught, ****ing with her mother
    She blamed it on me
    We fought in the street
    She pulled out a knife, so I had to flee
    Called up the boys
    Went to her house
    Charged the whole place
    Threw the bitch out
    Police busted in
    Where the niggas at
    We left just in time, and never came back
    Roll through the hood, waving at the freaks
    Who's sniffing all the rocks, and smoking all the geeks
    Made another stop
    Police station
    Saw a few cops
    Drove by and sprayed them
    Licensee tag number
    A toller Typ said he saw
    Bogus all the time
    Never get caught
  15. anarchie4life

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    so... wer sich n paar durchgelesen hat wird merken, dass nen paar stellen nich verständlich sind....sorry

    "3-6 In The Morning"

    [lord infamous]
    6 in tha mornin' police kick in my door
    Slipped on my lugz
    Quickly thugged out the back yo
    Jumped the back gate
    Cranked the chevy
    Then i race
    Popped in the deck
    A mother****in' three 6 mafia tape
    I'm crunked off the bump
    Pumpin' through my backseat
    Speedin' hit the weed
    Though the end of the streets of memphis, tennesee
    Got my stacks and some bags sittin' in the stash spot
    Tatooes on my neck and a hot 40 glock
    They got the hunt out for the infamous toller Typ
    Call me scarecrow
    Used to slangin' man, but i don't do that no more
    I'm feelin' like i'm the most wanted
    Every cop is an opponent
    In the dash
    On my ass, on the cherry buck flash
    And i'm real
    Man i got to get the **** out of here

    I had to ditch the chevy
    Callin' my mafia niggas to scooped me up
    The blocks are crawlin' with cops
    I can't go down, them slugs bust
    I'm runnin' through yards and shit
    Tryin' to dodge them tricks
    A movin' target
    I spotted my toller Typ out there
    On the real, gonna rde with out no flodgin'
    He didn't hesistate, we climbed up out my side of town
    I told him bout' the drama in the ride and how it went down
    I got a lay low cool (??) before i get back in it
    Anti-peace and po-police
    I beat them with glocks back to the street
    I can't get caught, cause the new law say in it "ain't no deals"
    I would decease these devil police, therefore i do twenty years
    Every toller Typ aint real they drop a dime to papers
    I gotta pull a quick capa before i catch the vapors

    12 a-m the next day
    Gotta bank the seas
    Gotta preacher please (??) throw in the keys
    Down to my toller Typ
    Got the passport to get my overseas
    Under the palm trees
    But you know me a quarter key
    But my plan was injured
    The silent alarm was triggered
    I heard a cop say come out with ****in' hands up
    toller Typ now i got to show my prophet da posseness
    My only way out was to take me some hostages
    They keep on askin' me over and over for demands
    I told them back up
    Or she got brains on her pants
    The gun was to her head, i told them don't make me shoot
    But little did i know they had a sniper on the roof
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    "Tear Da Club Up '97"

    Tear da club up, toller Typ, tear da club up

    [dj paul]
    This for all you playa haters who be talkin that...(ha ha)
    The three six show no love, put some hurt on a trick
    I'm bustin through the crowd, wild, with my hand on a cannon
    Be like quick to put two up in ya like who mana standin'
    I be the last man, blast man
    If you think you fast man, headlines
    Three left 'em up in a cast man
    When i look into your eyes i see a coward
    Face to face i hit ya
    Three six mafia'd rather die than

    [lord infamous]
    Lord, hittin, here comes the two to the three and four
    Three six mafia i want ya to wreck it all over the club floor
    Blowin and throwin your sets in the air
    Ya bumpin them tables and chests everywhere
    Trampled over by the macs and the playas
    You standin there actin like you wonder where
    It ain't said we the hardest,
    And you can't rock it like three six mafia can
    All up in a trance in the prophecy van
    We gonna tear the club up, get it bucked till it don't eelin me

    three six mafia [repeat 8x]

    Tear da club up, toller Typ, tear da club up

    [juicy j]
    We tearin the club up, gettin buck
    Haters try to call it rough
    They better call security, bring them straight jackets and handcuffs
    Ain't takin it, ain't takin it
    The clutches i be breakin it
    And rippin off the bosses and tossin them to the floor, bricks
    Going through the window, got that thing at your temple
    When they bust, keep it trust, and we ain't talkin bout bustin pimples
    Haters can't get with the mafia click, them fools ain't buck enough
    We gonna get the dynamite trick, and blow the club up

