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Sol & Moement - About You (Official Video) (MAB EP # 1)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Alben, Mixtapes, EP's" wurde erstellt von MAB 79, 31. Aug. 2017.

  1. MAB 79

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    31. Aug. 2017
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    Servus Hip Hop Community,

    wir würden euch gerne unseren neuen Track "About You" vorstellen, der aus unserer ersten EP stammt (MAB EP # 1). Ziehts euch rein, über Feedback freuen wir uns. ;) Der Track, sowie die ganze EP geht in die Boom-Bap Richtung. Viel Spaß :)

    Hier der Link zum Video:

    Hier der Link zur ganzen EP:
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    CHIKONINO Altgedient

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    15. Nov. 2010
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    ´this shit wrong on so many Levels i dont know where to begin. what u Need to do is to really learn how to cut and synchronize your vocals. then wipe that gay ass look of your faces , wtf that Expression supposed to portray? next Point i Need to adress is : what da fuq is that Accent ? is u british? if so get the fuck outta the rap game. we dont Need that shit! we didnt fight for our Independence to have u all over our shit again. oh yeah and your lyrics are Ass ! cut that shit out.
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  3. Maddog

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    9. Aug. 2013
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    bausparvertrag husos raus aus mzee.

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