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30-08-2005, 20:16
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30-08-2005, 20:26
"Will Blast"

[dj paul:]
Say hello to three 6 mafia got the stick up with the mask we be watchin ya know
Im quick to biggy bang bang a rookie huh trip you like a cookie for you sayin
Yo ass is movin too fast

[Gangsta boo:]
You got this lady gangsta boo comin' to you with a whole bunch of shit that's
Gonna **** yo ass up nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga get buck wild in dis
Mutha****a let me see ya do ya stuff

[Juicy j:]
Will blast if we mutha****ina have to tie ya body up with the strings from your
Tennis shoes juicy j in the house puffin on a light kool those that wanna step
To the click its a murder fool

[Crunchy black:]
Who i be'z crunchy black you will know who i am once i come up from the back
Kickin do's makin ho's lay it down cuz i gotta keep my mutha****in prophet black

[Lord infamous:]
I'm the nigga lord infamous the scarecrow demons be dancin roun my throne i
Dont know why everytime i see yo face i wanna spread like rome bring it on jones

[Koopsta knicca:]
Who dat be between them tree's tryin to take a peek at me for himself if you
From the other realm i tell you koop have nothin left nothing left

30-08-2005, 20:27
"Hit A Mutha****a"

I bet you won't
Hit a mother****er, hit a mother****er (bitch)
Hit a mother****er, hit a mother****er
I bet you won't
Push a mother****er, push a mother****er (hoe)
Push a mother****er, push a mother****er
I bet you won't

This ain't no game, we bring the pain
So don't you niggas trip
Fallin the club with all them thugs
And five extra clips
Deep alsways deep is how we come cause we ain't no joke
So when you hoes talk all this shit
We gonna cut ya throat
And let you chuck right out the door, the three 6 mafia game
Now i was pullin a ****ing gun
We out so throw them thangs
Don't hit that white
Any why the **** act like you crazy man
We know you niggas just some hoes
You let our nuts hang

And let me crack you mind up
Want to get you hypnotized cause you this scarecrow
Keep a mystic type of business than we run
You may not cap to the s's
Cause we young, my time, my flex
It's a futuristic and autistic mega plisto plex
I rack up many shots cuase on my run colegri pop
I make sure they get so wild, they bustin caps right on the spot
All around the planet rock, the ghetto clocks don't stop
My nigga gotta take a deep breathe
A keep blowin till they drop

[chorus x2]

We ain't going to stop until some down people die up in the audience
Word up, push them to the floor
Put your foot in his guts so aple watch them fully trample
Shoot a pistol in the air, make it so kit kiddy can't handle
The crowd, the gotta ru rush before a few gonna get crushed
Crush crush, we got it buck buck (the three 6)
And when the shows over i want to seenothing but bodies
On the floor and they got no three 6 (surprise)

I heard the streets that a nigga has said, something about that nigga
I think his name was cruchy blac
But i walk up to his house, i knocked upon his door
When he came to the door, i hit him in the mouth
And i knocked him on the floor
Then i hit him and hit him somemore
Then i told that ****ing boy
Shouldn't of ran his mouth about of the mother****ing prophet boys
Cause the prophet boys be hypnotizing all of ya'll
Ganna tear around your throat and drag you like you want

[chorus x2]

Why to styling at my face
Why you talks behind my back
Hitting you hitting you down when i bout to attack
Never can't be fade
Cause this lady roll with right click
Now i'm talking shit
Call me misses mobb bitch
Smoking automos all you hoes boutin' my damn self
Never hanging with you skanks
Cause i'm bad for your health
Playa haters out you stars pullin' cars bout' yourself
We be stanking like some fart under sheets, hold your breathe

See i call up then niggas operator tellin me they
Was stressed with you up on that house that i'm hell
Looking out there
See you telling always tell who freezy's always shells

How she really cares bout' her hair
Here he thinks he stabbs around a hoe round'

30-08-2005, 20:28
"Are You Ready 4 Us"

Three 6 mafia
Hooked up with the mother****in' dayton family
Are ya'll ready for us
Bring the pain
Bitch ya'll ain't ready for us
Miphia style
Flip time
Rollin' like dees
Smoke the trees bitch

[Chorus x2]
We mafia, is it too much (we mafia mafia mafia ya)
Are you ready for us (we mafai mafia mafia ya)

Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

Mixtures of sin and gin on sight
Cut the wings off an angel
On both sides
I'm suin'
All them suckas
State your last name first
Meyers, michael
Lord is killin'
Three 6 killin'
What else will i say
Even children
Probably don't give a **** if you are naughty or nice
At night
Good bye, lights out

[juicy j]
Can you feel me
Can you hear me
Did you pick the scene
A lot of fools done ****ed around town
Showed up in your dreams
Standin' in a hideaway
Inferred, them guns spray
Gotcha shakin'
Gotcha nervous
Knowin' not how to get away
Lookin' out the window pane
Cause all your gonna feel is pain
In your yard i see a tree
I also see your body hang
See the phone
Pick it up
The wire that is only cut
I meant to pray
Your still gonna die
Too late bitch
Your time is up

[Chorus x4]

[dayton family]
What the **** you wanna do
Be a victim of my homicide
If you try to jack
I'll leave you dead head in the g ride
And creep up out my vehicle
And continue my jack move
Still gat under the dirt
Now put it up in your hand
Now ain't that smooth
Snooze mother****er
Move mother****er
Loose mother****er
Put your face down to the floor
And don't you take a look up
I heard about what you cook up
See bitch this is a stick up
I'm takin' you off your tippy toes
Take your cheese
And **** your hoes
Givin' you crack sacks, macks back in your cadillacs
Drop glock in my draws
Extra clip up under my balls
My dick's like a 44
****in' up your pussy wall
You ran your lip about your grip
And i'm takin' in on the stash box
Your pockets are swoll hoe
And i'm lookin' for a jackpot
I wear a mask on my face
So i won't catch a case
Keepin' it low key
Don't nobody know me
I'm just like a snake
When i creep through your window
So mother**** the cops
Cold hard on me kin though
So mother**** the 5-0
It's all about survival
I leave them like d-o-a
Bitch that's dead on arrival

[Chorus x4]

Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

[dj paul]
Give'em two
To the head
Three to the neck
And the other ****in' tip
Too his mother****in' chest
Gotta buck him down
Gotta buck him down town
Talkin' bout' these clowns
Talkin' shit up in my ****in' town
Since he ain't dead yet
Check his head
Check his chest
Playa should have guessed
He was strapped with a ****in' vest
Hoe you should have known
You was ****in' with the triple 6
We bust
I knew you wasn't ready for us

[gangsta boo]
Am i too much
To avoid, can't you **** with us
In the lexus truck with juicy j
Getting ****ed up
Tearin' the club up
What be bumpin' on the radio
Mafia is what i'm screamin'
Till the day i die hoe
More game for the lame
Educate them bitches man
Stay in focus
Hocus pocus
Tryin' my best to maintain
High as the sky
Is why it's my business bitch
Open up your own ****in' account
And get up out my shit

[Chorus x4]

Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

[crunchy blac]
6 bitch
So don't you **** with this click
Cause if you **** with this click
You'll get a little of this (gun shots)
You must don't know who you ****in' with bitch
Cause we leavin' bodies in body bags
Drop em' off in a ditch
Know i mean kid
Know i mean kid, huh
See we come from
A natural bomb
A natural gun
A natural gimme some
Don't make me make your body numb trick
And have you hollerin' out mafia mafia mafia mafia

[koopsta knicca]
Stick em' dead
Kill em' dead
Rush them tricks on down to the flo'
With north memphis convicts
Bithces call me koopsta hoe
**** me once never twice
Wrapped up on that game of dice
How can i lie
When at nine hundred times
You said you was a man of the house
I don't really done it
Koop you hung around that nigga man
Try so hard to be a soldier bitch
But come out to be dealt with trick
I'm sick in the head
Better call fred
Dirty red
Yeah, yeah you gon' look
Too late ****in' fool
Cause you drownin' in your poo poo

30-08-2005, 20:29
"Prophet Posse"

[Chorus x8]
Prophet posse, the posse bitch

It's mafia time
Lord infamous' mind
It just ain't stable
My actions are even more shocking and dockin'
Than murder between kane and abel
So stick 'em up
Everybody catch the ground
Cause i come from the city of memphis
It's a rowdy town

[gangsta boo]
Well it's time for them prophets
Ain't no turning trick
Ah, you ****ed up with the wrong kind
Ghetto boo bitch
Comin' at yo ass
Takin' over 97 this mrs. gangsta bitch
Married to this damn prophet shit

Watch how i pull these bitches
And you know the scareman's blastin' teflon's hit yo' feelin's
Nigga, i'll be damned if i'm gon' miss you
Gaurds of task, so you best react
Cause the prophets are sprayin' mother****in' gats when i blast
When i blast
Them niggas on they back

[dj paul]
Excuse me sir
Can i get that card or that drivers' license
I need some two scoops
But not the raisin' of the wisest
Nicest, the feel of my body gets conset like tyson
Roll them dices
Killin' my brain cells
But **** it
We sacrificin' blow that shit

[Chorus x7]

[juicy j]
It's that nigga that you love to hate
Deep in the north
Is where i stay, the one notorious juicy j
I fold ya dogs an chop you away
And get real high to this hear track
Buck wild as hell is how we act
The prophet posse is on the attack
So what you haters watch your back

[crunchy blac]
There's no game that i'll play
With your bullshit niggas
Say what your ganna say
But a nigga will kill you
If you disrespect
Then nigga you'll feel me
And i dwell in hell
Catch a nigga like, feel me

[indo g]
Some of these niggas on that doe
Some of these niggas on that hay
What you say, what you say hoe
Negro indo crackin' them swishers daily
It's incredible, incredible, from the car
To the block in the mother****in' ghetto
Cheefin' in a meadow
When i'm kickin' a line, i rhyme, every god damn time

Niggas that come to me (??) attention
Brothers and prophet the posse
Cause the killa roc and never stoppin' roll in a viper
Niggas that like to be droppin' (droppin')
Juicy with the two nine, paul with the forty
Mother****ers on a paperchas, yeah
Killa from three 6, k-roc don't play
Don't play with me baby

[project pat]
We makn' moves in this rap industry
Like a magician
A legion of neighborhood niggas on a mission
For paper, project, my lyrics tight
Like a virgin
My lips ignite the mic, cause they get hype
When i'm cussin'

[Chorus x5]

30-08-2005, 20:30

[Chorus x2]
Everytime i feel this shit, i'm motivated
Not only do we flow this shit, we demonstrate it
We come to far to turn back now, i hope we make it
But everytime them prophets fly, i'm motivated

[juicy j]
Back in the days
I used to get down
Pockets on e
I can't do nothin' but frown
Feelin' my belly and don't come around
Had to be pushin' that bope by the pound
Go with da folk that be pullin' a bitch
Not to popular now you know you're the shit
****in' with reala
That know you're legit
Pushin' that shit that you shoot in your wrist
Had ot be down about makin' my grip
Pumpin' the beat
Hopin' the needle won't skip
Nukin' a dinner while flippin' the script
Niggas still trippin' still runnin' they lip
Now they just comin' in larger amounts
Then i stack them in my bank account
This is for half of your ass watch it bounce
Motivation for my power and clout

[dj paul]
20 years old
Ridin' in a 80,000 dollar viper
Better watch out for the snipers
They be bumpin' our tapes
But they really don't like us
Why must some local bustas try to dis me
When they don't even know me
Not knowin' i'll run up on they ass
With a mother****in' mac
Kill em' all off slowly
I'm tryin' to keep my cool, keep my cool
Cause i got plenty to lose
My ****in' surroundings be another nigga singin' the blues
So how i keep's myself on top of things and motivate
I quickly erase all you hoes that be playa hatin'

[Chorus x2]

[gangsta boo]
For you mother****in' niggas
For you mother****in' hoes
Stayin' real as ca be
On my ****in' ten toes
Never be the one to fall
I'm rising oh so quickly
I know you hate me
But i'm gon' stay motivated
This crazy lady
Don't give a **** bout' what you say
It don't mean shit
Maybe cause i'm stackin' cheese
And you ain't stackin' nothin' but dicks
Including you niggas too
You be ridin' on dicks
I know you do
I'm stayin' on top of my game
I'll be number one so nigga **** you

This music game is gonna drive me insane
It's all about figures
Cause when you're dealin' with heavy stakes
Somethin' gon' brake or get injured
Niggas talkin' bout' paying dues
I got the bruises to prove it
Did everything a nigga could do
To make it in the game of rap music
But still everytime i try to make a move some mothe****ers always
Gotta doubt
And then them very same niggas don't know what the **** they talkin'
Keepin' the faith up on my plate
Was the reflection of my face
Sayin' it to make it but still gave the good lord his grace

[Chorus...till fade]

30-08-2005, 20:32
"I Ain't Cha Friend"

Yeah, ya'll thought that underground shit
Wouldn't gon' work in ya
For the ouijas of sin is death
For the gift of god is eternal life
Through jesus christ our lord
Roman 6-23 nigga
Read it and weep, biatch

[koopsta knicca]
Hit a man bustin' up in my door
So i grab my 44
Now them bustas on the floor
Covered up by pillows
Oh no
I'm lookin' for them trizicks
Tryin' to put a group up in they clizick
I'm comin' up quick
I'm takin' no shots bustin' these caps off in these bitches
So why you wanna mess with this
So why you wanna take off this piece
Fool i'm bad to the bone, jone, chrome tech (??) fatality
You'll be fled
I'll be glad
When i make you hit that grass
I ain't showin' no mercy
God damn it i'm bustin' that ass
I'm havin' cisions of flesh (??) like that roozer tech
That mess in my head
If the constantly teachin' this evil shit
You hear some laughin' whose that in the window gaspin'
Now if you feel me tell me whose that creepin' for your head

[gangsta boo]
This goes out to all of you suckas
Includin' you crossers
Includin' you bustas
This shit is so ****ed up
I can't even trust ya
This lady is tried of you mother****ers
I'm bumpin' so hard
It's like oh my god
Gangsta boo is rippin' the mic all apart
If your ass wasn't so full of that fart
Never would you have tasted me from the start
I'm trying to tell you hoe
Let me tell you bitch
You ain't my ****in' friend
Prophet entertainment member known as boo
Had to tell your ass time and time again
Ride with my click
Bitch triple 6
Is all i need plus my weed and the n-i-n-e
To keep you frilly hoes off of me
Come into my face
With that pimpin' ass shit
Watch you see this gangsta bitch get scandolous
You friendly ass hoes i scratch off my list
I don't need you
Don't want you bitch

[crunchy blac]
Friends like foes in these hoes
Keep on talkin' that shit
Actin' like they bad as ****
But they ain' really talkin' bout' shit
Keep on dissin' this click
And we gon' hurt one of you tricks
Put your body in a ditch
Or dig a grave for that shit
Don't you ask who like it
Crunchy blac did it bitch
Keep on talkin' all that noise
And i'ma get big like big business

[Chorus x4]
I have to tell these niggas time and time again
Bitch i ain't your ****in' friend
I'll do your ass in

[dj paul]
Smiles can be deceivin'
Even if it's your friends
And hoes that know we can't be even steven
Should not believe in
Too late one of them slip it's my foes
You already got my glock to the back of your head
Prayers already said
Done consider yourself dead
Your family and friends might be sayin' that i crossed you out
But nigga you was fake from the beginning
So i had to toss you out
Friend i'm no more
I kill all you foes
Step in my trunk
And i give it to a stroll back
The hammer release
And leave your chest with holes
All in the club
With that buck ass tube and pot
It's kind of hard
You can't beat us
And you can't join us
Cause we ain't gonna stop if you don't stop

Some of the superior astronomical bends
From that of my mystical dreams
Of the many scenes
Mighty, manipulative, mercilous, multiple murderers
Sit back in dangerous
Hittin' and strippin'
And critical injury
Misery, seriously witness to the tremory
Trajedy, agany, infamy, agany brutal mentality
My voodoo tribe
If you don't want to be fried
Put on a feary disguise
Lord infamous takn' no prisoners
Forget the begging, pleading, and the cries
Your reservation revalation
A satanic nation
Has be prophesized
I can look in your eyes and tell that there is fear
From the eternal burning of each of your lies
Flights of headlights
Black clothes and limos
Another negro startin' to decompose
From his casket the scarecrow shall place a bloody black rose
Who knows that hate
That goes behind closed doors
With corpses froze in six foot holes
Wicked throws
Evil flows and torturing of foes

[Chorus x4]

Yeah, i ain't ya ****in' friend
You do your ass in nigga
Three 6 mafia comin' at your ass for the 9-7 bitch
Watch your back niggas
You know who you are mother****er
That brown shit would (??)