    [gangsta boo]
    Crazy lady comin at you, you can't fade me trick
    I bet you bet you bottom dollar make you holla
    When my soldiers get ya, i don't like that violence stuff
    But i believe in gettin buck
    If you with me, let me see you tear da, tear da club up
    Mafia, mafi-mafia, won't stop with it though
    Hypnotizing minds, we got you blind and you can't hear me though
    Come and get it while you can trick, before it's all gone
    Goin once, goin twice, oh my god it just went gone

    [crunchy black]
    Oh, oh, oh, get buck, get wild
    Let's tear this house right down
    Let's tear da club up thugs
    Let's do that stuff right now
    No disrespect to the clubs, don't want none of that
    But you got the three six mafia up in your house and
    And we came to break the law, tear da club up
    Ashes to ashes no dust to dust
    And you can't trust three six mafia when we tearin that club up

    three six mafia [repeat 2x]

    Tear da club up, toller Typ, tear da club up

    [koopsta knicca]
    Hypnotize i don't think they high enough
    See i thought i told you to get buck and tear da club up
    Do it like a lunatic since you down with the prophet click
    Now can i blaze it kick it tell me can i kick it man
    Since uh, (??) days gone, get hypnotized
    Let's start a riot in the club, lets get wild tonight
    One little, two little, three triple six members
    Four little, five little, six triple six members

    three six mafia [repeat to fade]

    Tear da club up, toller Typ, tear da club up
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Late Nite Tip"

    [lord infamous]
    Let me just take you somewhere secret
    Gonna cut out of the lights down dim, forget all
    About your world
    We gonna just flow wit what we feel lets share a
    Few private thoughts, i'm not just
    Out for your sex, let me simp-lify
    The things in life that
    You find complex, forget what
    You heard bout me cause your a
    Scarecrow groupie but theres no
    Pressure on you cause you know
    What you must do
    Check this out
    Lets have a drink
    And i give
    You time to think
    Let me puff
    This buddah blunt and cut on
    This porno bunk here come lounge
    Here by my side tonight your
    My devils bride and theres a
    Freek deep inside have no shame
    No need to hide why do you
    Keep on blushing get it all
    Like thugsta she she must be
    Kinda tipsy on this crystal like a gypsy now i got
    Her on all fours, bout to break
    Down the headboard crash this broad
    On through the wall now she howlin like a dog swept poor
    We hit the floor and don't quit
    Another one ripped
    It's just another victim of lord infamous late nite tip

    [Chorus x2]
    I'm not the type that get involved in long relationships (why)
    Takin' trips and buyin' gifts
    I'm sorry im' not on that tip (what)
    If you want romance
    You should just stick who you already with (ok)
    If you in that mood you can just hit me on that late nite tip (ooh)

    [dj paul]
    I done seen
    Some funny shh since i got in this game
    They wants my crib they wants my kisses, all i done gots my fame
    I never recall you askin' your last boyfriend for nathin
    But now they be purple on gold
    Got ya aggrivatin'
    (i need a coach bag)
    I can't be even doin' it
    (i need my hair done)
    Me too, i ain't got nothin' to do with it
    I've been through with it
    You and the since the first time you ask and might i add
    Playas like me can't be savin' your ass

    [gangsta boo]
    I ain't with that nonsense
    Or that lovey dovey mess
    Feelin' kind of huh
    I call and all i want is sex
    Slip on victoria secrets hit the liqour store before it close
    Call chris so i can't get somethin' white to go get up my
    Now i'm feelin' fine
    Nothin' but sex is on my mind
    If you cannot please me boy
    Then please don't waste all of my time
    Got you caught up in the mist
    Mystic girl from triple
    Late nite tip is all we have
    It's payin so trick that's it

    [Chorus x2]

    [juicy "j"]
    I can't understand why these boss be trippin'
    Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen
    Ballin' in my lexus dropped low to the ground
    Just a young playa tryin' put my bid in
    Freeks wanna trick that be constantly payin'
    Not a ghetto thug that be constantly layin'
    Rainbow inn or da summer motel
    Oh well that's where the juice man stayin'
    Gotta have a lady that wanna do what i do
    Likes skippin'work or love cuttin' high school
    Servin' all the playas in the three 6 mafia
    Camcorder on skinny dippin' in the swimmin' pool
    Never try to argue
    Bother you or fight
    Kill a pack of jimmy hand strapped pen real tight
    Fillin' alazey all tall and a budlight
    Just for your freeks on a moon lite late nite