30-08-2005, 20:33
"Watcha Do"

Ah yeah, these hoes always talkin' bout' all the shit they got (??)
And i'ma tell you what they do to get it, bitch

[Chorus x8]
Watcha do, watcha do

Bitch don't play dumb
Stick out your tongue
And let me take a plunge
For plenty you don't have to suck your thumb
I got yum-yum
At night you have nice dreams
Bout' spices and ice cream
You look kind of fiesty
Your lips they entice me
Don't fight it, don't try to front like you don't like it
I can tell you get excited
I'm gon' spank it
Put your head up under the blanket
It's the tightest
A mafia, so play it to the triple 6 to the tre'
Until tonight lord infamous is on the entree

[gangsta boo]
You niggas be killin' me
Say you'll never do me
But still you do it
Every time i turn around
You punk is in the booty
Is it hard to pick em' out
Hell na
I'm on the top of that
All real hoes know a nigga that lick on the cat
That's a fact
Niggas be one of the main ones doin' it
Come and eat a little punk ass nigga
**** screwin' it
Little peter pipter
These playas for the pussy eaters
Got you rock hard
After my nut you's a dick beater

[Chorus x8]
[juicy j]
Slob on my knob
Lke corn on the cob
Check in with me
And do your job
Lay on the bed
And give me head
Don't have to ask
Don't have to beg
Juicy is my name
Sex is my game
Let's call the boys
Let's run a train
First find a mate
Second find a place
Third find a bag
To hide the hoe face

[dj paul]
It's bout 2-0-9
I'm ridin' viper tryin' to find somethin' freaky
Cause i think it's about that time
Me and my dogs
It's not about two balls
Now i need a big mout
For a dick and two balls
It's paul
Askin' with ya
Take face willy
165 pound, skinny nigga, beer belly
I'm bout' to take her to get it tight
From all of ya'll
No paper chasin' i'm in the ocean tryin' to catch some jaws

[cruncy blac]
These bitches got me goin'
The feelin' of a warm mouth
Man i tell you bout' these hoes chewin' in the south
It's on
Once i get it alone i bone
A whole deep along but that's another song
We on the subject of these hoes, and they suckin' dick
Don't frown hoes
You the main ones don' it
Crunchy blac up in the bitch
I tell the truth dog
All these hoes goin'
Don't let em' foll ya'll

[dj spanish fly]
Yo, this is dj spanish fly
Live at the shake joint
And they shake the tooshie, watcha do
Three 6 mafia a worrrrrrrr....

[koopsta knicca]
See i be swanin' at a bitch
Like a nigga tryin' to hit a pinata
Ten niggas dicks
Up in your mother****in' stomach
Came across a dick
They got you grippin' up on your head
Buckin' on south spreadin' pussy
Fool it farted
Men, plaster fallin' up off the wass
While i'm ****in' her like a dog
She constantly lickin' on my balls
All up on my dick
And on my nuts
It's just the best i be, rat tat tat tat tat had to watch how quickly
That bitch react
Like a nigga tryin' to hit a pa

30-08-2005, 20:35
"Spill My Blood"

[Chorus 1 x1]
Have they come to spill my blood
Have they come to sentence me
Will i leave here with my life my lord
If the law man capture me

[Chorus 2 x1]
Have they come to spill my blood
Have they come to sentence me
Will i live to see the morning sun
If the law man capture me.

Lord infamous, the futuristic rowdy bounty hunter
Nigga i come from the land down under
Up the from the ground
You don't want to rumble
Or cry round
Toss and tumble
My voodoo do so my poetry
Now chicken blood or poulty
My victim been shook
By a pack of coyote
Soarin' through the night
Down to the trees, packed tight
With two some on shakes
No rubber with a paratroop
In fields with parachutes
Down to the blue
No matter however, can't hold em' for forever
Dead or alive, with your body, i sprinkle rotten flower pedals
Yes the consequences, are your choice, my dred
Cause lord infamous will gain
A healthy bounty for your head

[dj paul]
I'm wakin' up
Tossin' and turnin'
Like in a scuffle
My words aren't clear, rarely i speak, speak
My voice is muffled, muffled
My hands over my face
They done got me
I'm startin' to feel woozy
They done shot me
The same fools i done creeped on, in his own sleep, sleep
One them hoes survived
Now they creeped on me

[crunchy blac]
Fool we got your ass now
So what's up
Isn't you quiet, just because we got your ass muff
Muffled like bag your mouth
Shouldn't of ran your mouth
Talkin' about you gonna creep
While we was sleep, but it was just no doubt

Now the tables have turned
And in the mist of the morgue
Your funky sould burn nigga

[Chorus 1 x1]
[Chorus 2 x2]

[gangsta boo]
Ten times out of twelve
Nine times out of ten
Gansta boo is in it to win
Prophet rider till the end
Smokin' weed
Gettin' twisted more and sippin' havin' thoughts
Thoughts about a nigga
I remember what that trick had bought
Kept that visine in my purse
Get a rental car from hertz
Call my niggas from the three 6, tell em' about the plan first
Ooh weeee
Can it be, another song we done made
Fakin' on no damn jacks
A bitch gots to get paid
Come on prophets, now it's on
Nigga, it's like that home alone
Like white boy ****in'
Lets go get this bitch
Man nigga gone, done deal stupid trick
Now you know this lady bitch
Swing go gets high
Scott free with your shit

[juicy j]
For all the dirt
That i did to my wife
Forgive me lord
Each and every night
Croked cops
Pull a gun don't fight
Blow you away, leave you out of sight
Search a nigga from the shirt to pants
Nothin' on me
But a sack ass can
Cannon i, with empty shots
Bucket clean
They find a couple of grams
Tons of dope
That that nigga don't know
The juice man
Can't be cuttin' no bro
Tryed the cuffs
But the nigga didn't go
Broke his throat
With a quick left blow
Now it's on, and the chase begins
Cuttin the corner, shirt blowin' in the wind
Dog on my trail
And he pickin' up the scent
K-0 cops
Kill a four legged friend
Jump in the lex
Voodoo like a hex
Dog confused, in they mind complex
**** the red light, ballin' on my set
Cops on my trail, cause i let you rest
Hop in the car, ran two more blocks
Put in reverse, then i heard the gun shots
Doin' a hundred, so i couldn't get popped
Officer friendly, on the trip nonstop

[Chorus1&2...till fade]

30-08-2005, 20:36
"Who Got Dem 9's"

[juicy j]
Yeah, juicy j in the house with my nigga project mother****in' pat
Lettin' you niggas know about respect
You know what i'm sayin
We gets respect off in these mother****in' streets
Yeah right
Yeah mother****in' respect

[Chorus x4]
Who got dem 9's (who got dem 9's)
Who got dem tech's (who dot dem techs)
Throw yo mother****in' sett
To show you know you got respect

[juicy j]
We's creepin' through your hood
Makin' you hoe ass niggas jump
With them doubts somebody hear shots
Got you shakin'
Call the cops
When the cops got on the scene all they heard was cries and screams
Triple 6 niggas are mean
When they blast them triple beams
Seem to me you never learn
So we have to demonstrate
Mother**** a murder case
Shot the bitch off in his face
Face it hoe and be a man
Play the game until the end
You was out there claimin' killa
So to hell, with your friends
All your foes, i suppose
You think i'ma let you live
No love words never show
So not love is what i give
Get respect off in these streets
Stayin' real, packin' heat
Some don't wanna see me have
Always out tryin' to creep
On the next, do i flex
With them techs, let em' kill
Those with anna on your chest
We gon' make your blood spill
We for reall off in this shit
If you jump we gon' clown
Put a bullet in your head
And lay your body in the ground

[Chorus x4]

[project pat]
It's gangsta it's gangsta
Everybody wanna be a deals, a killa
Fire ya'll let and you gon' be a body
In lobby
Ghetto life is ghetto past the blastin'
And askin', for that ****in' loot
And then i'm dashin', harrassin'
If you real
Then you respect the real one
I feel some
Niggas need to have a chat with nina, the enforcer
187 soldiers in this motha
I'll smother those who thnk they bolder than no other
A buster gon' lose his ****in' life up in the gizame
I'll dusta gets right upside your head
And blow your brizain's to pieces
And even if it's your time to clock those glocks down
So watch out
Wasn't raised to be no hoe, i'm takin' my glock down
And mother**** police
Cause when it's on
Bitch it's murder
So go and get your toes and your click
And i'ma serve ya
I urge ya, don't be lookin' at my face dog
Watch the 9 r-e-s-p-e-c-t
Oh, you gon' give me mine

[Chorus...till fade]

30-08-2005, 20:37

[Chorus x3]
Gunclaps, we hear the gunclaps
The rowdy gunclaps the bloody gunclaps

[juicy j]
5 a-m in the mornin'
Nigga heard them tones pumpin' like a thousand-five cannons
Nigga gettin' it on
Peep out the window, i was solo flashin'in the streets
Caught by cops
I'm tell them bring some extra tape and plenty sheets
Right they ass chevy drove by bout' seventy shotguns
Loaded for your roller
Put em' straight to sleep
Hollow points hit my ****in' window
Make you think your through
Like it's the forth of july
With them niggas spook
I wish the folks would hurry up
I cock my gun back with my thumb
Nigga rowdy rowdy like it's north memphis, vietnam
As i gotta check to take a look and then fired back
I realized i was out numbered
In a deadly trap

Three 6 mafia, prophet posse, killa kaze
With the shotties
Leave your chest cavity
Stoppin' at the autopsy
I slaughter
And i can't help but notice all your pain
When the monsters got that clappin', clappin', clappin'
On them thangs man
We hear the gunshots
Nigga bang diggy dank
Got a shank full of thangs
And it is kind of insane
I scarecrow with mystical styles
Niggas are getting buck wild
Look at my dirty fouls
Bodies are stacked up by pounds
You wanna **** with me player
First you must say a lil' prayer
Ask the nigga over there
Yeah, that be my preacher there
Niggas are all actin' (??)
Grow up actin' now fight
Infamous buckin' all night
Burnin' em' after a light

[Chorus x2]

[crunchy blac]
Slip, slide come and take a ride
To my ****in' stash pile
Nigga you can't hide
It's a mug crunchy got a tug
Stuff a nigga in my trunk
Told ya'll niggas what
Crunchy ain't no ****in' whore
Get down on that floor
Bitch i want more (more)
Bitch now give me more
Give me chocolate chunk bitch, i bitch i kill you more
They pay, that pay that five
Now bitch i want some more
All i wanna feel
Is some mother****in' rain
Let it rain mother****er, let it rain (gon' let it rain)
See you inside by the game that i spit
Never ever in your life
Can you ever get with this

[dj paul]
Hey yo kemosabe
I got hoes smokin' weed up in the lobby
Cocaine fills my body, like gotti
Where the keys to room 2-10
I got thugs with price tage bout' to get in
We heard it's goin' down, tricks about 2 mil
Feel, the ****in' prophet posse get ya killed
Nigga, we got 40 cals' to your face
Na'ad mean
Three 6 leave no ****in' trace
It takes more gunshots for these boys to save ya
Me and crunchy chunk ya' over like white with a razor
Several automatics in a blazer
Before we bump you off
Give me that plate and the lazer

[Chorus...till fade]

rest der cd kommt morgen

31-08-2005, 00:48
ich will den text von slop on my....

31-08-2005, 01:00
Original geschrieben von Nachtwandler
Auf Bitte von anarchie4life, der keine Threads mehr eröffnen kann - hier der Thread.

:D :D :D

Rührend wie sich Nachtwandler um alles kümmert, hastn ganz großes Herz...

Kleiner Tipp: Wenn dir es um deine 100 Posts nicht zu schade is, mach einfach nen neuen Account;)

31-08-2005, 18:32
Original geschrieben von Akonis
ich will den text von slop on my....

vielleicht meinste den:

"Slob On My Knob"

[Juicy J]
Slob on my knob
Like corn on the cob
Check in with me, and do your job
Lay on the bed, and give me head
Don't have to ask, don't have to beg
Juicy is my name
Sex is my game
Let's call the boys, let's run a train
Squeeze on my nuts
Lick on my butt
The natural curly hair, please don't touch
First find a mate
Second find a place
Third find a bag, to hide the ho face
Real name rover
I said bend over
I started to knock, then came the odor
Smelled like mush
Shouldn't had a woosh
Told her to stop, and take a dush
While she did that
I didn't want the cat
So I found out and never came back

Suck a nigga dick or something [4x]

My nigga D-Magic
Said they had to have it
I said just forget it, it's too craby
Know a little freak, in Hollywood
Sucks on dick, does it real good
She'll give you money, feel up your tummy
House full of kids, parents all schummy
Once had a down, backyard ground
Hit it from the back
Enjoy the sound
Lay on the cover
Always use the rubber
Till I got caught, ****ing with her mother
She blamed it on me
We fought in the street
She pulled out a knife, so I had to flee
Called up the boys
Went to her house
Charged the whole place
Threw the bitch out
Police busted in
Where the niggas at
We left just in time, and never came back
Roll through the hood, waving at the freaks
Who's sniffing all the rocks, and smoking all the geeks
Made another stop
Police station
Saw a few cops
Drove by and sprayed them
Licensee tag number
A nigga said he saw
Bogus all the time
Never get caught

31-08-2005, 18:35
Original geschrieben von anarchie4life
rest der cd kommt morgen

so... wer sich n paar durchgelesen hat wird merken, dass nen paar stellen nich verständlich sind....sorry

"3-6 In The Morning"

[lord infamous]
6 in tha mornin' police kick in my door
Slipped on my lugz
Quickly thugged out the back yo
Jumped the back gate
Cranked the chevy
Then i race
Popped in the deck
A mother****in' three 6 mafia tape
I'm crunked off the bump
Pumpin' through my backseat
Speedin' hit the weed
Though the end of the streets of memphis, tennesee
Got my stacks and some bags sittin' in the stash spot
Tatooes on my neck and a hot 40 glock
They got the hunt out for the infamous nigga
Call me scarecrow
Used to slangin' man, but i don't do that no more
I'm feelin' like i'm the most wanted
Every cop is an opponent
In the dash
On my ass, on the cherry buck flash
And i'm real
Man i got to get the **** out of here

I had to ditch the chevy
Callin' my mafia niggas to scooped me up
The blocks are crawlin' with cops
I can't go down, them slugs bust
I'm runnin' through yards and shit
Tryin' to dodge them tricks
A movin' target
I spotted my nigga out there
On the real, gonna rde with out no flodgin'
He didn't hesistate, we climbed up out my side of town
I told him bout' the drama in the ride and how it went down
I got a lay low cool (??) before i get back in it
Anti-peace and po-police
I beat them with glocks back to the street
I can't get caught, cause the new law say in it "ain't no deals"
I would decease these devil police, therefore i do twenty years
Every nigga aint real they drop a dime to papers
I gotta pull a quick capa before i catch the vapors

12 a-m the next day
Gotta bank the seas
Gotta preacher please (??) throw in the keys
Down to my nigga
Got the passport to get my overseas
Under the palm trees
But you know me a quarter key
But my plan was injured
The silent alarm was triggered
I heard a cop say come out with ****in' hands up
Nigga now i got to show my prophet da posseness
My only way out was to take me some hostages
They keep on askin' me over and over for demands
I told them back up
Or she got brains on her pants
The gun was to her head, i told them don't make me shoot
But little did i know they had a sniper on the roof

31-08-2005, 18:37
"Tear Da Club Up '97"

Tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up

[dj paul]
This for all you playa haters who be talkin that...(ha ha)
The three six show no love, put some hurt on a trick
I'm bustin through the crowd, wild, with my hand on a cannon
Be like quick to put two up in ya like who mana standin'
I be the last man, blast man
If you think you fast man, headlines
Three left 'em up in a cast man
When i look into your eyes i see a coward
Face to face i hit ya
Three six mafia'd rather die than

[lord infamous]
Lord, hittin, here comes the two to the three and four
Three six mafia i want ya to wreck it all over the club floor
Blowin and throwin your sets in the air
Ya bumpin them tables and chests everywhere
Trampled over by the macs and the playas
You standin there actin like you wonder where
It ain't said we the hardest,
And you can't rock it like three six mafia can
All up in a trance in the prophecy van
We gonna tear the club up, get it bucked till it don't eelin me

three six mafia [repeat 8x]

Tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up

[juicy j]
We tearin the club up, gettin buck
Haters try to call it rough
They better call security, bring them straight jackets and handcuffs
Ain't takin it, ain't takin it
The clutches i be breakin it
And rippin off the bosses and tossin them to the floor, bricks
Going through the window, got that thing at your temple
When they bust, keep it trust, and we ain't talkin bout bustin pimples
Haters can't get with the mafia click, them fools ain't buck enough
We gonna get the dynamite trick, and blow the club up

[gangsta boo]
Crazy lady comin at you, you can't fade me trick
I bet you bet you bottom dollar make you holla
When my soldiers get ya, i don't like that violence stuff
But i believe in gettin buck
If you with me, let me see you tear da, tear da club up
Mafia, mafi-mafia, won't stop with it though
Hypnotizing minds, we got you blind and you can't hear me though
Come and get it while you can trick, before it's all gone
Goin once, goin twice, oh my god it just went gone

[crunchy black]
Oh, oh, oh, get buck, get wild
Let's tear this house right down
Let's tear da club up thugs
Let's do that stuff right now
No disrespect to the clubs, don't want none of that
But you got the three six mafia up in your house and
And we came to break the law, tear da club up
Ashes to ashes no dust to dust
And you can't trust three six mafia when we tearin that club up

three six mafia [repeat 2x]

Tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up

[koopsta knicca]
Hypnotize i don't think they high enough
See i thought i told you to get buck and tear da club up
Do it like a lunatic since you down with the prophet click
Now can i blaze it kick it tell me can i kick it man
Since uh, (??) days gone, get hypnotized
Let's start a riot in the club, lets get wild tonight
One little, two little, three triple six members
Four little, five little, six triple six members

three six mafia [repeat to fade]

Tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up

31-08-2005, 18:39
"Late Nite Tip"

[lord infamous]
Let me just take you somewhere secret
Gonna cut out of the lights down dim, forget all
About your world
We gonna just flow wit what we feel lets share a
Few private thoughts, i'm not just
Out for your sex, let me simp-lify
The things in life that
You find complex, forget what
You heard bout me cause your a
Scarecrow groupie but theres no
Pressure on you cause you know
What you must do
Check this out
Lets have a drink
And i give
You time to think
Let me puff
This buddah blunt and cut on
This porno bunk here come lounge
Here by my side tonight your
My devils bride and theres a
Freek deep inside have no shame
No need to hide why do you
Keep on blushing get it all
Like thugsta she she must be
Kinda tipsy on this crystal like a gypsy now i got
Her on all fours, bout to break
Down the headboard crash this broad
On through the wall now she howlin like a dog swept poor
We hit the floor and don't quit
Another one ripped
It's just another victim of lord infamous late nite tip

[Chorus x2]
I'm not the type that get involved in long relationships (why)
Takin' trips and buyin' gifts
I'm sorry im' not on that tip (what)
If you want romance
You should just stick who you already with (ok)
If you in that mood you can just hit me on that late nite tip (ooh)

[dj paul]
I done seen
Some funny shh since i got in this game
They wants my crib they wants my kisses, all i done gots my fame
I never recall you askin' your last boyfriend for nathin
But now they be purple on gold
Got ya aggrivatin'
(i need a coach bag)
I can't be even doin' it
(i need my hair done)
Me too, i ain't got nothin' to do with it
I've been through with it
You and the since the first time you ask and might i add
Playas like me can't be savin' your ass

[gangsta boo]
I ain't with that nonsense
Or that lovey dovey mess
Feelin' kind of huh
I call and all i want is sex
Slip on victoria secrets hit the liqour store before it close
Call chris so i can't get somethin' white to go get up my
Now i'm feelin' fine
Nothin' but sex is on my mind
If you cannot please me boy
Then please don't waste all of my time
Got you caught up in the mist
Mystic girl from triple
Late nite tip is all we have
It's payin so trick that's it

[Chorus x2]

[juicy "j"]
I can't understand why these boss be trippin'
Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen
Ballin' in my lexus dropped low to the ground
Just a young playa tryin' put my bid in
Freeks wanna trick that be constantly payin'
Not a ghetto thug that be constantly layin'
Rainbow inn or da summer motel
Oh well that's where the juice man stayin'
Gotta have a lady that wanna do what i do
Likes skippin'work or love cuttin' high school
Servin' all the playas in the three 6 mafia
Camcorder on skinny dippin' in the swimmin' pool
Never try to argue
Bother you or fight
Kill a pack of jimmy hand strapped pen real tight
Fillin' alazey all tall and a budlight
Just for your freeks on a moon lite late nite

[koopsta knicca]
Tell me three 6 whose that bumpin that music
Hypnotizin' koop
I tell you who
I'm bout to lose it
Could it be that late night crew tight
Just inside the party
Always kind of lonely
Someone want me, hold me, i say
Come here come near come hear
The koopsta cryin' tears
I can't think positive
When no one cares of how i feel
Relax my mind so tired that i even try to find
I cannot lie though i can ride high late night

[Chorus...till fade]

31-08-2005, 18:40
"Body Parts 2"

[dj paul]
Yeah, we back up in this motha****a
Prophet mother****in' posse hoe
Three 6 mafia, m-child
A whole bunch of motha****as
And ready to do this shit
You wanna **** a hoe
Then wait until you're back
When the war's gone bitch
You better recognize you mother****in' suckas
Thinkin' that i'm for the 9-7
Once again, it's on
Bout to pull yo' mother****in' ass in bitch
Woow, woow, woow woow woow woo

[dj paul]
Now when they comes to the hood
I be like black in my zone
Now when it comes to parts of the body
I got more (??)
In the middle of fashion i got to keep it like rockin'
And people callin' it green
That smoke how much i like it
Again it's up to him
I need to let some shots off
and dj paul with teflon also take that bulletproof off
But when they jump, i pump
To put some murderin' punks
And then i dump all his bodyparts into my trunk

I'ma terror from the end
I'll watch that body explode
If they retaliate i blast
I think about you won't find them bloody clothes
Kill 'em though
Don't you know
I want to get rid of those faked up hoes
It's the city of memphis
Watch me witness how this nigga unload
Rage make me regularly, force me blood
I feed ya' hot lead slugs and watch you drip like fudge
I'm nuts
You got no crips
You got no heart
You niggas from the start
I want to fill my ****ing backyard with your bodyparts

[gangsta boo]
Wussup mista trick
Do you wanna get with this
Pimp type ass bitch down with the triple 6
My lexus trunk or viper
Prophet posse nothin' nicer
In this ****in' body parts through the air
**** you playa hatin punks
I was layin' on the top
Look at the billboard charts
Prophet posse takin' over
Nigga now we got you high

I don't know you,
Why the **** you all in my grill,
I'm stayin, buck on you
Niggaz say you so so treal,
You ain't no killa,
My lyrics leave you scared to go to sleep,
Sleepin' with the lights on,
Hoe you contious of me,me and about 80 mo' mutha****az who comin',
4 and 5 vans deep, while ya bitch ass runnin',
We be the prophet devilish and meanin' click so tight,
M-child orange mound,
Smokin' out evey night...bitch!!!!

[juicy j]
I met this fool last week
Who said he slangin' double keys
Also had a group of bustin' all tall and some like, green ink
What you think
I was tryin' to plan a robbin' spree
So i drove a low key car
Tryin' to fool the streets
Curve after curve
I return tryin' not to swerve
Knowin' by the hour i be chippin' up my bag of herbs
(??) herb ak's all kinds a guns
Till the nigga pulled his car to the side and stopped the run

please don't test these murderers
Slugs i will pump at your gut
Scan from the killa klan kaze
I will dump your bodyparts into my trunk
Let's go ride then play a game
What's the game
The game of names
Now which, which one would you choose
Which ever you choose you lose, you lose

[droopy drew dog]
First time on the maximum, don't be a trick
To see them hatas talk shit but they don't know the deal
Dope sella
B h p's while i dwella
They looked into the barrel of my chin black barretta
Ratta tatta is all you heard
To see you niggas comin' up
In the (??)
But watch the game
Cause you don't got no friends
Droopy drew dog self made to the end

[crunchy blac]
Check this here
Niggas will, rob and steal, mob and kill
And it feel
They don't feel
What i feel, then i fill
Them buck will
Bullet lead two to the head
Then i lay them in graves
That i dig
Just for them
Yes it is

[project pat]
Slammin' bones, throwin' leaks
Puttin' bitches in there clicks
Kaze in this mother****
Down we prophet click
Clack boom doom for you hatas and you realas
Mossberg slug to your grill
You can feel this
Trigger happy, nappy headed, set it don't you see me
Project pat is down
But ain't no ****in' damn fool
We ridin' drinkin' dankin' bodies stankin' i can smell them well
And if the police pull us over
I'm the first to bail

[indo g]
Jackin' and packin' and takin' those fakin' ass bitches
That thinkin' that all of us is red instead
While i drop this track
I flack (??) i'm straight from very bone
To the mother****a filin' out
I'm the first
See triple 6, it's`on
Bitch every mud up in a source bone
I don't wanna kill a motha, betta get a mother****er for talkin' that
Huh, i don't wanna kill a mother****er, betta get a mother****er for
Crossin' my click bitch
Boogety boogety bang bang nigga blew your brains
On the mother****in' wood grain nigga
Pullin' the trigga like uhh die nigga uhh die nigga

[k roc]
K roc i dump but what i see in my trunk
See me after killa klan
Seein' that k roc solo burn
Makin' up in my green
Prophet posse my niggas
Gimme that forty glock
In my (??) pullin' that trigga
I see traitors lookin' at playa hatas
Fakin' while we blast our gat
I don't know where you're at
But hata i better witness a (??)
If a nigga don't believe me, tricks afraid in front of the car
To that ditch
I dumped all his bodyparts into my trunk

31-08-2005, 18:41

[Chorus x3]
I keep on havin' these flashes
Murder by the masses
Sick off human ashes
Hatas passion

[dj paul]
We mother****in' whole mothas
Glock huggas
Rob till we rob each other, facked on any mother****a nigga
.40 cal's got me dangery
Like jj fad icredible hoe don't make me anga-ry
We prophet posse got you in the cross
We done gotcha
In the mother****in' scope
We done shot cha
We get more wilder than a chicken with his head cut off
Three 6 mafia hypnotizin' don't make me set it off

[gangsta boo]
Screamin' notha ****in' murder, murder, murder on my mind
Gettin' wild with these hella fied rhymes on ya mind
Never the on be mistaken
Never the one takin' a loss
I always be the ****in' one who to be the damn doubt
Watcha say, nigga what
You wanna get up in my shit
Shit gonna get your ass in trouble
Shit gonna get your head split
Stay focused stay rollin' when i'm ridin' dirty nigga
Gettin' twisted off some nigga
Dedicated to you killa

[Chorus x3]

[juicy j]
Guess who was scared
Niggas stalkin' in the memphis streets
The triple 6 them mafia niggas you don't wanna meet
Creep up on your ass and let the barrel sweep
Sweep and let the blast take you from off your feet
And to your family and your friends i know them hoes will miss you
You should have warned them that the three 6 mafia out to get cha
Would you walk to his house with a pistol
Could you let the heat go like you shouldn't have missed him

[koopsta knicca]
It's the blue lights in the night
When i go for ridin'
I'm seein' headlights on the right creepin' up from behind
Ran that trick hit the d
****ety-**** with the hennessy
Leavin' that third, need reserve
Droppin' on the curve to by to my (??)
See by a chance that he may touch me it's a hint that he gonna miss
Cause i will take some plastic man and rip this skin up off this
Mother****in' piece
So now he diss me
No one can play hey, now tell me wha'ts next
Come here play he say (??)