    [koopsta knicca]
    Tell me three 6 whose that bumpin that music
    Hypnotizin' koop
    I tell you who
    I'm bout to lose it
    Could it be that late night crew tight
    Just inside the party
    Always kind of lonely
    Someone want me, hold me, i say
    Come here come near come hear
    The koopsta cryin' tears
    I can't think positive
    When no one cares of how i feel
    Relax my mind so tired that i even try to find
    I cannot lie though i can ride high late night

    [Chorus...till fade]
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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Body Parts 2"

    [dj paul]
    Yeah, we back up in this motha****a
    Prophet mother****in' posse hoe
    Three 6 mafia, m-child
    A whole bunch of motha****as
    And ready to do this shit
    You wanna **** a hoe
    Then wait until you're back
    When the war's gone bitch
    You better recognize you mother****in' suckas
    Thinkin' that i'm for the 9-7
    Once again, it's on
    Bout to pull yo' mother****in' ass in bitch
    Woow, woow, woow woow woow woo

    [dj paul]
    Now when they comes to the hood
    I be like black in my zone
    Now when it comes to parts of the body
    I got more (??)
    In the middle of fashion i got to keep it like rockin'
    And people callin' it green
    That smoke how much i like it
    Again it's up to him
    I need to let some shots off
    and dj paul with teflon also take that bulletproof off
    But when they jump, i pump
    To put some murderin' punks
    And then i dump all his bodyparts into my trunk

    I'ma terror from the end
    I'll watch that body explode
    If they retaliate i blast
    I think about you won't find them bloody clothes
    Kill 'em though
    Don't you know
    I want to get rid of those faked up hoes
    It's the city of memphis
    Watch me witness how this toller Typ unload
    Rage make me regularly, force me blood
    I feed ya' hot lead slugs and watch you drip like fudge
    I'm nuts
    You got no crips
    You got no heart
    You niggas from the start
    I want to fill my ****ing backyard with your bodyparts

    [gangsta boo]
    Wussup mista trick
    Do you wanna get with this
    Pimp type ass bitch down with the triple 6
    My lexus trunk or viper
    Prophet posse nothin' nicer
    In this ****in' body parts through the air
    **** you playa hatin punks
    I was layin' on the top
    Look at the billboard charts
    Prophet posse takin' over
    toller Typ now we got you high

    I don't know you,
    Why the **** you all in my grill,
    I'm stayin, buck on you
    Niggaz say you so so treal,
    You ain't no killa,
    My lyrics leave you scared to go to sleep,
    Sleepin' with the lights on,
    Hoe you contious of me,me and about 80 mo' mutha****az who comin',
    4 and 5 vans deep, while ya bitch ass runnin',
    We be the prophet devilish and meanin' click so tight,
    M-child orange mound,
    Smokin' out evey night...bitch!!!!

    [juicy j]
    I met this fool last week
    Who said he slangin' double keys
    Also had a group of bustin' all tall and some like, green ink
    What you think
    I was tryin' to plan a robbin' spree
    So i drove a low key car
    Tryin' to fool the streets
    Curve after curve
    I return tryin' not to swerve
    Knowin' by the hour i be chippin' up my bag of herbs
    (??) herb ak's all kinds a guns
    Till the toller Typ pulled his car to the side and stopped the run

    please don't test these murderers
    Slugs i will pump at your gut
    Scan from the killa klan kaze
    I will dump your bodyparts into my trunk
    Let's go ride then play a game
    What's the game
    The game of names
    Now which, which one would you choose
    Which ever you choose you lose, you lose

    [droopy drew dog]
    First time on the maximum, don't be a trick
    To see them hatas talk shit but they don't know the deal
    Dope sella
    B h p's while i dwella
    They looked into the barrel of my chin black barretta
    Ratta tatta is all you heard
    To see you niggas comin' up
    In the (??)
    But watch the game
    Cause you don't got no friends
    Droopy drew dog self made to the end

    [crunchy blac]
    Check this here
    Niggas will, rob and steal, mob and kill
    And it feel
    They don't feel
    What i feel, then i fill
    Them buck will
    Bullet lead two to the head
    Then i lay them in graves
    That i dig
    Just for them
    Yes it is

    [project pat]
    Slammin' bones, throwin' leaks
    Puttin' bitches in there clicks
    Kaze in this mother****
    Down we prophet click
    Clack boom doom for you hatas and you realas
    Mossberg slug to your grill
    You can feel this
    Trigger happy, nappy headed, set it don't you see me
    Project pat is down
    But ain't no ****in' damn fool
    We ridin' drinkin' dankin' bodies stankin' i can smell them well
    And if the police pull us over
    I'm the first to bail