[Chorus...till fade]

31-08-2005, 18:43
"Neighborhood Hoe"

(Dj Paul)

It was one saturday night in june now i clearly remember
I seen this whore that i met in december
The bitch didn't wanna give me no play
But she heard us at the concert the other day
Now the shit about to fall in place
I just seen her rode bye with a smile on her face
Tiltin my hat makin sure it's in place
Hopin i'll be the next nigga to taste her pace
That mother****in lot round the strip grippin on my dick haters don't
Got a muth****in 40 cal in the spot ready for a nigga that think i'm
Gone slip
Chevy thang, slow, clean, chrome face, glod d's
Bitches ridin up in my shit man i'm tellin these hoes please
I had to speak to soon her comes a hoe
Nigga she got game
First thing she ask me was whats my name
And i'm ridin in that chevy thang
She knows goddamn well who i am
But since she wanna playa hate in response i was tellin the hoe my name
Was davante
Swing now the mutha****a ditchin
Playa like me tryin to get down in it
Gotta keep it key low with the hoe
In the mutha****in "pala with the windows tinted playa
I got this wild and bout it bitch
Just give me two days to hit the shit
Beter get your exercise on the third day
Prophet posse gonna take care ya

31-08-2005, 18:45
"N 2 Deep"

[Chorus x2]
I'm in it to deep to get out now
They always told me death was the only way out
I'm sittin' up all night
I can't ever rest my head
How will my family take it if i ended up dead

[lord infamous]
There was a man who approached me every night
When i was reasting fast asleep
He tried to get into my mind
And he promised me power beyond my wildest dreams
He said he could take me away from the suffering, begging, and life of
A teen
So i had to agree
Theres one catch you must worship throughout the centuries
But i really didn't know he'd be better off
I'm tired of the pain and the crew my brother
He game me things
He promised me
But i got no need i will suffer forever
I'm tired of wrong brotherless powers are much to strong
Oh so bad i want to move on
But if i do my soul is gone
Liars (??) hatas, all murderas, adulterers, and thieves
What you don't know
Is that you're walkin' in the same shoes with me

[koopsta knicca]
(??) for seekin' is all i see
He sit close to me
He said victoria secrets
Fills up the air
Perfume smells so ****ed up
Auick right here with a stare
Buck doggystyle then the chair
Turned her on her stomach as she
Moanin' from the motion
If you ready for this to get (??)
Koop finna to come a little bit closer
Rolled her on her chest before the sound went pop
Then i reached for my heart
Oh my god koopsta just been robbed
I hope you feel me
I'm playin' naked
Lookin' at the ceilin'
And bloddy me just hear more (?) from the koopstas

[Chorus x1]

[gangsta boo]
I'm in it to deep
To escapre this kind of drama
Got crossers, playa hatas, and fakers, that equals problems
Today in this day and time
You can't read nobody's mind
These smiles turn to frowns
When they see a playa on the rise
On top of the world
Just a lookin' down and laughin' at'cha
I'll never be popular
Like that 2pac "i ain't mad at'cha"
So baby beware
This game of life is like do or die
It's hell on this earth
The only thing that's missin' is the fire
Come on baby tell me is it something that your eyes can't see
Or are you just blind
To the fact that you in it too deep

[juicy j]
Yeah, i know what'cha mean
I had to stand on my ground
To get on the scene
Just me and brother down in the stuggle
Gettin' out seve on to the friends
And after dark
Deep in the park
Them doped up fiends will start
To light the pipe all through the night
I used to wonder what god
Please help the poor come off of their feet
Cuz there was nothin' to eat
Didn't want to jack or rob
A brother had to maintain the streets
Off in the projects
Wasn't lathargic
Cause i was tryin' to get out
Who can you tust
I had to be tough
I never ran my mouth
My and my crew would constantly hit the brew
A natural high
How can you make it in this world
But to try of die

[dj paul]
1991 was the year 901
Was the area code
3-8 double 1-6 was the zip
Code of all the rows of road
Now let my story be told
A yong buck droppin' on in a school house
But not to learn off in the tenth grade
Tryin't o come up at last
Like a total outcast
Off all them songs i done made
Bumpin' my underground tapes
Up and down the hall
The dj paul wasn't no damn thang
But then my dogs
Tony and shista asked me to join a gang
Theat ain't me man
But hangin' around them fools
I had to get down and join a click, see
Cause i made so many enemies
From the clicks off in my city
Now if i told you what gang it was
Then to you i will seem more than down
But if i told you what gang i'm in
I can only do a show off in my own town
But it's all goody good
Much love to the thugs in my hood
And in my city much respect
I'm wit'cha for life
And as you could bet
We lights one up today

[Chorus...till fade]

31-08-2005, 18:46
"Anyone Out There"

[juicy "j"]
One cold winter of many tales
Trails of blood left in frozen snow
A family slaughtered by a loved one, forgive scarecrow
I turned against god and everything that i cared for most
Police arrived, candle light, butcher knives, bloody bedposts
Found staked on the floor soaked in evidence of the root of violence
Only a teen, sent to spend my final life in an insane asylum
So furious of past, i'm an adult i feel better now
But no matter, i tell them that i know they'll never let me out
I rot in this dread, my only world's the one in my head
I hate psycho-therapists, i walk amongst walking dead
Everday, yes every-single day, peepin' ways to escape
I got to find a way out this place, it's a must, got to find a way
I'm pullin hair up out my freakin' head yo
They trippin' cause a nigga put his ass in a choke hold
I wanna go psycho and kick this mutha ****in' force boi
In a padded room i know i'll never get up out this hole
I'm pacin' back and forth across this room
I gotta think of somethin, man i got to make a move
The day i killed my ****in' family in a week or two
I got to get up back out there i wanna do it again fool
Gettin' cool with the old ass maintence man
I told him "if you help me out i'd put a lotta papes in your hand
I stashed a lotta dough in dirt before a nigga left it
If you help me out when i get out i'll give you half on that deal"
The old man ready, he grinnin', that stray
Look here gramps, meet me at my door for the plan round 'bout 8
Check it pops, you got to get a shovel and a pine box
Put me in the ground and dig me out once they talk to the cops
I'm gonna need a slight overdose of some mother ****in' sleepin' pills
So while i'm waitin in the dirt i won't breathe up the air in here
Sneak in the office get the keys off of dr. malique
And while you doin that i'll take the pills so i fall asleep
I started feelin' my awareness fadin' away
I could slightly hear all the dirt gettin' tossed on to the pine crate
I awoke and in my square waiting to be freed
But from the light i seen someone killed the maintence man that dormant
With me

I'm scared, is anyone out there?
Damn, i'm scared is anyone out there?
I'm scared, is anyone out there?
Damn, i'm scared is anyone out there?

31-08-2005, 18:48
"Land Of The Lost"

deep down south in da hood niggas slang
Hustlin' and game
Tryin ta stack some change
Land of tha lost full of gangstas n killas
Niggas all about they damn scrilla <>

[Gangsta boo]

To start it off i'm the mutha ****in lady about her cheese
While u other herman benz out there leavin fo' free
Kinda quick to tell you what im gonna get and it be true
At the end of the rainbow nigga i thought you knew
Cause im sayin all my hustlas dont forgot im on the green
Got a pocket full of money not no stones know what i mean?
Dont get mad cause yo ass livin broke
**** that get up off yo lazy ass
Get about yo ****in scratch


Im chasin franklin wit' my triple 6 thugs
Cause we was sinners
I get deeper im still comin up with lint
Livin in a tent some trick gotta change
It aint the same
And its plain ta see i aint the same man
Beat a bitch, rob a hoe
Kick in does from doe ta doe
Prophet posse never sloppy
Clean you out from roof ta flo'
Im startin ta stinkin' raisin my heartbeat
Ta never be rich
Rather trade a hoe for mackers dis predemption

[chorus x2]

[Juicy j]

Its on! why you shakin whatcha wanna do
I gotta 357 brand new shootin holes through
Niggas skulls fool lets get da dope and drop it off
And count them g's and smoke some cheese
It pays to brake the law
My cousin creepin all them graded boys gonna hook us up
To make a grip on that white shit that we dont see or touch
**** what you talkin about?
We slangin nigga
By any means you wanna stop the team we pull the trigga


Red red go away!
Cause a nigga wanna play
Leave me here
Standin to the left
There yo cab
Let me wear a breifcase in my situation
So many smilin faces
About tha devil thats in me racin'
Placin heres a mutha ****a my nigga i tell ya what
When i was in the jail while my killa was in da cut
All because of this is how power,cowering
Bustin that i heat up musta been in love
Wanna feel me with slugs

[Crunchy blac]

Its crunchy black crunchy black
On da creep nigga
How you niggas out here gonna laugh and ****in giggle?
When im gettin bigga and bigga
Bigga den a ****in picture
Picture me in yo dreams when im out, ta ****in getcha
Hit ya fo' ya dividends and fled from da ****in case
Dont drop no peices so i, want catch a case
Make a mistake in dis game and man youll hafta pay
Deep in the jail cell or holy cell
Never see the day

[chorus x2]

31-08-2005, 18:49
"Weed Is Got Me High"

[Chorus x4]
This weed is got me high
So high, so high
This bud is got me high
So high, so high

[dj paul]
Mesmorized by the mother****in'
Ya'll niggas odn't get high
Like the dirty three 6 mafia
We smokers there to chain
Give a shot
Of that cocaine to the brain
Gotta get high
Gotta get high
To a mother****in' that especially
Don't hear me
But i can keep a smile on my drugs
And you cheap ass thugs
You hoes don't feel me

[crunchy blac]
Watcha got down in your trunk

[juicy j]
Nothin' but leaves and bags of weed
Somethin' to keep you off your feet
Make you crawl around on knees
If you slang a
Then grab a pound
If you a smoker
Fool don't get wild
Are you ****ed up
So what
What's up
Sip on some beer and black and mild

[crunchy blac]
I'm so high
All i smell like smoke
Yeah that mother****in' green
Yeah that god damn dope
You be hopin'
When you see me
I'm gon' roll you some
But ain't gon' foll none

[gangsta boo]
I'm smokin' on some blunts
Bigger than some of you rappers royalty checks
Never been mistaken
I'm the lady that be like
Quick to get up in your shit
Freaky when i'm high
That's the plan
Now understand my nig
****in' move your man
Cause his ass wanna get with this

[lord infamous]
Out of the scarecrow
The substance i obtain
Dibe got get me feelin' strange
And crazy
I'm smokin' on this doja
Got me stumblin' and feelin' lazy
I'm staring at some shit
That got me dazin'
Got plenty of drugs left
And then you know
I'm stayin' blunted

[koopsta knicca]
Stayin' numb
Shit faced
Chee-cheef hit them killas
The swishers
Nigga wit that deep pull
So deep that i cannot remember
And if you really wanna get with the
Three 6 mafia
It's no lie you'll get high

31-08-2005, 18:59

jetz weiß ich wenigstens in welchen Tracks der geniale K-Roc überall dabei ist!:cool:

31-08-2005, 19:02
Original geschrieben von Dre

jetz weiß ich wenigstens in welchen Tracks der geniale K-Roc überall dabei ist!:cool:

und ich versteh ihn jetzt sogar:D ;)

01-09-2005, 23:41
Original geschrieben von anarchie4life

vielleicht meinste den:

"Slob On My Knob"

[Juicy J]
Slob on my knob
Like corn on the cob
Check in with me, and do your job
Lay on the bed, and give me head
Don't have to ask, don't have to beg
Juicy is my name
Sex is my game
Let's call the boys, let's run a train
Squeeze on my nuts
Lick on my butt
The natural curly hair, please don't touch
First find a mate
Second find a place
Third find a bag, to hide the ho face
Real name rover
I said bend over
I started to knock, then came the odor
Smelled like mush
Shouldn't had a woosh
Told her to stop, and take a dush
While she did that
I didn't want the cat
So I found out and never came back

Suck a nigga dick or something [4x]

My nigga D-Magic
Said they had to have it
I said just forget it, it's too craby
Know a little freak, in Hollywood
Sucks on dick, does it real good
She'll give you money, feel up your tummy
House full of kids, parents all schummy
Once had a down, backyard ground
Hit it from the back
Enjoy the sound
Lay on the cover
Always use the rubber
Till I got caught, ****ing with her mother
She blamed it on me
We fought in the street
She pulled out a knife, so I had to flee
Called up the boys
Went to her house
Charged the whole place
Threw the bitch out
Police busted in
Where the niggas at
We left just in time, and never came back
Roll through the hood, waving at the freaks
Who's sniffing all the rocks, and smoking all the geeks
Made another stop
Police station
Saw a few cops
Drove by and sprayed them
Licensee tag number
A nigga said he saw
Bogus all the time
Never get caught

YÜHAAAAAA:cool: danke homie

02-09-2005, 20:43
Original geschrieben von Akonis

YÜHAAAAAA:cool: danke homie

kein problem.... ich mach irgendwann ma welche von: when the smoke clears rein!

02-09-2005, 21:04
Original geschrieben von anarchie4life
"Body Parts 2"

[crunchy blac]
Check this here
Niggas will, rob and steal, mob and kill
And it feel
They don't feel
What i feel, then i fill
Them buck will
Bullet lead two to the head
Then i lay them in graves
That i dig
Just for them
Yes it is

bei nem so großartigen Track wie Bodyparts 2 merkt man nicht mal wie schlecht und einfallslos Crunchy Blac's Texte sind.:D :p

03-09-2005, 11:16
Original geschrieben von Dre

bei nem so großartigen Track wie Bodyparts 2 merkt man nicht mal wie schlecht und einfallslos Crunchy Blac's Texte sind.:D :p

ich weiß nich find seinen flow mit den laaaaangezogenen wörtern ganz cool....

03-09-2005, 16:12
Ich find sogar seine Einfallslosigkeit beim Text beim Bodyparts 2 ist sogar so schlecht, dass es wieder geil ist!:D

03-09-2005, 16:20
na gut der part is wirklich nich besonders, aber er bringt ihn gut rüber!

04-09-2005, 12:54
"44 Killers"

[DJ Paul and Juicy J]
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Whatcha niggas wanna do?)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Talkin all that ****in shit)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Coward ass bitches)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Whatcha niggas wanna do?)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Talkin all that ****ing shit)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Fighting niggas over a bitch)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(**** you mother****in hoes)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off

[Juicy J]
To you haters I'm the predator
Set em up, wet em up
When I'm in the hood, I'm like a drug-dealer regular
Coke poppin, bird shoppin, droppin don'tcha step ta tha
Triple six, guns click, bitch we the murderers

[Crunchy Black]
Triple six is the clique, why y'all niggas keep hatin me
Y'all gone make a nigga posse up and come and getcha bitch
Grab that nigga by his throat, if he hollas, let em go
I ain't gon' let that nigga go, I'ma hit it at em wit da fourty-four

[Lord Infamous]
I'ma sic' em, heat em, leave em bleedin, fill em fulla millimeter
Bitch ass nigga, torture treat em, creature feature, coke and weed
Soze, Two-L O Y D, sippin ounces of that liter
Ask me if I worship Satan, I'ma send yo ass ta see em

[DJ Paul]
Now tell me how you boys talk wit all that shit in yo mouth
And how the hell you down ta key that open doors for tha Mid-South?
I put half of you haters on, make half of you haters groan
Left half of you haters alone
and watched you die all on your own and feel for ya

[DJ Paul and Juicy J]
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Whatcha bitches wanna do?)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Cuz nigga we ain't playin wit ya)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Whatcha hoes wanna do?)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(We got them tones ready ta blast)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(What's up nigga?)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Scared ass cowards)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Ain't no cowards in this mother****er)
I'm bout to blow them boys ass off
(Ain't no cowards)

04-09-2005, 12:56
"Sippin' On Some Syrup"
(feat. U.G.K.)

Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip
[Repeat 8x]

[Pimp C]
I'm trill working the wheel, a pimp not a simp
Keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear Blimp
We eat so many shrimp, I got iodine poisoning
**** niggas make me sick with all that pinchin' and bargaining
You say that you a boss, I ain't believing that shit
You got the funny Geneva watch, with the Ferrari kit
Take that monkey shit off, you embarrassing us
I got the wet promenthazine, thick orange and yellow tuss
Hydrocor-zone, on the hands-free phone
The '84 zone, on them blades, 20-inch chrome
If you got 16, you can get a biz-zerd
I'm choking on that doja sweet and sipping on that sizz-erp

[DJ Paul]
Niggas scared to flaunt it, some niggas they want it want it
Some niggas they joan it joan it, but I be ****ed up up on it
We're with the Mafia 6, and we ain't bout that bullshit
If we gon' get high we gon' get high, and we gon' house a bitch
Two niggas all at the mouth, two niggas all at the ass
And plus there's some type of nigga
Dick hard all night and she cool with that
She popped her a pill of X, and drank on some orange juice
And just when you thought she was freakin' she done got super loose
Niggas come in by threes and deuces all in circles like duck-duck-goose
All that want it can bone it, she on that X and that tootie fruit
40 dollars for just one ounce ounce plus
Tuss and X is how its pronounced
Niggas sipping and dipping and tripping, man I'm bout all out

Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip
[Repeat 4x]

[Juicy J]
People always asking me, "Me the Three 6 high on that"
Rolling on them X pills, stuttering pup-pup powder packs
Woah-wuh where the weed at, ain't like that we need that
Nyquil will slow me down, something that keep me easy
Nothing like that yella yella that will have you itching man
Talking like you "What's up, fool?" Vocal chords sounding lame
In my days all we did was chief out on a quarter pound
Gone on coke, eyes are bucked, this here shit will knock you down
Knock you out, make you fall asleep when you're on them wheels
Ain't no doubt, hit me when I beep for this refill
Once again, on my wicked high, gotta have that drank
Heard my name, Gino, I feel like I'm gonna ****ing faint

[Bun B]
Nigga tell me what you know bout Frank, Nito and Young Guido
Paul and Vito, we play a tune it sweeter than Pedito
With my Three 6 nigga pouring up in my southern creedo
Quick fast, we'll put it on your ass like John Vito
Cause you fronting rap sanger, be creamy like a Zanger
You ain't from the manger boy, but you gets the middle finger
Come bang her, rum dranker, occaisionally take
Your bitch to the Telly and be a dick and cum slanger
When Big Bun come danger, nigga ring your alarm
Sexy thang on my arm, cup of drank in my palm
And that crazy shit, I'm tripping on some skinny bitches
Something that's wholesome, Florida to Folsom
And for the most I'm steady sippin' on some sizzerp

Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip
[Repeat til fade]

04-09-2005, 12:58
"Weak Azz Bitch"

[Chorus x4]
When I say weak ass, you say bitch
Weak ass, BITCH, Weak ass BITCH

[Juicy "J"]
How you feel with this nine mili mill to your grill
Haters talkin' lots of shit
But they scared of the steel
If you want me come and get me
Cause I'm real with this here
I ain't scared of none of you hoes
I ain't never shead a tear
In yo hood bumpin' ridin' with a twelve case of beer
Ain't no nigga make no moves
Get you scared, shook your fear
Y2K hit the clock
So you know the ending's near
One call to them killas and you just might disappear

[DJ Paul]
Now nigga all in my face hollin' real but real soft
Bitch I'm holdin' up this glock
Bout to knock your block off
You a weak ass bitch
And your CD cover show
With your fake ass face
I been knowin' ya so I know a sissy hoe
Yeah know this a triple six city
All that MTV and BET got you feelin' shitty
Just to think, you used to be my dog
Used to be my nigga, now you fake
But I stomp on you trick in the grass
You little snake bitch

[Chorus x4]

[Lord Infamous]
Uh, In the mood a ****ing crowd
Make the speakers pound
If you niggas wild
Knock these bitches out
Rumblin' the ground
Tramplin' niggas down
From the dirty south
Where the niggas like it loud
Wish ya hypnotized
Instagater ?
Fire in my eyes sosate lucky Frank White
Ready for the gunfight
If you wanna get high
Ain't no sympathize
Make you sleep till it's judgment night

[La Chat]
Talk is cheap
I hear you talking but you ain't bout your bizz
La Chat a mack ain't got no time to play no games with a bitch
My mother****in' plastic gat we gonna rumblin' shit
Then they gon' hit'cha smit'cha get'cha so don't **** with this shit
I know you feelin' when I'm speakin' and I'm speakin' to you
Well hoe it's true, who got the proof bitch
What you gon' do
I keep my mug cuz I'm a thug
I left the twink on my grill
You got some manner
Need to show it
Shit you claim that your real

[Chorus x4]

04-09-2005, 12:59
"Jus Like Us"

[DJ Paul talking with gunshots in background]
Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice mother****as!
Y'all jealous ass bitches!
You know what I'ma call y'all? Some Jello niggas.
Cuz y'all jealous of us, bitch.
Every mother****er in our camp ridin clean, nigga.
Y'all know the mother****in score.
And this one right here is dedicated to you [censor beep].
It's dedicated to you, nigga.

[Chorus: DJ Paul x1]
They wanna dress like
Wanna sound like
Wanna be like
Ride like
Get high like
Make cheese like
The mother****in Three 6, bitch you got a problem wit em?
The mother****in Three 6, hoe you got a problem wit em?

[Lord Infamous]
I'm from the part of Tennessee called SPV, Spray Pesty Varments
Catch ya busta boy, I beat em; blow em up outta his dorments
Punk ass niggas be tryin ta stick a light up under me, like some ornaments
Don't make me grab the case that's fulla the weapons and hand ya ?the bombing?
Bitch ya killin me, besta be eatin some porridge, you got some courage
Punk mother****er don't make me go get that there uzi up under the storage
Bitches, bloody Satan waiting ?
Armageddon soldiers comin to ?

[Crunchy Black]
You trying to be like me, you can't be like me
It's hard ta be me, like them stunts on TV, g
You see me, hustlin, workin my muscle-in
Puttin my 2 cents where it can be trusted-n
You musta been a silly fool
Thinkin you could wear my shoes, damn fool
I walked a mile, I hauked em down
I understand now, why everybody don't wanna frown

[Chorus x2]

[DJ Paul]
1 thousand: Your kid kidnapped and ****ed in the mouth
2 G's: Wife never seen again, but nothin to brag about
3 thousand: Car blown up, house burnt to the ground
4 G's: Run up in ya weak ass show, lettin off rounds
5 thousand: Best friend found naked and decapitated
6 G's: Yo broke ass barried alive cuz yo ass hated
7 G's: He ain't even workin, I kill a nigga myself, dead
Catch em in tha haven put somethin hot up in his head

[Juicy J]
I'm real from the junt (junt)
Never was a punk (punk)
North Memphis bound bitch, buck ass hell and crunk (crunk)
You might catch me deep (deep)
On your ****in street (street)
Buckin wit the tech-9, sweep you off yo feet (feet)
Drankin on that liquour (liquor)
Chillin wit my niggas (niggas)
Hangin on the corner, wit a ****in rusty pistol (pistol)
Step up to me hoe (hoe)
When you on that blow (blow)
I'ma (gunshots: pop pop pop, pop) till you hit tha flo (flo)

[Chorus x2]

[Koopsta Knicca]
Please don't test the wrist or steel this
Waitin for she tell, pop, every style mystic
Pimp shit, hits never miss those red
Settin you a miss, when I spray the AK
Plus I flex-a hella gay, will you catch a boy?
Ever since a boy, always had black toy
So we ain't goin out, no punk, I'm knockin out y'all
Dead body, froze, ?hard puss in my jaw?

[Gangsta Boo]
Well all them hoes that used to be down with me
I signed a deal, made some money, now you bitches downin me?
Bitches tryin ta blast at me,
or am I dreamin the mother****ers be after me?
Why you tryin ta be like me? You labelled as a wanna-be.
You ghetto hoes, you need to read up on this Gangsta Boo
Cuz you might find a tip, bitch, that can help you.
I'm a down chick
Niggas be wantin ta crown chick
Stay around chick
Whenever, however, it's goin down, bitch.

[Chorus x2]

04-09-2005, 13:00
"I'm So Hi"

[Hook: (Crunchy Black) repeat 4x]

I'm so hi', all i smell like is smoke
Yeah, that mother****ing green
Yeah, that got damn dope

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]

I fuss wit' the light green
I fuss wit' the drizzle hoe
I puts five to the tail
I smokes till it is no mo'
I fuss wit' this hotel
I gots towels to the do'
I fuss wit' this freaky hoe
That's down fo' the dicky flo'
I'm blazin' this sticky, but never mixing it wit mycoke
This one right here for the nose,
This one right for the smoke
This one right here for the dollars
This one right here roll the blunt
I'm taking six from the stix
I'm wildin' like niggas stunt

[Verse 2: Juicy J]

1st you get the swishers
2nd buy the liquor
3rd buy some of that sticky, most smokers call it sticker
Can't forget the Newport, suckin' on my too short
Call my nigga Big Tris, bring that blow and snizort
I'm high ass ****ing lizzy
I'm stressin' how i'm livin'
Oh please, oh please, oh please,
just give me just one mo' hizze
This hydro weed I got some
I might blow you a shotgun
But if you can't play hizzap
I guess yo ass don't want none

[Hook repeats 4x]

[Verse 3: Crunchy Black]

Give me weed, give me green,
give me somethin wit no seed
Give me somethin I can break down wit
no sticks or unstamy
It don't makes no d if its ? or dat bud
Just give it give it to me
and my hand will fill it up
In yo hand you receive is a big face from me
Tell my nigga pass me that swisher,
so I can roll up this weed
Get me fiending up wit weed
Put that joint to that sweet
Then my nigga looked at my me
Then we started to repeat

[Verse 4: Gangsta Boo]

Yo, I be smokin' out daily,
maybe get up on some hazey
Then remote and faded baby,
cause you niggas drive me crazy
Still a lady when I'm escalated
Faded with my peeps
Bobby Brown smokin' niggas know not to even step to me
When I'm high I ain't gone lie,
I'm feeling freaky up inside
You wanna keep it on the low
I put my truck on the other side
Nigga nigga what'chu mean Gangsta Boo be on that green
Looking good up on the scene
Posted up knowhat I mean

[Hook repeat 4x]

[Verse 5: Lord Infamous]

Gone on the pills after ?
Yes I break out of the lot
Smoke too much hydro puff
I'm takin' it up a notch
Too me you ain't got to eat?
And the stranger thinks of me?
I'm paralyzed from the P
I'm shootin' up cause of thee
Bacardi for cocoa plex
I sniffed up an avalanche
I'm going in to a trance
Da deadliest demon man
You thus as the Sosate say
Yeah pass me that saucer tray
Or pass me a blunt of hay
I wanna just drift away, drift away

[Verse 6: Koopsta]

I be smokin' on mother****in weed
and chiefin' out
Hear me saying satinac prays
Let her suck my dick
Fo this girl drive me crazy
These niggas got me doped
Gotta blaze a blunt into me
Fo just take me to the chiefin' room
**** the city with the chicken
Chief the chicken, roll the chicken
Smoking got the chicken out there dirty,
with a lot of sticky
Hear me this and I think I blowed a pound
Now I seen me a little silohuette of mine

[Crunchy Black:]
Yeah that motha****ing green
Yeah that got damn dope

04-09-2005, 13:02
"Mafia Niggaz"

[Chorus: Lord Infamous (repeat 2X)]

We gotta come like we get doen and dirty for our figures
We gotta come like we be quick to pull back on some triggers
We gotta come you know dat Devil shit is still up in us
We Mafia Niggaz We Mafia Niggaz

[Lord Infamous]
So damn wicked got some shit you bitches never saw
I caught you shakin sawed off's pumpin now'll we'll break the law
I cut the air off where you breath while I'm blazin on these trees
The ? I get from these trees'll take your leg up off
You chokin from exhaust
You lost up in the sauce
You stand against the wall
Don't play wit Lord at all
You dealin wit some now you pissin down your leg
and got a gun against your head you know dis lead is for a bloody brawl
I'm tryna go for boss
Prepare for Holocaust
I got moss and when I toss it will get em off
I'm dirty for the cause
Bitch don't you hit the pause
I'll lock you bitches in the icebox wit it full of frost
Bitch don't you know that when I'm hi I leave a dimple
Cock back dis pistol then I'll pop you like a pimple
I got the tunes in the stones
In your home wit the chrome
You alone and the rest is very simple