    [indo g]
    Jackin' and packin' and takin' those fakin' ass bitches
    That thinkin' that all of us is red instead
    While i drop this track
    I flack (??) i'm straight from very bone
    To the mother****a filin' out
    I'm the first
    See triple 6, it's`on
    Bitch every mud up in a source bone
    I don't wanna kill a motha, betta get a mother****er for talkin' that
    Huh, i don't wanna kill a mother****er, betta get a mother****er for
    Crossin' my click bitch
    Boogety boogety bang bang toller Typ blew your brains
    On the mother****in' wood grain toller Typ
    Pullin' the trigga like uhh die toller Typ uhh die toller Typ

    [k roc]
    K roc i dump but what i see in my trunk
    See me after killa klan
    Seein' that k roc solo burn
    Makin' up in my green
    Prophet posse my niggas
    Gimme that forty glock
    In my (??) pullin' that trigga
    I see traitors lookin' at playa hatas
    Fakin' while we blast our gat
    I don't know where you're at
    But hata i better witness a (??)
    If a toller Typ don't believe me, tricks afraid in front of the car
    To that ditch
    I dumped all his bodyparts into my trunk
  19. anarchie4life

    anarchie4life BANNED

    Dabei seit:
    6. Aug. 2005
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    [Chorus x3]
    I keep on havin' these flashes
    Murder by the masses
    Sick off human ashes
    Hatas passion

    [dj paul]
    We mother****in' whole mothas
    Glock huggas
    Rob till we rob each other, facked on any mother****a toller Typ
    .40 cal's got me dangery
    Like jj fad icredible hoe don't make me anga-ry
    We prophet posse got you in the cross
    We done gotcha
    In the mother****in' scope
    We done shot cha
    We get more wilder than a chicken with his head cut off
    Three 6 mafia hypnotizin' don't make me set it off

    [gangsta boo]
    Screamin' notha ****in' murder, murder, murder on my mind
    Gettin' wild with these hella fied rhymes on ya mind
    Never the on be mistaken
    Never the one takin' a loss
    I always be the ****in' one who to be the damn doubt
    Watcha say, toller Typ what
    You wanna get up in my shit
    Shit gonna get your ass in trouble
    Shit gonna get your head split
    Stay focused stay rollin' when i'm ridin' dirty toller Typ
    Gettin' twisted off some toller Typ
    Dedicated to you killa

    [Chorus x3]

    [juicy j]
    Guess who was scared
    Niggas stalkin' in the memphis streets
    The triple 6 them mafia niggas you don't wanna meet
    Creep up on your ass and let the barrel sweep
    Sweep and let the blast take you from off your feet
    And to your family and your friends i know them hoes will miss you
    You should have warned them that the three 6 mafia out to get cha
    Would you walk to his house with a pistol
    Could you let the heat go like you shouldn't have missed him

    [koopsta knicca]
    It's the blue lights in the night
    When i go for ridin'
    I'm seein' headlights on the right creepin' up from behind
    Ran that trick hit the d
    ****ety-**** with the hennessy
    Leavin' that third, need reserve
    Droppin' on the curve to by to my (??)
    See by a chance that he may touch me it's a hint that he gonna miss
    Cause i will take some plastic man and rip this skin up off this
    Mother****in' piece
    So now he diss me
    No one can play hey, now tell me wha'ts next
    Come here play he say (??)

    [Chorus...till fade]
  20. anarchie4life

    anarchie4life BANNED

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    6. Aug. 2005
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    "Neighborhood Hoe"

    (Dj Paul)

    It was one saturday night in june now i clearly remember
    I seen this whore that i met in december
    The bitch didn't wanna give me no play
    But she heard us at the concert the other day
    Now the shit about to fall in place
    I just seen her rode bye with a smile on her face
    Tiltin my hat makin sure it's in place
    Hopin i'll be the next toller Typ to taste her pace
    That mother****in lot round the strip grippin on my dick haters don't
    Got a muth****in 40 cal in the spot ready for a toller Typ that think i'm
    Gone slip
    Chevy thang, slow, clean, chrome face, glod d's
    Bitches ridin up in my shit man i'm tellin these hoes please
    I had to speak to soon her comes a hoe
    toller Typ she got game
    First thing she ask me was whats my name
    And i'm ridin in that chevy thang
    She knows goddamn well who i am
    But since she wanna playa hate in response i was tellin the hoe my name
    Was davante
    Swing now the mutha****a ditchin
    Playa like me tryin to get down in it
    Gotta keep it key low with the hoe
    In the mutha****in "pala with the windows tinted playa
    I got this wild and bout it bitch
    Just give me two days to hit the shit
    Beter get your exercise on the third day
    Prophet posse gonna take care ya

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