[Crunchy Black]
Ain't no nigga goin play wit me
Play wit me my nigga I'ma lay you in the streets
All I came for is cheese nigga dat's hard to believe
I'ma lock and unload and make your bitch ass bleed
Let ya'll know dat I came wit some shit up my sleeve
Know what I mean my nigga It's only Jus me
Slip dat knife down my sleeve
Slope you dead in your heart
Wit only dat sick shit don't get shit started

[DJ Paul]
Now ever since we done came dem hataz didn't play no joke
Try to bounce to the crib
I shot around in dey home
I'm bustin rugaz
wit some lugaz
Do ya
Nigga I'ma send em straight through ya
School ya
Bout dis bidness
Bout these boys
Ya bout to witness wit these toys

[Juicy "J"]
Wit dem toys yeah we got em
Make the noise when we cock em
Guaranteed to kill and rob em
Stopped em wit the sawed off shotgun
Niggaz in the street dey found em
On dat dog food and Vodka
So much dope the blood was toxic
And the mind is pure psychotic

[Chorus (fades out)]

04-09-2005, 13:03
"From Da Back"

[D.J. Paul]
You dealing with some thugs
who like to hit it from the back (back)
with no kind of springs attached
what you think about that shorty

[Gangsta Boo]
You dealing with some bitches
who like cheese up front (front)
get down on your knees up front
now what you think about that baby

[D.J. Paul]
You dealing with some thugs
who like to hit it from the back (back)
with no kind of springs attached
what you think about that shorty

[Gangsta Boo]
You dealing with some bitches
who like cheese up front (front)
get down on your knees up front
now what you think about that baby

[Verse 1:]
[Gangsta Boo]
Nigga please
im hotter than 100 degrees
poppy in me
but sex don't come until we come to our knees
gimme' yo' cheese
before I get my niggas and weed
flatten you out
take care of that
that's how it be baby
me and my girls cost to much for you nigga
extra nigga in the Jag
can you get with me nigga
Hell No!
Im the bitch wit the chronic that's getting high
Makin' money, lookin funny
when I **** on you guys
damn right! Im the bitch of da night
no matter what
thugged out
and some shirt
short jeans
a big butt
what you see when im walking on by
I see you lookin
whether male or female
you in I see you lookin'
(Bigger pussy)
When im packin' yo' nigga
you know the taste
At the "S" it's 99'
you serve me wit' cha' face nigga
you know we did it
you be trickin' like daddy
oops I spilled the beans baby
I be braggin' like this
have ya heard ?

[Repeat Chorus]

[D.J. Paul]
I seen em' coming out the club
drop the posse
walk me down
barely able to stand up
barely able to fall down
Hanging in the bathroom
with my dogs
it's all about two balls
now I need a warm cup
for a dick and two balls
It's Paul
in a Jag
but ain't bout' to brag
Im trying to grab a little hot somethin, skattely wag
some bout it
some down it
Stray ghetto ass ho!
Some ready for war!
Cause hittin it boy
will make your ass go!
All mother****ing night dont play
Drop yo' jawphones, it's on, cause this dick on my leg
Y'all niggas want a real dicksucker
come Down South
make you say
"Damn, Grey you still eat with that mouth"!
Then she turned over, caught dripping like a faucet
I called my dog Too Sway cause this ho about to toss it
Im ****ing wit chu, cause you ****ed wit me!
And caught this christian in a bad little somethin to my whole weed
(Whole Weed)!

[Repeat Chorus]

[Juicy "J"]
First my nigga call the freak
tell her she got dick to eat
balls and all standin tall
dont forget the jack "a" me
tell her five dope we keep
opt a move as just a sweep
heard she liked it from da back
in the back from toronsy
Paul said she wants to blow
with bad (bitch) week we cut off her
I don't wanna hit the jump
Grab my 8.0 we'll get her drunk
"My nigg, what chu' waitin on" ?
"Hey let me use that other phone"
"**** that, she got skit to hit
Im'a call that ho while she at home"
"Hello" ?
"What's the bidness bitch" ?
"Who is this" ?
"Mister Dick" !!!
"Im bout' to come and scoop you up" !
"For what" ?
"For what the ****, the click"
My dog said you got the clams
silicon wit the ass
don't even need a bag
to hide your face
to sit you down !
Rumors say you turn em' out
In da car, or on da couch!
Never hear em' yellin' ouch!
Dick and balls up in yo' mouth!
Grab my 8.0, (and in a hit)
Maybe you can bring you friend
"Do you niggas got that bluff"
"YA" !

[Repeat Chorus]

[Various sexual noises throughout end of song]

07-09-2005, 12:07
"**** Y'all Hoes"

[Talking-D.J Paul and Juicy "J"]

[Chorus 1:]
[Juicy "J'']
If you ain't claiming G-D
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming V-L
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Crips Then
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Bloods Then
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming BHZ
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming North Memphis
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Orange Mound
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Southpark
(**** Y'ALL HOES)

[Lord Infamous (Scarecrow)]
Bitch we are entertainers
we warfare trainers
we ain't gangbangers
but we will make you famous
I show you falling hoes
I show you slippin' slopes
I show you swiss I knows
I dangling from the rows
you top that tokeo
up in the studio
but in the streets they ho
you cool they diff but so...
But if he eat the coke
and wanna go for broke
let's get them guns out ho, I thank you ****ing former ho !

[D.J. Paul]
I can fight this nigga
I can whoop this nigga
I can [Gun loading] [Gun Shots]
BOOM! With the trigger
I can rob this boy, I can mob this boy
I can call a ****ing killer, do a job on this boy
I can make this fool, I can rape this fool
I can get them off my five o-clock or ten o-clock news
I can lend a helping hand
I can be your ****ing friend
I can leave his body stankin' in a Kroger garbage can

[Chorus 2:]
If you ain't claiming Hollywood
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Walker Homes
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Foot Home
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Walter Simmons
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Smokey City
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Evergreen
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming LMG
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Dixie Homes
(**** Y'ALL HOES)

[Gangsta Boo]
Don't play with the Hypnotize C-A-M-P (A-C)
Blowin' small balls nigga feel me
I be what chu' call the first lady
Triple Six put me through the doors getting money
Now you
Jelous-Ass-Bitches in my face
tryin take my shit out of place
(you be steppin' bitch)
I be on some Hennesy
mixed with some Alizae
Smokin' on some hay
on my way
on that plat "A"

[D.J. Paul]
Im hittin on some small niggas
(that rob niggas)
Smoke coke
(With big mob figures)
That star niggas
In P-Agg ya
Get em' recorded they own pictures
Im takin' puss, and dankin' drankin'
drank wit warning niggas
I poke them stagged up
And round wit trick a heavy niggas
Im talkin ski-mask
Engage up out of the back seat niggas
pull the triggers
and I keep a tone, world-rone
Dangers on, Hustle grown
Sippin' on, Burn a post
Papers on, but still im home

[Chorus 3:]
If you ain't claiming New Chicago
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Roxy Brown
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Pussy Valley
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Fowler Homes
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Douglas Then
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Trig Then
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Mclemore
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Bunker Hill
(**** Y'ALL HOES)

[Koopsta Knicca]
No issues
You think this kid ****ed up the ****ing problem
Bitch you don't know that Koopsta Knicca is a murder robber
Got yo mother****ing brother in the back seat
Sweat drippin' off his neck
son of bitch you don't know me
I kinda hear the whispers in his ****ing bed
And you think you got that strip
than why don't you get with him
and if you wanna stress me
grab my 8.0 is you dead
Say "Mister cum a dress ya"
Koopsta got em' scared!!!

[Chorus 4:]
If you ain't claiming Hyde Park
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Ridge Grove
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Ridge Crest
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Bartlett Then
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming Germantown
(**** Y'ALL HOES)

If you ain't claiming
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't claiming
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
If you ain't naming
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
(**** Y'ALL HOES)
(**** Y'ALL HOES)

07-09-2005, 12:09
"Where Da Cheese At"
(feat. Crunchy Black)

[DJ Paul]
Hey man, put the needle on the record man
Let's bump some of this mother****ing Crunchy Black
This shit bump dog

[Crunchy Black in Who Run It]
This mother****ing room (static)
I can't take (static)
Tossed Out, These Bitches (static)
I'm bout to Overload
I'm bout to kill a boy
All I [record scratch 3x]
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
Keep it easy, you don't wanna get speedy
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
Lay, lay, lay on yo back
Lay, lay on yo back
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All On this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom

[Crunchy Black]
Yeah I rob, Yeah I steal
Yeah I put ya body in a field
I ain't fakin no deal, just tryin to get a meal
Hustlin out here, understand my skill
This money gotta be made, made to the grave
Till death do us part, somebody gotta pay
Pay what they way, pay what they make
Don't makes no difference, I gotta get paid
Nigga, hustlin, out here on the streets
Tip toe down nigga, I ain't tryin to be beat
Like a hoe out here, like hustlin the street
Tryin to get her somethin so her pimp can eat
Ain't nothin goin on but the money and the power
Got one in the chamber for you weak ass cowards
If you keep talkin shit, I'mma come and get ya
CB is my name, and I ain't playin wit ya bitches

[Crunchy Black in Who Run It]
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All I wanna know is where the cheese at
Where the ki's at
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom
All on this mother****ing room, nigga boom

07-09-2005, 12:11
"Tongue Ring"

Hey we gonna do a song called Tongue Ring
Let me feel your Tongue Ring, is it rusty, hahaha

[Chorus One: D.J. Paul]
Let me feel your tongue ring, let me feel
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring, let me feel
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring

[Juicy 'J']
Me and my niggas try yo' bitch
Stole the price and stang yo' bitch
All you did was take a shot
And ball the fist to close the fist
Kiss it at the mall to mill
Hold the hands and love the shit
Hope you ain't no essency
Don't you know she used to trick
Open the door to pop the crespt
To take your time to ****ing sex
I never would a will a swept
Knowing she'd be chewing paint
All my boys the more the better
Not a week but when you met her
Spits the swallow while she asks
Thats as if you gon' eat me now

[D.J. Paul]
Now nigga (nigga) what ?
What the **** ?
Im all about them freaky hoes
That like to suck
Them brawls wit' them booty blowin'
Now thats the bidness
I let this kinda camera for show
Be my witness
Them boys wit the can't block it
Get them round
Wit' them boys that can't rock it
Drink some crown wit it
Niggas wit some videos
Or some college hoes
That playin' hard to get
But they the freakiest (freakiest)

[Chorus Two: DJ Paul]

Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring

[Gangsta Boo]
I be ****ing this nigga
Straight corruping this nigga
Pussy wet as a river
You need a boat for me nigga
I be hot as a fire
Oh my God I'm on fire
I be tellin' these boys
I do my thang when I'm higher
Come on baby just lay down
Or to bed with me baby
I be triple the playin'
The triple pleasure im sayin'
I be comin' with cha'
If your freaky like me
If your freaky, im sneaky
Hey undercover watch me
Strawberries and ice
Not the ice on yo' wrist
Got yo' niggas dick brick
See me rubbin' my clit
(rubbin' rubbin' my clit)
Suckin' (suckin') my tits
Camcorder got me staring high
In my first click
I be major with mine, I don't **** all the time
I don't need you, please believe me
Nigga only when I'm in the mood for a quick
A quick ride on the dick
Through a razor in my mouth
Straight slicin' yo' shit

[Repeat Chorus 2]

[Chrunchy Black]
Dis' Bitch, dat ho (ho)
Let me see you pussy ho
Soakin' ****in' wet
Nigga tryin' to play some fat
Oldy, freaky, hood rat type of ho
Nigga don't you know all hoes?
Go easy
****in' cum easy
****in' go see me
Nigga ****in' ho bout' a train bro'
All nigga, all boy, take off yo' ****in' hat
Let these ho put cap in yo lap (jack)

[Lord Infamous]
Fornified pleasure girl
Lickin' every measure girl
Tryin' to find a tresure girl
Nigga it's whatever girl
Bitch i'll take you round' the world
Lick ya dick, a talk ya twirl
All to know ya' toes will curl
And then your dick will start to hurl
Talk like I **** her in da butt
Nigga it ain't hard to cut
Wait untill she sittin' up
Just waitin' to lick a nigga nuts
Quickly gettin' naked
Skinny dick, she'll strecth it
Pussy stayin' wet, and she loves when niggas rake it

[Koopsta Knicca]
So did it bitches
Pretty bitches
Freaky bitches
I've had those sticky bitches
Grand there thin, all on the flow wit' bitches
Them goin' bitches
Hoein bitches
Blowin' bitches
Mad at the stoned up bitches
Flowin' bitches
Some sort of rollin' bitches
Scary bitches
Plenty bitches
Hairy bitches
Even the smelly bitches
Ready bitches
Beat up the deadly bitches
Say what?
To tear up the ugly bitches bout' the news
Koopsta my bloodshed bullsucker
Bitch you gon' feel the nooooise!

07-09-2005, 12:13
"Barrin' You Bitches"

I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
These boys ain't wild I'll **** them cowards stick them bitches for riches

[DJ Paul]
My nigga silent night, deadly night
That's when I start when I start creepin' like a hitman
Scope my man then I toss the dynamite
Bitches yall ain't got the guns
Bitches yall ain't got the funds
****in' around with Three to Six I'll make you niggas duck and run
Hoes this ain't no game I'm playin'
I'm sayin', I'm fed up with you boys
Crunchy catch that trick back on that-ways he still remeber them punks
Straight hoe nigga, flat broke nigga
Make his eyes close I drop you niggas like I drop my hoes

[Gangsta Boo]
I say we marchin' and steppin', plenty weapons we packin'
Why you haters be lackin' always dissin' with rappin'
How you bumpin' our shit then you turn around an you diss?
You wouldn't want to step we been in this shit you rookie bitch
Let me see who it be..shh pysch boy
I ain't sayin your name you know who you are Lil' Boy
In my time I saw faces, people of shades and races
People nail me to crosses like I'm Jesus you Satan

I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
I'm staying crunk I'm plenty ****ed I can't be barrin' you bitches
I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
These boys ain't wild I'll **** them cowards stick them bitches for riches

[Juicy J]
Now I ain't ****ed up bout these niggas dissin'
Cause a nigga givin these blessings
See you like a dog you fetching, starin at a ****in' weapon
Know your momma taught you better, never try to diss a player
Maybe I can kill you now or stall around and kill you later
Probably I should call the boys
Tell them to bring them toys
We gonna bust them bitches and fold them up like aluminium foil
And keep loadin them guns
Takin em one by one
Throwin' up sets and snappin' necks until the job is done

[Lord Infamous]
Take em' on a lyrical holocaust
Infamous is just our mafia boss
Nigga walk around with his head blown off
Call me the wicked ass lord of farce
Nigga one look and get his ass ripped apart
Infamous coke has got no heart
Coming through the hoe ain't no mother****in boss
Fall to the earth ?
Hoes be froze in a permanent dose
These bitches blow me outta their clothes
Call me the nigga with the dirty nose
That will unload a 44 up to the foes
Ain't no playin with you mother****in hoes
Let's throw that rope but you hoes don't know
But the infamous know you
So and So and Toe and Toe I take the flow

I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
I'm staying crunk I'm plenty ****ed I can't be barrin' you bitches
I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
These boys ain't wild I'll **** them cowards stick them bitches for riches

[Koopsta Knicca]
Ahh... ? dress up on my head see, heard dat?
Ask mother****in' scared nigga hell yeah
Jumped up out the bed cause no sofa bed bitch ya heard?
? 4 clickas ain't going out like no bitch
Ain't no ? out this place like that fog up in my face
Ain't no rollin' like no sissy
Ain't no busta bitch, OK?
Grab that gat cocked and handle like they think that I'm crazed
So hit in their the face like a third grader on acid

I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
I'm staying crunk I'm plenty ****ed I can't be barrin' you bitches
I'm staying crunk I'm plenty drunk I can't be barrin' you bitches
These boys ain't wild I'll **** them cowards stick them bitches for riches

07-09-2005, 12:16
"Whatcha Know"
(feat. Big Gipp (Goodie Mob))

[Juicy J (Big Gipp)]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Three 6 Mafia (Here it is)
Know what I'm sayin'
Goodie Mob (Triple Six Mafia)
ATL (Big Gipp)
M-town connection (Man)
What you know about that?
(You can't ask fo' no mo')
What you know? What you know?
(I'ma hit ya back)
What you know?

[Chorus: DJ Paul & Big Gipp (together) (2x)]
What you know? What you know?
'Bout the B's, bout that O
'Bout these streets, 'bout this 9
'Bout these niggaz doin' time
What you know? What you know?
Bout the kickin' in the do'
Layin' suckers on the flo'
Gettin' low down with the dope

[Lord Infamous]
In Memphis, I'm a felonist, don't **** with ghetto presidents
Run up in your residence, gather all the evidence
Murder list is specialist, clickin' on this medicine
Unloadin' a Tec in this, hang you by your neck-a-lace
All in for the blessedness, Lord Infamous reck-a-less
Mobbin', I'm the messiest, best, there is no testin' this
Hellraiser, I'm hookin' 'em, four star chef, I'm cookin' 'em
Like that, now I'm bookin' 'em, slash they eyes out look at 'em

[Crunchy Black]
What you know about killaz, what you know about dealers
What you know about niggaz that live fake, know I'm for real-a
What you know about bitches, what you know about clickin'
One in the chamber so nigga now you know I'm out to get ya
What you know about reobbin', what you know about mobbin'
Mobbin' all through the hood nigga doin' my job 'n
I ain't tryin' to be starvin', I'm just leg over barbin'
Poppin' shots at your head, nigga doin' my job 'n

[Chorus: DJ Paul & Big Gipp (together) (2x)]

[Juicy J]
Juciy always be gamin', keep that roast to the flame 'n
Slangin' dope in the Grove, all the way to Black Haven
Call your boy on the cell, if you want somethin', hail
We got prostitutes and whitey-white just tryin' to make mail
Have you been to the North, Memphis where I be stayin'
Where them golds, they be shinin', nothin' but smiles on they faces
Always stumblin', rumblin', keep the freaky hoes comin'
If they wanna suck the dick, we put that nut in they stomach

[DJ Paul]
Ain't no problem that's to big, nigga ****ed up 'bout no task
Two of them coloreds with them masks, sawed-off pumps for mega-blast
Forty-thousand, one in the chamber, buck artila for gettin' his own man
Nigga I'm my own man, never catch me runnin' from no man
It's so strange, the look on you face that does not bring
Or brings it to doors lane, put blood on your close lane
Your eyes be like closin', hoes from head to toes 'n
**** 'round with the chosen, got you stiff like posin'

[Chorus: DJ Paul & Big Gipp (together, Big Gipp sings) (2x)]

[Big Gipp (Juicy J)]
Don't give a ****, I'm stayin' slizzard
Tough like chicken gizzards, strickly 'Cardi, wizard
Pill popper, afro, straight blowed
Corner coves, what I'm talkin', what you know
'Bout that girl, 'bout that boy, keep that nose itchin'
Skin scrachin', junkies steady bitchin'
I can't feel it, nigga please, stop that actin', cough it up
4 for the 5, is what I'm sellin', sawed-off 12 'n started bailin'
Kickin' do's, snatchin' clothes, catchin' hoes, gettin' cases
Sittin' in the country thinkin' about my money on vacation
This for the ones that love the club pop, sip-sip
Gipp dip, In a ho, in the jail, rollin' crip
Keep it crackin', keep it throwed, who shot first, nobody knows
How it goes, what you know, 'bout these streets I'm down fo'

07-09-2005, 12:18
"Act Like You Know Me"

[Chorus: Three 6 Mafia]

There's some cowards in this thang, if you see em point em out [4X]
There's some cowards in the South, If you see em point em out [4X]

[Juicy J]
Act like you know me, when I tell that I'm from the North
Act like you know me, when I ask ya let me hit the shorts
Act like you know me, if I holla and front ya boy a ki
Act like you know me, when I'm on the track in evergreen
Act like you know me, when you see the platinum on my wrist
Act like you know me, when you know that I done took yo bitch
Act like you know me, if you know that I been husslin'
Act like you know me, rock for rock the record business man
Act like you know me, if I pull the strap and bring the pain
Act like you know me, if you see me on them twanky thangs
Act like you know me, when that fire shit is all we smoke
Act like you know me, if I tell ya nigga hit this dope
Act like you know me, when I'm winnin in this dice game
Act like you know me, if I tell yo' hoe dont touch the grain
Act like you know me, if I tell you niggas bring it on
Act like you know me, point'n in yo face a ****in tone


[DJ Paul]
Act like you know me, cause I'm armed with guns and ready to bum
Act like you know me, cause I bring the war like Vietnam
Act like you know me, when you see me cruising were you lay
Act like you know me, cause with bitches I dont ****ing play
Act like you know me, cause I'm super serious with this evil
Act like you know me, in my Regal - chrome desert eagle
Act like you know me, I hate say it but when I'm on some blow
Act like you know, I turn gorilla might rape a hoe
Act like you know me, I'm from straight ****ing Black Hav.
Act like you know, that I bet that I blow that I aint afraid
Act like you know me, 'fore you say that on yo CD's
Act like you know, once before I caught you in the streets
Act like you know me, cause these bullets know no ****ing name
Act like you know, I brought you in and take you out this game
Act like you heard of Triple Six is bout some bigger bussiness
Act like you heard if it's a murder, you can be the witness

[Lord Infamous]
Act like you know me, when you got pounds of the green dough
Act like you know me, when you want to hit the ski slopes
Act like you know me, when you got gallons of alcohol
Act like you know me, when you braking down the bowling balls
Act like know me, when you got a load of freak hoes
Act like you know me, when you got the pearl to touch her toes
Act like you know me, when I tell you that my name is Lord
Act like you know me, when I tell you Lord will cut your cords

[Crunchy Black]
Act like you know me, cause you know I like to wear black
Act like you know me, cause you know I like to tote a gat
Act like you know me, cause you know I pop up on ya set
Act like you know me, cause you know I came to get it wet
Act like you know me, cause you know you got to call the cops
Act like you know me, cause you know the ****ing blocks hot
Act like you know me, cause you know I took yo ****ing spot
Act like you know me, act like you know me nigga, NOT

[Gangsta Boo]
Act like you know me, got you niggas saying I'm the shit
Act like you know me, when you see me with my ****in clique
Act like you know me, when I creep and sneek up in yo house
Act like you know me, when you hear, I done cleaned the house
Act lke you know me, when I'm block'n cruis'n who she be
Act like you know me nigga, Gangsta Boo BHZ
Act like you know me, yo I'm real I'm trill, whatever nigga
Act like you know me, I be crazy lady, know that nigga


07-09-2005, 12:20
"Take A Bump"

[Chours: Lord Infamous]

Break bre break bre breakout the dollar and take a bump
Pick out the seeds and spit the blunt
If you wanna get numb froze and slump
If you got what I want won't you give me some

[Juicy "J"]
How high can you get on that ?frendly fruit?(frendly fruit?)
How high can you get sippin gin and juice?(gin and juice)
How high can you get sittin next to me?(next to me)
How high can you get on that XTC ? (XTC)
How high can you get on the ball of snow?(ball of snow)
How high can you get wit a Optimo?(optimo)
How high can you get in a bathroom?(bathroom)
How high can you get in a class room?(classroom)

[DJ Paul]
Now how high can you get when you **** with that 6
Now how high can you get if you take a lil hit
Now how high can you get if you snort a lil bit
Bout as high as you was before you started lil bitch
Now how high can you get if you stomp the whole gram
I could answer that question you'll be as high as I am
Now how high can you get if you of a couple my tail
A designated driver need it cause you goin to jail dont play

[Chorus 2x]

[Gangsta Boo]
Uh, The old Gangsta Boo would run up in yo house (for real)
Blackhaven style put the glock up to ya mouth (klack klack)
I'm trippin like this is an anna song
Crunchy Crazy Azz gotcha trippin on this weed bong

[Cruncy Blac]
Uh , Uh, Uh, You could trust me
sell you straight weed or some straight P
Lately I've Just been me nigga me nigga hate me
I be smokin on the ****in bud nigga lately
Now y'all gonna hate up on a thug

[Gangsta Boo]
Yo yo yo Yeah for real you be high like that,
snortin up the powder pack ,
pure white funky town take me where the chronic at
Tightcamafiacup? filled with hennessy and sprite
for all night hit me up 404 yeah right

[Crunchy Blac]
uh uh uh Nigga lately on ya ****in P milli me it be dank weed
Nigga cant you see cant you see
i be stumbilin thumbilin in the ****in street
I be crumbilin crumblin down the ****in weed nigga dank weed

[Chorus till fade]

07-09-2005, 12:22
"Touched Wit It"
(feat. Fiend, Mr. Serv-On, La Chat)

Boy,I think this the second time you done passed up this sign
you goin'the wrong way main.

Slow ya role, slow ya role,ya know what im saying?
Look,we about to go I 255,(yeah) straight up to Memphis.(ya show)
See what im saying, Paul said he gone meet us by Wal-Greens,
we 'bout to go head on and break this bread, ya see what I'm saying?
What you gone do?

Bitch,you can picture the pain,I rip you in vain
While the young soldiers whisper my name
I'm dealing the caine,sippin' on crown, smokin' that Jane
Open the brain,let that shit inject, you think that I'm playin'
Don't make me get at your kin fo those that can't
Either you die slow,ride slow, cause Fiend about to show
How not only God knows, these niggas our hoes,my stock broke
So we ain't trippin' puttin' knives to throats
Buckin the clip at the 5and 0 ,allow smoke
Dosha go straight to my lungs I see WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP
In ya streets Chopper intro now peep this
Got wit you F-I-E-N-D and THREE-6
Talk it like I bring I feel you need this,deep shit
Sleep wit them fishes, eat wit them bitches,it's all on you
Like that lil nigga B.G. cd volume 2
I throw hallows threw ,what you use to swallow and chew,
'bout what ya gone do?

[Lord Infamous]
Infamous I'm leavin brain dust
I'll indanger you lamers like strangers
I'm in this bitch, pimp stick, clothes hanger
I'm out the frame, on a lame, like a Banger
I either put you in a cross,or I pull the Moss
I'm runnin threw so logs, tring to blow ya leg off
I put some shit up in the line that'll blow ya mind
It's like some Colt 45, does it every time,nigga get my rhymes

[Chorus: Fiend]

If I pull my pistol I'm a bust wit it
Never see me holdin it and go fuss wit it
You gone be a big pussy gettin ****ed wit it
Foever tucked wit it, cause you done got touched wit it

Act like you know me when I say Im head thug on your block
Hold ya breath when I spray paint my name on yo spot
Tell your self you ain't scared when I run in your shit
I ain't bout no games woady its your life or yo bitch
Apollogize when I pass by bootin my grill
3rd World I represent it Blood City fo real
Foreget yo know me when I pistol whip you and yo click
No limit riders, Tre 6, yall aint runnin like this

[DJ Paul]
Now whats the **** the use of holdin a gun and playin wit you hoes
I'm bout to shut down yo heart thats how the story goes
These boys think cause we some CEO's, we must be some hoes
Its consequences and reprecusions ****in wit pros
Thiese bitches hot cause its hypnotized and no limit
We off the wham but only real niggas all up in it
I tell you what Serv kill the head of yo click
And I bet all them hoes quit talkin shit

[Chorus 2x's]

[Juicy J]
I never ran up yo a trunk
Blastin on a ****in punk
Toxicated, high, or drunk
Try and grab the closest pump
Never flodged on how I lived
Fight a nigga over a bitch
Playa Im just callin pimp
Always keep a cigarette lit
Never walked up in the club
Dissin niggas wit a mug
Always keep my owm sack
Never wanted to hit your bud
Independant on you hoes
Makin more than selling dope
If you wanna hate the click
Nigga I make your body froze


Close yo eyes ?
Mouth full its a south thang thuging like that
You say you know Im in North Memphis pushin that drill
Tearin clubs up in South Memphis and Smokey City
Say your prayers when I lay that iron clean on yo chest
Dont play no games boy, Im kinda wild wit that tech
Pretend you death when I scream what city you clame
**** around wit me I seperate your body from your name

[La Chat]

Lay down bitch ,La Chat and I ain't playing no games
bucking you hoes,my mado keep my distance from lames
My 45 be on my side and I be ready to ride
We catch you slipin you be missin have you barried alive
My niggas downdown we got that anna that you bitches dont won't
Step to me wrong Paul,Juicy,Pat,La Chat be strapped wit them pumps
Now how you figure when you **** up that we gone let you live
We kill your ass then set a randsome fo your guts that we spill!!!!!


07-09-2005, 12:23
(feat. Hypnotize Camp Posse)

[DJ Paul (Crunchy Black)]
Finally, I got all real niggaz on on a mutha****in' Posse song
Niggaz that's down to cut some mutha****in' heads
(Mafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, ya) [*repeats through whole song*]
From hear to ATL, to Nashville, back to the M-town nigga
And you know what that mean bitch
Makin' easy money, pimpin' hoes is serious bitch
Makin' easy money, pimpin' hoes is serious nigga

[Project Pat]
Call a nigga, drug dealer, out here on the track nigga
Weed smoker, coke snorter, come and get a pack nigga
Cane slanger, bitch banger, dog I'll bring it to ya
If you got a problem with me, holla at my Luger
Dro puffer, cheese come up, when we on the track jack
Hit you in the head, with the gat, 'til your skull crack
Blood gushin', head rushin', act first, no discussion
Come with that bullshit, then the bullets start bustin'

[Lord Infamous]
First crime, we came with Mystic Stylez on grime
You slip, I Live By My Rep don't **** with mine
Da End, the souls of men embedded inside the Posse
The Prophet, the Posse, we all collide
We brutal, the Chapter 2 to end the phase, our mind
In crime, reminds, CrazedNLazDayz
Heypno-tize, and blazed another gold plate
Sixty 6, sixty 1, The Smoke Clears, evaporate

[Juicy J]
I got a 357, a tec with a black clip
A 180 pounds witha fist that will bust lips
Some killaz on my side, if I tell 'em they gon' get
A fiend wiolatin' the business, I ain't wit'
And now in 2000 you talkin' the same shit
And now in 2000 I'll bust and I won't miss
The smoke is in the air the liquor is still a fifth
The grill is still gold, and the curls they know kick doors

[MC Mack]
First one of us is done, hollow tips come by the ton
Two AK's, and put some drama to leave this niggaz bodies numb
I don't talk this shit for fun, cock it back and let it go
And 6 shots, from the 3-6 shooters lettin' 'em know, WHOA!
Picture me, naked face, to kickin' in your door
4, niggaz deep, bandanas with black calicos
So, when we creep, drop cause I'ma hit you nine times
Take your nine lives, bump up and Hypnotize your mind, blow

[Cruchy Black]
You can believe this, you can believe that
And believe I got a baseball bat, and I'm bustin' your head black
You believe I'm comin' strong, you believe I'm all grown
You believe, that nigga, I love to get it on
You half steppin'
I got the weapon
Boom! Boom! I'm blastin' at your mind to get you believe that
I love to kill, I love the thrill
And I love to put a nigga body parts in the field, nigga

[La Chat]
No no, come, come and get this bitch, ain't got no time fo no shit
Got all my boys, don't make no noise,
just throw that trick in the ditch
It ain't no way La Chat gon' let it slide, with the shit that you done
I got my piece for what I do, to show you who the **** number one
I shot that bitch without causes, ain't got no love in my heart
It ain't no way that I can't handle, keep that tone in my jaw
This ain't no crap, I speak the truth, gotta come too thick to get me
On one of you hoes, before you come, La Chat ain't gone easy

[Koopsta Knicca:]
Man a bitch'll take that lil bit out her pussy for them papers
Get the **** away from me ho because the crew can't stand them vapors
Take her, break her, to whip that funky bitch
Talkin' that shit about this
man you'll get 10 slugs up in your arm pits
Yeah we can do i,t take your time and do it right
You can gimme the ****in' chewin', I can **** you all night
Wanna fight about your friends see how them bitches gon' start
See now that's that type of shit that get my muh'****in' dick hard

[T- Rock]
Capital Mack-11's, and load 'em full of ammunition
Terrorist sect's, we pull and lock'em in the Expedition
No set a niggaz got guns equivalent to what we pack
Nuclear pistols and fire scorchin' automatic gats
How in the **** can you handle the, butsa damager
Toss that bitch over the banaster, like trash canisters
Hollow points into your battle troops, when I have to shoot
Plus I'll be storin' the cap for you, and trick be absolute

[MC Mack]
I woke up early Saturday morning,
suddenly your phone was ringin' off the charger
Thinkin' to myself, man, is it a bitch or cop, or is it them robbers
Got MC Mack of in a scheme, I'm stainin' for my dividends
And pay a livin', neh nigga,
gon' bother my cheese gon' reach the ceilling fan
You can catch my in that president thing, on gizold when you see me
You can joke me, ever rope me, best believe your bleed this evenin'
**** the reason, and the treason,
time to get dirty nigga better I'll pop it
You was gaspin' for your life, but all I heard was Killa Klan Kaze

[DJ Paul]
Bitches think we playin', think this killa shit a joke
Don't **** around with HCP and get you ass smoked, ho
Comin' with some fully auto's, **** some semi's
Hit 'em with some hollow auto's, cause I desp-iz-ise
Blastin' like some rondo batays, for you miatays
Koop with double clicks and duck tape, and wicked wizays
And I, perferin' keepin' busin' in my freak time
Taught 'em in that buried unknown, they wanna reap why
Give you second thoughts about that businness, you then finished right
Take you to the vault, cash it in, all night flight
And I'm in a bad mood, cocaine make it that
Plus, I gotta ease on this nine-milly, willy, nigga I slang with that
Bitch, nigga, it's CP nigga
HCP, Hypnotize Camp Posse nigga
What, what, it's CP nigga
HCP, Hypnotize Camp Posse nigga

07-09-2005, 12:24
"Just Anotha Crazy Click"
(feat. Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid)

[Violent J's Intro]
I choke... nope... thats wack hold up.
I stab you with an umbrella,
then open it cause I'm sick like a diseased Ethiopian
Alright Hold Up!!!! Wait a second listen!
I peel your cap back with a cannon ball
I buck 'em all **** 'em all we standin' tall woooo....
Three 6 Mafia, Insane Clown Posse, and Twiztid!

[Juicy J]
We used to... we used to....
We used to rob for them petty things, like a gold chain
no a mother****in pinky ring, now it's cocaine
If you see me on the dope train, I'm the dope man
Cigarettes in muh right hand, ready to make a stain
Old folks scared of eye-gain, at the window pane
they be lookin' wit a migraine
while I catch a drain and you know it's a ****in' shame
when you in this game tryin' to sell to a sprung lane
I control ya brain

[DJ Paul]
Now do muh niggas bust glocks **** wit us Big C
It's the ¿buggaz? of the boat, bust a trick make 'em bleed
through his neck through his back nigga cover them hoes
ain't no mess goin' be workin' when you twirkin' with some pros
Automatic rep a carrier challange on the barrier,
hang 'em in the closet kidnap the treasurer,
bandanas on our face we wilin' out like some cowboys
hoe we need the g's and I'm talkin like NOW BOYS!

[Chorus: Gangsta Boo (repeat 2X)]

We just anotha crazy click
Doin whatever to get us wild when we pumped up
You outta luck bitch I aint gon' lie, put ya guns up
Show 'em who really runnin the streets with the calicos

[Monoxide Child]
We the click that don't play...
quik to rip ya head off and hand it to Violent J and bury it away
I'm on a spree killin for free without a conscience
bitches we on a mission to bomb shit!
Twiztid, ICP, with the Triple Six Click
Hoes that pop lip, can eat a dick, or get ya neck slit
I'm havin' these memory relapses of bodies up in the caskets
with no heads Monoxide foolin' wit tha dead!

[Jamie Madrox]
We rollin deep on the lawn with the psychopathic leathers on
You say it's on so come bring it on
We gettin crunk at your funerals treat us like we criminals
We juggalo individuals!!!!!
We just anotha crazy click... ICP, Twiztid, Triple Six!
All up in this bitch and we runnin shit
We doin drivebys on all y'all wit chainsaws
here I come redefined, rugged and raw!


[Violent J]
We just anotha crazy click to **** around and bury ya
Takin care of ya we the scrarier than malaria
I walk around your neighborhood like Frankenstein
chokin' anybody I find I'm takin mine

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Ya mutha****as can't get near it, cause ya fear it
look in my glass eye, I'm sick like Lou Gherig
I don't know Judo but I go "Kheeya!"
I'll **** you up so bad a wheel chair couldn't see ya!

[Violent J]
Listen... You hear that slut?
That was me! pullin' this stick out ya butt!
I'm a juggalo serial killa, steady screamin' "**** y'all!"
I stab bitches wit a chain saw!

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
We walk around Compton & Watts, beatin' scrubs up
and right in Tim Dog's face I throw the dubs up
we tearin' clubs up down South wit D
.. Three Six y'all.. Twiztid.. and I.C.P.

07-09-2005, 12:26
"Who Run It"

[DJ Paul:] Who run it [15]

[Chorus: DJ Paul (4x)]
These bitches ain't runnin'(runnin'), shit but y'all mouth
Cause the first hater step, the first hater get tossed out

[DJ Paul]
These niggaz got plenty ammo, but they ain't got plenty guns
I'm bustin' out of these cars, got the hoes on the run
I'm hearin' plenty of words, but ain't no actions to boot
We can do some straight war for war, we can do some stickin' and movin'
We can meet in the middle of these streets or in the middle of this rain
I can pop your chest, blast the glock, or pop your jaw diamond ring
Bitch don't hate me hate the bank, or snatch the G's that I take
Or hate my shiny wristband, and big ass rims I rotate
See people flip when I'm comin', got some of 'em sick at the stomach
They wonder what I brought in, they wonder what I got comin'
Niggaz I'm comin' like this, off in your mouth like a bitch
Test me when you think I'm in, I'm bringing water, I'll start it

[Juicy J]
What's this
It's that player that you love to hate, always see come out the bank
Always have to mention my name, when you high on that drank
Catch you with this boy you can't, cause you know I'm holdin' rank
When you see the platinum Rolex with the ice it make you faint
Through the streets now have you heard, out the Mafia droppin' birds
Runnin' from the nazi cops, tossin' out the bags of herb
Ain't afraid to pop the steel, hollow tips to make you feel
If you wanna punk me out, pop these niggaz in they grill

[Chorus: DJ Paul (2x)]

[Crunchy Black:]
I can't take any more, I'm bout to explode
I'm bout to overload, I'm bout to kill boy
All I wanna know is where the G's at, where the Ki's at
Keep it easy, you don't want to get speedy
All on this mother****in room, nigga boom
Get on your back so we can get up soon
Stab you in your heart with a har-****in-poon
Nigga boom, nigga boom

[Lord Infamous]
Scarecrow's on it, I'm still hungry, stoppin' for a platinum supper
Wipe it easy, some black founded, crooked ass set'll be eating rubber
Casue if they skit-skat, gun 'em all down, even ghost towns
Splish-Splash, brains on the ground, with a cannon round
Ball bat, bash him in his back, beatin' bitches down
Battle like blaze from the cross, that he never found
Catch a close encounter from the anarchism of these A-bombs
Chemical reaction cause the venom shot in to his arm

[Chorus: DJ Paul (3x)]

[Gangsta Boo]
Here we go, all you weak ass hoes
In my face like you my friend
Triple Six dropped in again, time to make ends
Dope game , my game, hoes lame, it's a shame
How that Gangsta Boo is runnin' the click up on you bitches man
Fat cat, what I be, packin' how you love that
**** a platinum plaque, gimme money, where the dollars at
(Blap, blap) We dare them to stack it for 10 G's
(Where you from?) Black haven is where I be on my P's

[Koopsta Knicca]
Parents beware, watch out for your children
This the one that'll lock 'em in the basement
Some of them talkin' so rugged, some corrupted ugly pussa-pussa
Cause the ****in' all my niggaz, Koopsta tryin' to tell ya somethin'
Peter-Peter, pussy eater, one of them ****ed by Koopsta Knicca
Lord, I done some sins, cause she married, but I don't know that nigga
Figured he is a killa, so he figures he'll watch us ****in'
Put them mutha****in' slugs upside that thug, cuz, oh my

[Chorus: DJ Paul (til fade)]

07-09-2005, 12:27
"Put Ya Signs"

[Hook: x2]
Put ya sign in his face, gang sign in his face
Put ya sign in his face, gang sign in his face
Make them niggas fight, what make them hoes fight
Make them niggas fight, what make them hoes fight

[Gangsta Boo]
If you bitches ain't scared put a bitch right to the floor
Tell her she belong below under shoes where roaches go
Hoe I'm ready if you ready tell me what you wanna do
To the lovely Gangsta Boo, buck as **** I thought you knew
Put my sign up in ya face
Leave ya stape without a trace
You ain't buck 'cause bitch I saw ya stankin' ass yesterday
Talk ya ? hoe ya ? 'cause I'm comin' in the crowd boy
With niggas and I'm out slammin' bitches to the ground

[Lord Infamous]
I see ya from the stage ya angry face is fighting in the corner
Full of marijuana niggas in the middle in a trauma
While they throwin 'bo's they snatchin' hoes that stuck in a coma
Any thick lil' fine bitch come on through a nigga all up on her
Some trick done got mad and ran to the wagon and grabbed a 12 gauge pump
Probably full of that numby numb that coke and rum and getting dumb
Cars are barrelin' through the nigga shootin' runnin to the Rover
Niggas catchin the heat from slugs
Negroes gettin trampled over

[Hook x 2]

[Juicy J]
Now I got you bitches hot
Platinum out and on the spot
Mad becuase they take your cell
So they stop at slangin rocks
Bring yo ass to North Memphis
Killas hang and niggas pimpin
Playas on them cards flippin
Choppin dope up in the kitchen
And I always keep it real
Way before a record deal
So my nigga don't hate on me 'cause Juicy J be gettin his bills
Clean that mug from off ya face unless you want a casket case
Nigga **** what you end, who you clean, and **** ya friend

[DJ Paul]
Nigga you claimin set, throwin', showin' signs
You ain't no one look inside your face is plain as day
Another hoe is showin'
Bitch I'm down with the same game you claim but I will **** you up
Hoe it ain't the same off in them flames I don't give a ****
Put some in your liver you so ? in the studio
Nigga all but the liver watch you run like bitch was stealers that I let you
Packing automatics full of that static that you stressin' for
Actin' like you want some but it seems you scared to go


[Koopsta Knicca]
Hey don't call me for sweet songs
Ain't no ?
Ain't no funky smilin' faces
Ain't no grins up on this man
It's the ? that keeps me cool
Social security breaking news
Shit could fight up all night with mo henny wait that's how I (breath)
Do you feel it? Is it rare?
Smack that bitch up with that chair
When you see me over there
Raise your hands up in the air
'Cause bitch this ain't no Rosewood
Nigga take another round
Slipped up, chopped up, ****ed, lights out

[Crunchy Black]
Claim where I claim, hang where I hang
Burn where I burn, nigga ain't no thing
Do what I do, hanging with my crew
(What, what, what, what) nigga I thought you knew
Ain't no hood, throwin our sets
Me ****ing more nigga no disrespect
Get out our way, gun will spray
Easy come nigga anyday

[Hook until fade]

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